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I’m about to introduce to you to a system that can literally hold you by the hand, and show you how to start an internet business within 1 month. Not only that, but you’ll be guided by some of the top business minds on the internet.

Starting an online business from scratch is not simple, and does take some knowledge and tutoring. You probably understand this, which is why following a program like this is so important.

I’ll declare now that this will cost you $100. But hey, you won’t get this kind of knowledge for less anywhere else. The info you’ll learn here is invaluable, and I’ll give you a description of the 1 month business builder challenge below.

What You’ll Pay

If you’ve ever had limited beliefs about how much you can learn from a $100 course, this will dispel those beliefs. Extraordinary value is provided, and you can see this just in the kit supplied.

Everything is included in this $100 fee, and what’s really nice is that you’re not doing this alone. There are groups of people accepting this same challenge continually, and you’ll get to liaise with many of them.

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge

Effectively, this is an event rather than a course, and is structured in a way that you’ll follow the challenge while completing tasks along the way. The name might be a bit optimistic, but the message is certainly clear.

Funnels are the ticket to engaging your audience, and getting them to convert into offers that you may me promoting. Of course there’s a good chance that the first funnel you create may not be the most successful, but you may just be one funnel away from creating that ideal lure.

In essence, the One Funnel Away Challenge is a series of missions aligned for you to complete day by day. After the 30 days, you’ll have completed the foundation of a successful online business, targeting your audience via a funnel system.

Is One Funnel Away For Beginners

In my opinion, this course would benefit anyone wanting to learn more about the structure of funnels and the implementation. In regards to beginners, I believe you’d have to take in a lot more than someone who hasn’t had some experience tinkering with online activities.

Having said that, anyone with reasonable compiler skills should have the ability to pick this up. Clickfunnels is a very easy program to use with a very intuitive interface. It makes funnel building easy and no coding is required, making implementation simple.

Using the software is one thing, but understanding the reasoning behind a funnel structure is something else. This is where the experts excel, as they explain why and how their funnels attract so many customers or clients.

The OFA Kit

Upon registration and payment, you’ll receive a One Funnel Away kit, which is chock full of goodies. This is a physical kit that you’ll receive in the mail, not just downloadable online. Although you’ll also gain access to the digital version.

The OFA Kit includes:

  • The ‘30 Days.com’ hardcover book. This enthralling read details how 30 members of Russell’s ‘Two Comma Club’ would start all over again if they had to start from scratch. This is so enlightening because it puts these experts in your shoes as a beginner. This book can only be obtained through the ‘One Funnel Away Challenge’, and used to be sold separately for $100 by itself.
  • One Funnel Away Challenge workbook. Designed to help you follow along and take notes as you’re learning the process. This spiral bound compliment to the course allows for you to check off tasks as they are accomplished. Video links are also provided for easy reference.
  • Russell’s Daily Trainings on MP3. Who’d have thought that a physical MP3 player would hold so much value as this one. This device stores many recordings of Russell’s audios, along with collaborations from others from the first OFA challenge.
  • Access to the ‘One Funnel Away’ members area which contains loads of videos to power you to exceed your own expectations. This is where you’re taken week by week through all aspects of building your own business via the funnel formula. Known as ‘Missions’, this is Russell’s way of providing motivational speech to urge you along, and it works.

Sorry, but although the kit provides everything required to create a successful online business, ‘the kit’ CANNOT do it for you. You’ll still need the motivation to succeed, the will to power on, and the effort to implement the strategies.

If you cannot bring this, then you may as well give up!

Your Required Skills

The only skill required for the 30 Day Challenge, not that I’d particularly call it a skill, rather a unique trait, is the inclination to implement what is taught. This is because so most people will purchase a course, yet leave most of the knowledge on the table and say it’s all too hard.

I’d urge you not to be one of those people, and stick it out until the end. There are so many good teachers of internet marketing out there, but you need to follow up and take action if you want to succeed in this world.

As far as computer skills go, sure, you’re best to have some computer knowledge. There’s not many people without this nowadays though, so I’d imagine you’ll be equipped well enough to succeed.

If you already have a small business and want to take it to the next level, this is ideally up your street.

Why Offer So Much Value

There’s a very good reason that Russell Brunson is offering so much value in this structured event. The main reason behind all this is because he knows the value of his brand and product.

You see, Russell wants you to become a successful marketer for two reasons. Firstly, if you are successful, it gives him a great name in the industry as he’s provided you with the information, and others will then follow suit.

The other reason is that with the techniques he shows, you’ll stick with using his products, predominantly Clickfunnels. If you continue using the products that Russell owns, not only will you make money, but so will he. Here’s a brief video on Clickfunnels

>>Join Clickfunnels – One Funnel Away<<

It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

The Expert Guidance

So, although this is Russell Brunson’s course, he’s bought in the help of a few expert friends. In particular, Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian. Russell is the founder, owner and the ‘Strategist’ of this event.

1 Month Business Builder One Funnel Away Presenters

Julie is known as the ‘Transformer’, who will help you build your funnel, and Stephen is the guy who will make sure you get your tasks done on time. The reason this needs to be followed up on, is because that’s the way the course works.

The One Funnel Away challenge is designed in a way that each day, new tasks will be assigned for you to complete. This is specifically done so you don’t back out, because THEY WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

The whole point of this is for you to understand the whole process of building an online business within 1 month, and having it implemented by the time you reach day 30. These experts are there to make sure this happens, and you’ll be thankful for it at the end.

Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Worth It?

I can honestly NOT see a better way of drumming into you, the correct model of using funnels to build a hugely profitable business. Yes, I do think the One Funnel Away Challenge is worth it, and should almost be compulsory viewing for marketers of any just about company.

However, if you intend just purchasing another course in the HOPE that it will all be done for you, think again. Every marketer that has intentions of earning decent commissions, or a business owner that intends making loads of sales, needs to put in the work themselves.

You’ll get all the right guidance here, but without your own commitment, the course is worth nothing. If you’re committed, then you’ll get more than your $100 worth.

Final Thoughts

Building your own online business is not easy, but the techniques learned in One Funnel Away will show you an exact blueprint that will work. For those that are only half interested, I wouldn’t bother.

You need to be fully committed to this program, and the results will follow. It’s all laid bare in step by step missions, designed for your immediate progress.

In my opinion, anyone looking for a 1 month business builder that will be a sustainable business model for years to come, should certainly consider the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

But the simplest and least complicated is [Learn more...]

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