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10K in 5 Days Review


I had a sense of déjà vu when researching 10K in 5 Days, a recently released course that has allegedly been bought out by Darryl Dibetetto. I’ll explain why soon, but in the meantime, you may have been wondering if 10K in 5 Days is a legit course, or just another scam.

Well, if you have reservations about whether or not to sign up to this program, I applaud you for taking the time to read this 10K in 5 Days review. You’ll discover just why you should be skeptical, and whether or not to trust whoever is really behind this program.

I am in no way affiliated with this product, so this is a totally impartial review. I think you’ll be glad you’ve decided to do your research.

10K in 5 Days Summary

10K in 5 Days ReviewProduct Name: 10K in 5 Days

Founder/Owner: Darryl Dibetetto

Product Type: YouTube Affiliate Commissions

Price: $47

What is 10K in 5 Days​

What a great name to lure people in hey! With the assumption that you’ll be making $10,000 within 5 days, it’s no wonder you’ve considered joining this program. But you want to know what 10K in 5 Days is, and I’m here to tell you.

I mentioned that I had déjà vu when I saw this program, and that’s because I recently reviewed 20 Minute Cash System, which is what they are actually trying to sell you.

Darryl Dibetetto is the alleged guy who narrates the presentation video, and you may have noticed at the end of the video, the program he’s getting you to buy looks like this.

10K in 5 Days Promoted 20 Minute Cash System

So 10K in 5 Days is basically a front for the ‘20 Minute Cash system’, but why would that be? I’ll tell you why, because their initial program has been exposed loads of times as a potential scam. This is why they’re attempting to rebrand it under a new name.

If you search 20 Minute Cash System in Google, you’ll see my review first, followed by several other reviews that are also uncomplimentary.

20 Minutes ash System Exposed

So now that you know the history of where 10K in 5 Days came from, how does the program they’re selling you work.

How Does 10K in 5 Days Work

As I’m reluctant to pay $47 to purchase 10K in 5 Days, or whatever they want to call it, we can gather much of the information from the sales video. We know that it’s based on using other people’s YouTube videos to leverage for your own use.

In fact Darryl calls this a ‘10 step cash siphoning machine’, which basically means you’re stealing other people’s content. He suggests you can use the effort of others for your own personal gain. Hmm, would you consider this moral!

Using The Work of Others in 10k in 5 Days

You’re basically copying videos that others have made and using them in your own YouTube account. This is most unethical and immoral, and there’s also other downsides which I’ll get to in a moment. I really don’t like that ‘Darryl’ says ‘they’re just begging you to take their content and make money out of it’.Really Darryl!

YouTubers are begging you to take their content

So I spoke about a downside, and I also mentioned this is the 20 Minute Cash System review. This issue is that you cannot monetize YouTube videos unless your channel has accumulated 4000 hours of public watch time within the previous 12 months. Along with this clause, your YouTube channel will also get reviewed to make sure that it follows the YouTube monetization policies.

So, now do you really think this is a good idea? Firstly you’ll be stealing other people’s content, upload it all to your YouTube channel, then you’ll have to wait for 12 months to see if you’ve passed YouTube’s guidelines, and got the required 4000 hours of public hours viewed. Doesn’t look so simple now does it.

Another thing you’re going to have to factor in, is the cards and buttons added to these experts videos. You know, where they add a link in their video to ‘subscribe here’ or a link to their website page. What are you going to do about all these additional links!

If you really want to know the effort required to get a lot of YouTube videos, just watch this video from Brian Dean, head of Backlinko.

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Red Flags

Yep, there’s heaps of red flags with 10K in 5 Days to look out for. Here’s just a few.

Red Flag #1 – Who is Darryl

I’m telling you now, Darryl Dibetetto is a fictional character. This is a made up profile to keep the real identity of the owner hidden. Darryl is not the ex-middle class college dropout, certifiable unemployed, tattooed 40 something.

Darryl Dibetetto 20 Minute Cash System

If you take a look below, this photo is a stock image that has been purchased from Shutterstock. Not only can you get it at this domain, but several other domains also, such as Deposit Photos, Canstockphoto and Stickstock.

Darryl Dibetetto is Not Real

So please be cautious when hearing from these gurus, they’re not always legit.

Red Flag #2 – Overhyped Earning Potential

Sorry to be the one to tell you, but you’ll have no chance of making money online with only 20 minutes per day. This is totally unrealistic and is only mentioned because it’s what you want to hear.

10K in 5 Days Overhyped Earning Potential

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make loads of money with hardly any work right! If opportunities like this really existed, there’d be nobody doing traditional jobs. This is just a huge claim that is false, and cannot be achieved the way it’s suggested.

If you had a website that is already profitable, it is possible to make money with 20 minutes of work on some days. This is because the effort already put into the site has given you monetization funnels. You can learn how to do this at platforms like Wealthy Affiliate, but crappy programs like 10K in 5 Days won’t get you anywhere.

Red Flag #3 – Income Disclaimer

I’d urge you to take a good look at any disclaimers when deciding on a program like this to purchase. If you look at the disclaimer for 10K in 5 Days, you’ll notice it clearly states ‘The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system. 10K in 5 Days does not guarantee income or success’.

10K in 5 Days Disclaimer

Did you read that correctly, the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system! That sounds like a scam to me because they clearly make the point in their presentation video that you can make between $200 – $1,000 per day with this system.

Red Flag #4 – Re-branding

As I’ve stated a little earlier, 10K in 5 Days has been sold under the banner of 20 Minute Cash System, but it doesn’t stop there. When I attempted to purchase a 20 Minute Cash system, it said I was going to buy the ‘Marketing Automation Tool’, a totally different product.

Also, if you read my 20 Minute Cash System review, the income disclaimer states the product ‘5K in 5 Days’. So it seems this isn’t the only time this crappy system has been re-branded to something else.

This doesn’t really surprise me because scams like this often get exposed, which means to get more sales, they need to keep moving to a different name. So if you needed clarifying of why the system has a different name to what you thought you were purchasing, this is your answer.

Is 10K in 5 Days a Scam

It certainly sounds like 10K in 5 Days is a scam, don’t you think. Huge income claims for little work, fake profile of the apparent owner and they even suggest that the typical purchaser doesn’t make any money with this system on their income disclaimer.

I wouldn’t be recommending 10K in 5 Days to any of my readers. I find the program not only unethical, but also unsustainable. I believe that if you were to purchase this product, you’d waste a lot of time and be back to square one of finding the correct method to make money online.

A Better Option to Make Money Online

I’d urge you to find legitimate ways to do this. Unfortunately, the best methods to make money online require some time and effort. That doesn’t mean it’s hard, it just means putting in the work. Just like with this website of mine.

I’ve worked extremely hard to write good content to get it ranked on Google. That means I’m getting the best form of website traffic, free traffic. I can use paid methods also should I desire the need, but this is not required because I make enough money without it. You see the Google search earlier in this review which has my review at position No.1. That’s haw to achieve success at affiliate marketing.

Anyone can learn how to do this, and to be honest, I’m so glad I have this website in these uncertain times we live in. Basically, I look at it as my future nest egg. Although I can scale this site and earn as much as my old traditional wage, I can even boost it further should I desire. I have all the training and tools required to do so at my disposal, and all in one place. Everything I learned was through Wealthy Affiliate, and there’s no reason you couldn’t do the same. Check it out, you can try it for free.

My Verdict

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend 10K in 5 Days. This is a scam that has been circulated under various different names to avoid detection. They keep re-branding themselves whenever they get exposed, and will continue to do so.

Should you decide that a new online career is what you’re after, try a more sustainable model of wealth generation like affiliate marketing or online dropshipping. There are many options to make money online, but I wouldn’t go for the low income models like filling out surveys at Qmee.

The largest profits can be made by selling your own products on Amazon or online dropshipping. These also take the most work, but the best in-between model is affiliate marketing. You can still earn a great income through commissions, but without all the transaction and invoicing issues that go with the other models.

I hope this 10K in 5 Days review has cleared up any doubt you have had, and you can move on from that scam.

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