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9 to 5 Job Killer Review


You’ve landed at my review of this program, because you’re wondering if 9 to 5 Job Killer is a scam or not. I’ll offer my insights to this program, and give you the information you need to know, to make your own decision.

Well done to you for researching this product before making a buying decision. I don’t promote this product in any way, so my review is completely unbiased. So let’s get started see what 9 to 5 Job Killer is all about.

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9 to 5 Job Killer Summary

9 to 5 Job Killer Review JeffProduct Name: 9 to 5 Job Killer

Founder/Owner: Jeff Lerner

Product Type: Pyramid

Price: $39 + Upsells

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is an unethical product that will not make you much money. You may make a few dimes, but not much more.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 18/100

What is 9 to 5 Job Killer

Being straightforward with you, this product is leveraged from a website that was created a few years prior. If you’ve heard of “6 Steps to Freedom”, this is the core that “9 to 5 Job Killer” is based around.

It always seemed odd to me, that when I attempted to purchase 9 to 5 Job Killer, I was directed to a different website altogether. This website is trying to sell me 6 Steps to Freedom, not the product I thought I was purchasing.

9 to 5 Job Killer Review 6 Steps to Freedom

So what is the reason for this? I can only assume that the original product they are selling (6 Steps to Freedom), is getting awful reviews due to the poor nature of the program. Therefore, Jeff is attempting to lure in buyers in through various other websites.

So back to the initial question, what is 9 to 5 Job Killer? Well, it’s a pyramid scheme of sorts. I’ll explain how it works and why you want to steer clear of this product below.

How Does 9 to 5 Job Killer Work

The basic principle of the 9 to 5 Job Killer program (or 6 Steps to Freedom), is to recruit other people to promote the product. If you’ve ever read up on MLM or pyramid programs, you’ll understand that this works by the people at the top of the pyramid earning the majority of funds, whilst recruiters earn little of the proceeds.

That’s basically what is happening here. Usually, there will be a main sponsor that has recruited you into this program. They’ve directed you to this site with a link via a sales page, which will work to their benefit. If you sign up, they will earn some of your signup fee of $39.

So inside 9 to 5 Job Killer, you’ll be given training on how you can create a sales page, which will be used to sign up more people. Your recruits will pay the $39 fee, and you’ll earn a percentage of this. Jeff however, will be earning the most amount of money by taking a cut of all the recruits that join the program, wherever they come from.

So what are you really signing up to? Not much really. You’re signing up to 6 Steps to Freedom, which is a program that promotes the same program. It’s all about recruiting others to promote the same program, with the intention of earning a cut from each signup.

There’s also the upsells within the 9 to 5 Job Killer members area that promise you larger returns on your investment. Each upsell is like a level of membership, which can net you (apparent) larger commissions. So you’re almost obligated to sign up to these once you’ve joined into the system.

As a recruiter, you’d expect to receive commission from these upsells. However, I understand that all the upsell proceeds go directly to Jeff and any of his team at the top.

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Will You See Results With 9 to 5 Job Killer

You may see small results with 9 to 5 Job Killer​, but they would be very minor. The other thing to consider, is the impact you’ll have on your friends if you intend to promote this product to them. If you don’t intend to bother friends and family, then you’ll have to consider paid advertising.

This will cost you a fair amount of money which can come with risk. If you don’t know what you are doing with paid advertising, you could easily go through large sums of money. I know, I’ve done it with a eCommerce project I tried once. Targeting your paid advertisements is a challenge, get it right and it can be great. Get it wrong and lot of money can end up down the drain.

Sales Page & Huge Claims

Don’t always believe what you’re being sold. Emotion is the main tapping point of every marketer, and Jeff does a good job of pulling your emotional strings in the 9 to 5 Job Killer sales video. Whether the testimonials are true or not, I can’t be sure of. Although I do know that you can easily hire video spokespeople to make testimonials just like this.

Many of the claims in the sales video are not to be believed. You see this snippet that was taken from the sales video? Do not expect these results.


9 to 5 Job Killer Review Huge Claim

I won’t and cannot predict what sort of income you can make with this product, but I can almost guarantee that you won’t be making $5k-$10k per month.

Learn From MOBE

A few years ago, there was a program released called MOBE (My Online Business Education). It was almost an identical program to the one that’s being advertised here. The program was geared towards self promotion, much the same way as 9 to 5 Job Killer, or 6 Steps to Freedom.

In June 2018, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) shut down MOBE because of it’s unethical practices, and the lawsuit is still ongoing. Many people lost thousands of dollars via this program, much of it due to the “top advisors” insisting that recruits need to invest more money to expect larger returns.

I urge you not to risk placing your money into 9 to 5 Job Killer, having seen the results of MOBE.

Is 9 to 5 Job Killer a Scam

I’m loathe to call 9 to 5 Job Killer a scam myself because there is a chance you may make some money with it. In saying that, I certainly won’t be recommending it. I believe that is would be a big risk to get involved in such an expensive scheme.

You’ll be starting off with the $39 to begin with, but the levels of promotion in this program can cost into the thousands. Once you’re in, you’ll feel obliged to keep pumping money in, to try to get returns.

Like MOBE, you will find some people with some success, but the chances are slim and the risks are great. I’ll leave it up to you to consider if this is a scam.

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Try a More Legitimate Option

I don’t like to see people get conned into purchasing risky or illegitimate products. The online world is full of scammers and unethical practices. But there’s also some great ways to make money online.

Having been taken for a ride a few times, until I finally found a program that helped me become a successful affiliate marketer. Here, you can read about the steps required to become an affiliate marketer, which is a legitimate method of creating online wealth.

It’s also a model that allows you to go at your own pace. The concept is to promote merchants products on your own website. Your website becomes you personal asset, that you have full control over. You promote the products YOU want to sell, not what you’re being told to promote.

If somebody decides to make a purchase from the promotion you’ve displayed on your website, you will make a commission. So the idea is that you constantly create promotional articles that rank in Google and other search engines. When you have visitors coming to all those articles, many of them like what you have to say and make a purchase based on your opinion.

As your website grows over time, it’s like having hundreds of feelers all over the search engines that are opportunities to earn commissions.

If you’d like to learn affiliate marketing, read on below to find out where I learned how to get started, and you can too.

Wrapping Up

With 6 Steps to Freedom having a number of aliases (not just 9 to 5 Job Killer), it doesn’t scream out “new online career” to me. On the contrary, I’d steer well clear if I was in your shoes.

As I’ve stated, there are some good models of wealth creation online, some are easier than others. I’m an affiliate marketer, and this is certainly the easiest to get started, and doesn’t cost too much either.

Other genuine options are selling on Amazon, or becoming an eCommerce drop shipper. There are variations of these options also, and plenty of good courses to get you started.

As an affiliate marketer, I had to go through a training and learning process like most people. It took me a while to find a program that offered everything in terms of the correct training, and great internal tools. But find it I did, and I’d advise the same program to anyone else willing to go down that track.

Here’s my review of this program, it’s one hell of a course and you can even check it out for free to see what it’s all about.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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