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The beginning of any new blog involves choosing a website/domain name. For those animal enthusiasts, I can see why you’re searching for animal blog name ideas. Finding that ideal animal blog name may not be as easy as you think, and I’m hoping I can help you out.

You and I both know that creating a blog about your favorite pet is not just enjoyable, but can also be lucrative if done well. However, the blog naming process can be challenging, which is why I’ve written this post.

Your animal blog name can give your site the chance to stand out among your competitors, but is it crucial. Well, in my opinion, it’s ideal to have a blog name that sticks in the memory. A name that one can remember to come back to as a repeat customer.

I’ve often seen people start a blog with a blog name they’ve chosen, only to feel months down the track that it’s a bit flimsy or unsuitable.

I would like to reiterate though, that the animal blog name you choose may have little impact on the success of your website. Your accomplishments will come from the effort you put into this venture, which includes writing consistently.

So, here’s where I hopefully help you out with some animal blog name ideas that you can either use, or expand on.

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99 Animal Blog Name Ideas

As promised, here’s a list of some animals blog names by genre. Feel free to switch between animal names.


  1. Happy Horse Rides
  2. Horse Apparel
  3. Global Horse Store
  4. Equine Horses
  5. Horsetail Trails
  6. Gallery of Horses
  7. Horses For Courses
  8. Barn Adoption
  9. Ultimate Horse Adventures
  10. Racing Stallions


  1. Kitty whiskers
  2. Paws and claws
  3. Nine lives
  4. Feline Plush
  5. Cat Haven
  6. Captain Feline
  7. Clawsology
  8. Claws of Curiosity
  9. The Snappy Cat
  10. Cats Vacation Ideas


  1. Walks With Your Four Legged Friend
  2. Bark Shack
  3. Midnight Dog Dreams
  4. Paths For Paws
  5. Splendour Dog Treats
  6. Barkgenics Dog Collars
  7. Spicy HotDog
  8. Passwind Pooch
  9. Pawsverse Planet
  10. Pooch News Network


  1. Scale it up
  2. Snake Story Tails
  3. Goannas in the Mist
  4. Barefoot Reptile Guide
  5. Coastal Reptiles
  6. Rogue Lizard Apparel
  7. Dapper Snakeskin
  8. Reptileland
  9. The Swanky Snake
  10. Universe Reptiles of Wonder


  1. Barefoot Ant Country
  2. Wilderness Beetle Bible
  3. Sizzle Moth Guide
  4. Baked Insect Recipies
  5. Ant Hangout
  6. Ambient Insects
  7. Cave Beetles
  8. Insectology
  9. Top Notch Moth
  10. BugSquad

  1. Advice On The Wing
  2. Advice On The Fly
  3. Lazy Bird Books
  4. The Crispy Bird Cage
  5. Perfect Wing Walks
  6. Wilderness Wing Walking Trails
  7. Chopped Feathers
  8. The Salty Bird Basement
  9. Smoking Feathers
  10. The Jaded Bird Bath

Sea Creatures

  1. Shells Alive
  2. Whale Of A Time Lookouts
  3. Shark Shooter Photography
  4. Starfish Sale Shack
  5. Dolphins of Delight Imagery
  6. Shark Attack Sightings
  7. Lobsters of The Deep
  8. Turtle House Blog
  9. The Seahorse Whisperer
  10. Whale Watching Wonders

Farm Animals

  1. Break Neck Pig Speed
  2. Spicy Goat Stories
  3. The Snugly Goat Guide
  4. Direct Farm Supplies
  5. The Baron Sheep Store
  6. Extreme Goat Cheese
  7. Sizzling Cow Capers
  8. Farmhand Helpers
  9. Hideaway Farms
  10. Hilltop Cow Feed

Wild Cats

  1. Roar Of The Wild
  2. Factory Tiger Goods
  3. Cheeky Cheetah T-Shirts
  4. Peeking Panther Paintings
  5. Tigerzilla Images
  6. Raising Wild Cats
  7. Taming The Tiger
  8. Safari of Lions
  9. Tiger Treks
  10. Sightseeing Lion Tours


  1. Monkey Tricks
  2. Nifty Chimp Marketing
  3. Monkey Journeys
  4. Dashing Gorilla Jungles
  5. Finding Baboons
  6. Action Monkey Guides
  7. The Raging Gorilla
  8. Tips For Spotting Gibbons
  9. Aping Around Africa

Why did I do 99 and not 100? Because I understand the click through rate is better with a title that has odd numbers rather than even numbers. Maybe it worked, as you clicked on this article to open and read!

What Makes A Good Animal Blog Name

Several accumulated factors can express a good animal blog name, but there’s also some things you should avoid. Let me explain what not to do in a blog name first.

Animal Blog Name – Don’ts

When starting out, you really want to think about building your own personal brand. For this reason, you don’t want to incorporate other popular sites names, within your site name.

For instance, a site name called ‘Your Petsmart Kennel’ would not be a good idea, because Petsmart is already one of the largest pet stores in the US. You don’t want to create confusion between your website and others.

Similarly, you could be infringing on copyright laws. Many of these larger websites will tell you to refrain from using their site name or URL within yours.

One other thing to consider, which I’ve briefly touched on, is being able to remember your domain name. If someone has heard of your site, you want them to easily type the website name in a web browser. This is why hyphens are not always a good idea.

I’m not saying domains with a hyphen can’t rank, they can rank, very well. But if you’re asked to look up an animal blog name, you generally wouldn’t think to put hyphens in it. Other avoidable’s are numbers and uniquely spelt names.

Animal Blog Name – Do’s

Incorporating several words that explain what your site is about is ideal. This immediately tells people what your website sells or helps with. A good example of this is savetheseaturtle.org, This site is all about saving sea turtles, exactly as the name suggests.

Another good example is barkcontrol.com.au, a website that sells dog collars that stops dogs barking. Obviously, keeping the barking under control. This brilliantly gets the message of what they are selling across.

Standing out in the crowd of other animal blog names is what you really want to achieve, but can be challenging. Fun names are good, as are descriptive names.

As far as purchasing the domain for your animal blog, the .com version is still the most popular and widely searched. I wouldn’t recommend new domain extensions like .club or .money. These are more gimmicky rather than authoritative.

One last point is to focus on what your website will be providing in terms of products or information. So if your site is about your passion of horse breeding, try to encompass this in your blog name.

Domain Purchasing

You can basically buy a domain name at any online domain registrar. These domain names do not cost a great deal, usually in the vicinity of $8-$12 per year. Namecheap is a place that I would recommend for purchasing domains, as they don’t offer all the frills that the others do.

Bluehost and Godaddy are popular domain registrars, but will offer you various upsells that are not required. They also offer a cheap deal, but you’ll realize this is only for the first year. You’ll purchase a 2 year contract, with the second year costing you much more than the first. Sort of like a backended football contract!

All companies offer a similar service, so you’ll get what you need from the basics offered at Namecheap.

SEO Keyword Blog Name

Obviously you want your blog to take off and be memorable, which is what will happen if you brand your site well. As I’ve also mentioned, the right domain name can help with this.

There’s also the option of using a highly searched keyword within your domain. This doesn’t always work, but it can boost your brand name to the top of the search engines. This can only increase the traffic to your website, which is ideal.

If the exact keyword is not a highly searched term, there’s a much better chance of your site ranking number one for the keyword. There is a caveat to this though. Google can place more emphasis on particular keywords, and you’ll have to have a bigger DA (domain authority) to rank higher.

Take my website name for instance. Because I have the word ‘career’ included, my site is competing with all the sites that include the keywords job/s, employment, careers, work etc. Many of these sites have also been around much longer, meaning there’s a good chance they will always stay above me.

You may be wondering how people find my website. It’s because I have hundreds of articles that are ranked in high positions. I don’t rely on my branded domain.

How to Create and Profit from Your Animal Blog

There’s a good chance you may have already done your homework here, but I’ll give you my opinion anyway. WordPress is the most common platform for creating websites, and I don’t see any reason not to use it.

I believe it’s great for newbies to learn because of the simply laid out dashboard. The more plugins you add to WordPress, the extra you’ll have to learn.

Because WordPress is the most used website platform, there’s also more additional plugins created by loads of creators. The resources department is stocked full of these extras, so there’s a plugin for just about anything.

WpBeginner, YouTube and other sites provide loads of WordPress tutorials. This is another big benefit of a WordPress website for your animal blog.

How Much Do Animal Bloggers Make?

Writers of all genres can make decent money with a blog, and animal websites are no different. As an example, Jessica Rhae, the creator of YouDidWhatWithYourWiener.com (and NicheBlogBiz) makes approximately $7-8k per month. Her 2019 income reports show the following months.

  • August 2019 – $7,795.66
  • September 2019 – $7,843.29
  • October 2019 – $7,720.44

Animal Blog name Ideas Income report

No genuine blogger is going to tell you that it’s easy, and that you’ll be making these kinds of figures within your first few months. It could take well over a year to get to this position, but the point I’m trying to make is that it’s possible.

Once you’ve scoured animal blog name ideas, chosen on the perfect animal blog name and created your website, you will be required to put in effort to succeed. The great thing about the pet/animal niche though, is that people do spend lots of money on their pets.

And while many pet stores do stock much of the essentials, gadgets and unusual items can often only be bought online. This makes an ideal opportunity to become an affiliate to these products.

The Advertising Route

As you can see on the income reports above, income is made from ‘Mediavine Ad Network’. This is a brilliant method to monetize your animal blog, because you don’t really need to do anything once your site is set up.

There’s other sites like Mediavine also, and once signed up, they will give you some code to add to your website. After this has been done, you just continue writing your blog. Relevant adverts will appear on your site, and you’ll be paid for allowing them to be displayed.

Now obviously you will need a decent amount of website traffic for these ads to be seen, and there is a traffic threshold that you need to meet to sign up with these companies. Until you reach this limit, you’ll need to keep plugging away on your animal blog.

Affiliate Commissions

I believe affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your website. The rise in affiliate marketing programs since the early 2000’s has allowed marketers in any niche to thrive, which obviously includes animal blogs.

Even though you’ll still require website traffic to make sales, you don’t need as much as you would to make decent display advertising income.

So how do you make money through affiliate marketing? Simply sign up to affiliate programs that suit your blog, add their affiliate links to your website, and you will earn commissions any time you initiate a sale.

Although I make this sound fairly simple, there’s more to it than just adding affiliate links. The best course of action is to write about what you’re promoting. So let’s say you have a horse blog, and want to promote horse saddles. Firstly, you sign up to an affiliate program that sells horse saddles.

Writing either a product review about specific horse saddles, or an article suggesting this horse saddle is one of the best. This is what will give your article and website more authority, and therefore high rankings.

Everyone begins off small, but just imagine the visitors you’ll get when you have hundreds of articles and product reviews out there.

I appreciate you reading this post about animal blog name ideas, and hope it’s helped in some small way.

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