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Welcome to New Online Career

I’m Nudge, the owner/founder of this website.

I’d like to give you a bit of a back story to how I became a successful affiliate marketer. I won’t bore
you with my life story, but I will show you how anyone can follow the same path I did to achieve success.

I was an average school student, didn’t go to university, college or get any tertiary education.

Should I have? Maybe, but I was never an academic.

I fell into a job as an engineering draftsperson. I suppose I enjoyed drawing when I was younger, but
drafting quickly changed when I was first employed. I drew plans on a drawing board for less than one
year, then it all became digital via CAD software.

I didn’t like computers, but I had no choice but to learn this new way of drafting. Looking back, maybe
this was a good thing, but I was really only educated in my specific field of work.

Over the next 25 years, my job became very mundane. I felt like a repetitive robot that was pigeonholed
and needed to be released.

I Had To Choose My Future Career Path

I wanted more out of my life, more spare time, yet I was edging towards 45 years of age.

I had two choices.

1. Continue drafting until retirement in another 25 years.

2. Find a different Avenue that could open up a life of more freedom.

I was determined to choose my No.2 option, but I had to find a sustainable model of income generation.

I searched for the best ways to make money online, and various opportunities arose.

I was lured into a few programs, only to find out they were scams.

I needed to look for the genuine opportunities, and finally, the one that kept appealing to me, was
affiliate marketing.

I liked the idea of making money while I was asleep. I liked that there wasn’t the stress of running an
online store. eg customers service, returns, invoices, taxes etc. I liked that this industry was only just
starting out, and that expansion was imminent. (Now over 80% of online stores have an affiliate program).

I Was Determined to Become an Affiliate Marketer

So, affiliate marketing it was to be.

I could go it alone, or get an education via an online course. I chose to go it alone and find what I
needed on YouTube or via Google.

Yep, I created a website. I got indexed on Google. I figured this would be easy and continued to storm

Until I realized my success was not happening. I was not doing things correctly, and I was wasting a lot
of time. To cut a long story short, I wasted the next couple of years listening to bad information and
stagnating any future success.

I Needed Somebody To Teach Me!

It was then I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate, a platform that teaches people just like me, how to
succeed at affiliate marketing. I figured that as it’s FREE to join, I may as well check it out.

Well, was I impressed. Not only does this innovative platform provide all the training you could ever
need, and a suite of tools that will help your marketing efforts, but also the largest helpful community
willing to pass on their expert knowledge.

So within a week of joining as a FREE member, I signed up as a Premium member, allowing me to follow all the step-
by-step training. This has allowed me to see much better rankings in the search engines, and a steep rise
in income earnings.

I really enjoy seeing recurring commissions like this, hit my inbox!

My Recurring Income

I have Wealthy Affiliate to thank for all my success, but without initiating it myself, I’d still be
drafting in a work cubicle. Everyday would be the same, all day, everyday. I’d still be sitting on a train every morning, having
got up at some way-too-early hour.

Now its different. Now I’m in charge of my own hours because it’s my business.

This Can Be Your Opportunity

So why am I telling you all this? Because this same opportunity is available to all of us. If you’re in a
similar rut to the one I was in, then why not look for that ideal opportunity to start your own online

Except, instead of wasting time like I did, go straight to the experts at Wealthy Affiliate to get your
training. You can even take the full 10 lesson first course FREE of charge.

The Truth To Making Money Online

Now, I need to tell you what others opt to leave out. There is much work behind the scenes to be a successful
affiliate marketer.

Although this is an easy skill to master, it does take perseverance to plug away until those search
engines recognize that your serious at this. I’ve spent lots hours in front of my PC learning and writing.
But this is what it takes to make good money online.

Google doesn’t just give out high rankings to everyone, you need to earn them!

Because of the time spent to get to this point, I’d say it’s not easy. The concept is easy, but you’ll
need to work for this.

Having said that, I achieved this with a full time job. I would learn and work each evening, and I’d write
articles on my train commute to work via my iPad. If you want this, you’ll also find a way.

If you’re a student, part time worker, senior, stay at home mum/wife or unemployed, you’ll find more time
than I had.

If you’ve been searching for an online money making opportunity, you’re probably aware of the marketers
that claim it’s easy. They also promote big bucks for little work. Well, these are either scams or poor
quality training products that are being promoted.

I can tell you how good Wealhty Affiliate is until I’m blue in the face, but the only way you’ll really
know is by taking up their FREE trail. Why would they offer you a free trial?

Because they know how good their platform is, and most people will sign up Premium because it’s great value for
money. In fact the membership price is roughly the same as a good website hosting service, and hosting is
included in the WA membership.

So, More About Me!

Anyway, that’s enough about how I became a successful affiliate marketer.

Want to know more about me:

– Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1969

– Travelled through Europe and the UK 1997-2000

 – Bought home my beautiful wife as a souvenir

– Big Sports Fan – Richmond Tigers (AFL), Chelsea (EPL), novice Cincinnati Bengals (NFL).

I’m enjoying life more than I ever have.

Once you start earning an income from affiliate marketing, it becomes addictive.

I enjoy writing for my readers more than I did when I started, because I’ve become better at it over time.

Are You Interested in Following in My Footsteps!

About This Website

As somebody who has been scammed in the past, and come out the other side, I can provide some healthy advice to others.

This website aims to call out those scam websites, while approving of the good programs, courses & products that can help you make money online.

My personal preference of making online wealth, is affiliate marketing, and I’ll provide the details that can help you progress in this industry.

I really hope this can help you forge a new online career.

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