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Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources For Any Level

The idea of living life on your own terms as an affiliate marketer is the fantasy of many, and while it is possible for anyone, it’s also no easy feat. Time, effort, consistency and motivation are all traits that are required to become successful, but affiliate marketing tools and resources are also necessary.

It’s quite simple to start an affiliate website for very little cost, with next to zero tools, but eventually you’ll come to understand that there are loads of tools and resources that can boost productivity, help with ranking or make automation much easier.

I’ve built a list of the 65+ best affiliate marketing tools and resources that you will find helpful and in some cases, necessary. I hope you get a lot out of this list, and will continue to update as I find useful resources and/or tools.

Some of these tools or resources may be WordPress plugins or Themes. This can disrupt your current website, so each should be tested on a staging or cloned site before full installation on your current live site. You want to make sure of compatibility before implementation.

Divi Theme affiliate marketing tools and resources

#1 Divi Theme

Page builders are becoming very popular recently, and Divi was one of the first to bring websites to life with this concept. A WordPress theme that is constantly being updated, it’s the flagship theme by Elegant Themes.


  • Drag & Drop Page & Post Building
  • Custom CSS Control
  • Responsive Dynamic Editing
  • Design Options Galore
  • Global Elements & Styles
WordPress Affiliate Marketing Resource

#2 WordPress

The content management system that a huge majority of websites are build on. The most logical place for beginners to build a website because there’s so much great training for WordPress. Very user friendly.


  • Simple & Flexible to Use
  • Easy to Manage Multiple Users
  • Thousands of Plugins to Help With Productivity
  • Updated Constantly
  • Tutorials & Guides Found All Over The Internet
Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources LinkWhisper

#3 LinkWhisper

Anyone creating a blog knows, (or soon understands) that internal linking of your articles is critical to article ranking in search engines. Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that suggests links for you. Top plugin.


  • Suggesting Relevant Internal Links
  • Finds Orphaned Content (Zero Links)
  • “Auto-Linking” Feature
  • In-Depth Link Reporting
  • Discovers Broken Links
Top Affiliate marketing Tools Fiverr

#4 Fiverr

There comes a time for every successful affiliate marketer when you will decide to outsource tasks. You want it done cheaply, and Fiverr can offer this. Be sure to research the contractors credentials for the job required.


  • Find Any Service Within Minutes
  • Know The Price Before Committing
  • Pay After Completed Work
  • All Genre’s Available
  • All Countries Serviced
Top Affiliate marketing Tools Shortpixel

#5 ShortPixel

Reducing the data size of your images via compression is extremely important to a fast website. ShortPixel can do this for you with their website, or download their WordPress plugin and compress on the go.


  • Increase SEO Ranking
  • Image Optimization Test
  • Reduce Image Size
  • Lossy and Lossless Optimization Available
  • WordPress Plugin
Top affiliate Marketing tools Visme

#6 Visme

Creating graphics is a necessity for so many reasons. Blog posts, social media banners, info-graphics and many other needy purposes. Visme can help with all of these presentation issues, and you can sign up free.


  • Create Multiple Use Images
  • Slide Libraries & Animation
  • Multiple Download Types
  • Organization Options
  • Branding Kit
Google Search Console Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources

#7 Google Search Console

Every article posted should be submitted to Google so they can index your post. Google Search Console is the platform to manage your website and determine errors that may hold it back from ranking higher.


  • Analyse Your Site’s Impressions, Clicks and Position
  • Submit Sitemaps and Individual URLs
  • Receive Alerts on Issues to Fix Your Site
  • URL Inspection Tool
  • Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website
Top affiliate Marketing tool Jaaxy

#8 Jaxxy

Keyword tools are a necessary addition to any affiliate marketing blog. You cannot expect to rank via SEO without understanding the use of keywords, and the number of monthly searches. Jaxxy is your tool.


  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Brainstorm New Niches
  • Spy on Your Competition
  • Monitor and Track ANY Rankings
  • Keyword Domain Name Fetch
Google Search Console Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources

#9 Aweber

As you build your blog and more people visit your posts, it’s necessary to start building a list of subscribers. This is done through an autoresponder service, and Aweber is the one I use and would recommend.


  • Automate Email Sending
  • Create Custom Email Forms
  • Branded Email Templates
  • Drag & Drop Email & Landing Page Designer
  • 30 Day Free Trial
Appsumo affiliate marketing tools and resources

#10 Appsumo

Everyone loves a good deal, and Appsumo is the place I to to get mine. I’ve found extraordinary lifetime deals at Appsumo, and they are directed towards those wanting to grow their online business.


  • Insane Deals on Digital Products
  • No Subscription Requirement
  • All Top Online Brands
  • Affordable Software Solutions
  • Great Refund Policy (if required)
Sqribble affiliate marketing tools and resources

#11 Sqribble

eBooks can be the ideal giveaway or entrance point to larger products to sell, and creating eBooks are a breeze with Sqribble. With loads of graphics and templates to leverage, your job is made easy.


  • Professional, eye-grabbing covers
  • Create Beautiful ebook designs
  • Clean layouts and engaging content
  • Drag And Drop Design
  • Fully Customizable Ebooks
FB-Masters-Program Affiliate marketing Tools and resources

#12 FB Masters Course

Although I’m a big advocate for SEO practices for ranking in search engines, paid advertising is also a popular route to get visitors. Facebook advertising is a great way to go, and the best course I’ve come across is FB Masters.


  • Create The Perfect Funnel That Converts
  • Move Traffic From Cold, to Warm, to Hot
  • Create The 7 Most Effective Facebook Ads.
  • Optimize Campaigns For Max. Performance.
  • How to Spy on Your Competitors Pages
Namecheap Affiliate marketing Tools and resources

#13 Namecheap

The right domain name for your online business is important, and too many domain name registrars attempt to sell you added bells and whistles that are not necessary. Namecheap is a great option to purchase a new domain.


  • Domain Name Search
  • Whois Lookup
  • Domain Transfers
  • Great Resource Center
  • Hosting Services
Search Find Buy best affiliate marketing tools and resources

#14 Search.Find.Buy.

Loads of affiliates use the Amazon Associates platform. This course Search.Find.Buy. will teach you everything required to be a top Amazon seller, with huge earning potential. This link will take you to a free webinar for details.


  • Module Training For 6 Weeks
  • Step by Step Business Set Up Process 
  • Identifying Great Product Opportunities
  • Branding, Packaging & Shipping
  • Rank Your Product to Page 1
PressPlay Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources

#15 PressPlay

Video has become on of the most important mediums in affiliate marketing, and leads are what you’re attempting to gain from videos. PressPlay helps to get more leads with their dynamic actions giving you total control.


  • Add Opt-in Forms
  • Avoid Stolen Videos By Adding a Watermark
  • Add CTA Buttons
  • Eye Popping Video Skins
  • Add/Remove Elements Easily
Etsy Affiliate Marketing Tools and resources

#16 Etsy

A brilliant affiliate program to join. Etsy are a huge marketplace for unique and unusual handcrafted products. If you want to offer your audience with products not found anywhere else, Etsy will fulfill this need.


  • Supports Independent Sellers
  • Huge Marketplace to Choose From
  • Can Post Affiliate Links on Social Media
  • Via AWIN Affiliate Network
  • Over 65,000 Products to Promote
clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources

#17 clickfunnels

One of the top affiliate programs that has great commission payouts. Clickfunnels also offers brilliant training for learning how to be successful at funnel building. Russell Brunson is an expert that is worth partnering with.


  • Commission between 40% – 100%
  • Hugely Respected Company
  • Clickfunnels Used by Thousands of Marketers
  • Dream Car Incentive
  • Very Transparent Affiliate program
Buildapreneur Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources

#18 Buildapreneur Free training

Spencer Mecham is the guy behind Buildapreneur. He’s a super clickfunnels affiliate and provides great free training on his own website. This includes email automation, copywriting secrets and creating a website. 


  • Awesome Free Training 
  • Insight into Clickfunnels Usage
  • Has Brilliant YouTube Channel
  • Can Join Buildapreneur Affiliate program
  • Great Explanatory Videos For Beginners
proof Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources

#17 Proof

Proof is an app that can help with your conversions. I’m sure you’ve seen them before, small popup boxes to say a customer has purchased a product, or it viewing the website. It’s an emotional trigger, and works well for sales.


  • View Reports Including Page Views
  • View Visitor Numbers
  • Grab The Attention Of Visitors
  • Increase Your Conversions
  • Capture Leads
Keyword Planner affiliate marketing tools and resources

#18 Keyword Planner

Keywords…. the most important SEO component for search engines and adverts. Part of the Adwords suite by Google, this is an extremely useful tool, especially when creating Google ads to be displayed in search results.


  • Discover New Keywords
  • Research and Suggested Keywords
  • Add to Your Advertising Plan
  • Search The Competition
  • Bid Estimates For Each Keyword
WA Affiliate Marketing Tools and resources

#19 Wealthy Affiliate

The top affiliate marketing platform on the internet. Offers web hosting, affiliate training, keyword tool, content writing platform, weekly live training, community of thousands and immediate website support. The full package.


  • Full Use Platform Including Tools
  • Online certification Course
  • Bootcamp Course
  • Access To The Owners
  • Free Start Up
Doodly best affiliate marketing tools and resources

#20 Doodly

The use of white board animation has been so much easier by programs like Doodly. If you didn’t know how hand drawn animation was captured in video, check out Doodly and you see it in action. A top tool for white board video.


  • Whiteboard, Blackboard, Greenboard, and Glassboard
  • Smart Draw Technology™
  • Several Male & Female Hands
  • Many Different Characters
  • Tons Of Props And Custom Images
Top affiliate Marketing tools Google Analytics

#21 Google Analytics

Keeping an eye on your website visitors and the performance of your website is critical to your progress. Google Analytics is the exact tool for the job, and can allow you to set goals, monitor and track your website activity.


  • Track Users, Sessions and Bounce Rates
  • Watch Real Time Visitor Data
  • Check Your Most Popular Posts
  • View Demographics, Interests and Behavior
  • Create Funnel Goals
Top affiliate Marketing tools Canva

#22 Canva

Canva is similar to Visme, as a graphical presentation design program. It’s free to join, and you only need to pay for specific images or by signing up to their Pro program. Canva is an essential tool for creating banners etc.


  • Loads of Templates to leverage
  • Fantastic Design Tutorials
  • Brand Kit Facility
  • Management Folders
  • Create Flyers, T-shirt Designs or Cards
Hootsuite affiliate marketing tools and resources

#20 Doodly

Scheduling social media can often be a chore, and can be hard to keep up with. Hootsuite can help with managing several social media accounts, and have schedule posts ready to go as organized. A great tool for managing social media.


  • Create and Manage Advertising Campaigns
  • Measure and Analyze Social Performance
  • Create, Curate, Review, and Publish Content
  • Manage and Monitor Incoming Messages
  • Sync With Other Apps & Integrations
TinyPNG affiliate marketing tools and resources

#24 TinyPNG

Another brilliant tool for compressing images to use for the web. TinyPNG uses lossy compression techniques to reduce your files size, whether it’s a PNG or JPG file. You will hardly notice a visual difference, but data reduction is large.


  • Can Reduce File Size to Over 70%
  • All Unnecessary Metadata is Stripped Too
  • 100% Support With Transparency
  • Chrome, Firefox and Safari all supported
  • TinyPNG Photoshop Plugin
Long Tail Pro affiliate marketing tools and resources

#25 LongTailPro

Regardless of your niche, keywords for attracting traffic are extremely important. LongTailPro can help you find less competitive keywords that can get you tons of high-converting online traffic. 


  • Loads of Suggestions From Entering Seed Words
  • Keyword & Competitor Analysis
  • Determine Keyword Profitability With Rank Value
  • Measure Keyword Competitiveness
  • Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

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