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Ahrefs is not only a great tool for spying on the keywords of your competitors, but they also host a digital course.

I suspect you’re wanting to know if it’s worth the money they’re asking.

This course is aimed at bloggers to build their online presence, and turn the extra traffic you’ll receive into paying customers. I’m going to briefly run through the course and give you my opinion on the information provided. Firstly, here’s a brief summary of what the course is about.

Blogging For Business Summary

Ahrefs Blogging For Business Review 500x200Product Name: Blogging For Business

Founder/Owner: Ahrefs

Product Type: Successful Blogger Course

Price: $799

Best For: Blogging Intermediates

Program Summary:In my opinion, this program does provide a lot of great information, but it’s not aimed at beginners.

Would I Recommend It: Yes, if you’re past the beginners stage.

Rating: 73/100

What is Blogging For Business

Anyone that has ever attempted to start a successful blog, understands the importance of keywords and search statistics. This all comes down to your SEO strategy, which allows Google to decide where you’ll be placed in their search results.

This Blogging for Business course is primarily target towards this type of traffic, SEO techniques that will get you to the top positions in the SERPS.

One point I would like to mention, is that the course is also focused towards getting people to sign up to their Ahrefs Keywords Explorer Tool. Nothing against this, but it is an expensive keyword Tool.

Ahrefs Blogging for Business From The Inside

I’m going to explain what you’ll find on the inside of Blogging for Business, so you can compare it to other programs such as my preferred recommendation.

#1 Education Review

Lesson 1: The Compound Effect of Content Marketing – This lesson will explain to you, the three main customer acquisition channels and how each is leveraged from your blog. You’re also going to learn about the ‘Spike of Hope’ and what happens after this traffic boost, turning many bloggers into failures.

Lesson 2: Two major strategies of growing a blog – First off, you’ll come to understand how creating high quality full length posts can be more beneficial, that shorter posts that gets content out everyday.

In my opinion, if you’re starting out as a blogger, you do need to post more regularly for a certain length of time for Google to recognise you. This is part of the reason that this course is more designed for bloggers that are more than one month into their website.

You’ll also learn why your audience is one of your biggest assets, which is why you should be building your email list. Another point you will learn, is the difference between viral traffic and SEO traffic.

Lesson 3: How to analyse the traffic potential and ranking difficulty of a keyword – This lesson will be about different keyword statistical data such as search demand, traffic potential, targeting and ranking difficulty.

You’ll notice in this lesson, amongst others, they use the Ahrefs keyword Explorer Tools to gather their metrics.

Lesson 4: How to find great content ideas with high business value – Depending on your niche, coming up with new content material can be rather difficult. I really like this lesson which shows you how to discover great content ideas in your niche.

You’ll be shown various online places that are discussing your niche 24/7. You’ll also discover how to prioritise your list of content ideas, which all comes back to the data you’ll be searching in your keyword research. Again, their Ahref Keyword Explorer Tool is used to find all the data.

Lesson 5: How to optimize your article for a target keyword – If you’ve been blogging for some time then you’ll already have some content on your website, good and bad. This lesson will teach you how to run an SEO audit on your existing content, and then improve the old content.

You’ll also get a handle on optimizing keywords for ‘searcher intent’ and how to squeeze the maximum search traffic out of your articles.

Lesson 6: How to create great content that promotes itself – Following on from lesson 4, this lesson will show you why your content has to be great and how to create this great content that other people will want to read. You’ll want this content to stand out and be unique, which is what’s also covered in this lesson. Part of this involves having a blog that is visually appealing, and there are some great tips for this.

Lesson 7: How to create link-worthy content – This seventh lesson will gain you some knowledge in regards to whether it’s essential to have backlinks to rank highly in Google. The answer is yes, and no. You’ll find out why in this lesson. You’ll also learn how to create link-worthy content, which is really answered in lesson 6. The other backlink strategy you’ll discover, is basically social media.

Lesson 8: How to promote your content & make it rank high in Google – You’re going to learn how to get natural backlinks to your website, because it’s really hard to get authoritative websites to send a backlink to your site. Another great tip you’ll learn here, is why you should be revisiting your old content and updating it.

And do you think that you can compete with the big guys at SEO? It may be possible, but you’ll have to work hard at it.

Lesson 9: How to build backlinks to your blog content – Here is where you will get a handle on link building strategies, ideas for getting backlinks from your competitors, guest blogging and some guest blogging ‘hacks’ that could offer you quicker results. This includes leaving comments and if they are useful for your SEO directly.

Lesson 10: How to build links & promote content via blogger outreach – This lesson is all about ‘Outreach’, which helps with spreading the word of your content. Email marketing is is considered outreach, and you’ll learn what to look for as far as your open rate is concerned. Your emails don’t want to be considered spam, and you’ll learn the difference.

Bonus: As a bonus in this course, there are 3 interviews with masters of their trade. Noah Kogan (founder of Appsumo), Bryan Harris (List Building expert) and Ramsay Taplin (The Blog Tyrant). Their insights to how they began their online empires are very good listening.

Ahrefs Blogging For Business Review Humour

#2 Tools Review

The course does throw up a few different programs in relation to keyword research. However, the main focus is on using their own Keyword Explorer Keyword Tool. This really is a great tool if you can afford it, as it shows a lot of data that other tools don’t show. Their Keyword Explorer tool is integrated into the Ahrefs platform, so you’ll be signing up as a member to gain access to this. At $99 per month for the use of this tool, you’d really want to be making decent money before purchasing it. Hence the reason I wouldn’t recommend the course for newbies.

#3 Support Review

Ahrefs have their own customer support that can be contacted anytime. They also have a Facebook page, where you can ask any question in relation to anything they promote or blog about. Their main customer support is used for the Blogging for Business course.

#4 The Cost

As mentioned in the summary of this course, the cost stands at $799. Whilst I don’t believe that newbies will understand much of this course, intermediate bloggers will get a lot out of it. I believe that if you’re at the right time of scaling your blogging business, this course is worth the money.

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The Best of Ahrefs Blogging for Business

#1 Knowledge

Ahrefs is a well known website which boasts multiple integrated tools that can be used to help you reach great heights in terms of rankings. Whilst most of these tools are expensive, they are largely valuable.

The fact that the course creators have access to these tools, provides them with exceptional knowledge in the SEO industry.

#2 Added Humour

Having gone through the course, I really like the humour that has been included. It’s not much, but a little humour goes a long way to your enjoyment of completing any course.

#3 No Fluff in This Course

Another thing I really like about this course, is the direct approach. They get to the point of the message quickly without filling the videos with fluffy dribble. The fact that they’ve created bite sized videos helps with this, and allows you to concentrate on each lesson.

I find that when videos go for more than 6-7 minutes, your mind tends to drift. Keeping these videos short is a winner for me.

#4 Know What You’re Getting

Understanding what you’re going to learn from the sales page is only fair. You won’t get an explanation of the videos, but you will get an idea from the video titles. Not that it matters, I’ve given you an explanation here!


What Puts Me Off Ahrefs Blogging for Business

#1 Promotion of Their Own Tool

Although I understand why they do it, I feel anyone that takes this course would be obliged to use their Keyword Explorer tool which they promote throughout. The tool is an amazing piece of software, which can display a great range of statistical data.

The course does focus on this tool, which is targeted towards keyword research, competition and analysis.

#2 Does Not Teach Audience Building

If you think this is a course that will teach you how to get traffic to your website, you’re thinking down the wrong track. Although this is the result of the actions taken here, it’s not specifically a traffic generation program.

SEO is just one form of gaining free website traffic, and keyword research is a form of SEO. So, you will generate traffic from this method.

Would I Recommend Ahrefs Blogging for Business

Yes, if you’ve been blogging for some time. As I’ve suggested earlier, I don’t believe this course is for blogging beginners. However, those that have been doing this for 1-2 years with no ranking success will gain great knowledge from the course.

Is There a Better Option

It depends what you’re after. Bloggers come in many forms, some use paid advertising, others use affiliate marketing to create wealth and some don’t bog for income at all.

If you intend learning how to blog as an affiliate marketer, which is my preferred method of income generation, click the button below to find out who my number one recommendation is.

Wrapping Up

Blogging for Business is a legitimate and worthwhile course for the right blogger at the right point in time. The course is run by a knowledgeable tutor with, what sounds like, a Russian or Ukrainian accent.

The course is easy to digest, as the videos are in bite sized lengths. This works well for students of any level.

If you’re considering learning how to create a blog for monetary purposes, I’d suggest you read on below to find out how to get started with affiliate marketing.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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