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The cooking or baking industry is extremely competitive, so you want to stick out from the crowd. Simple blog names don’t always cut it anymore, and a unique baking blog name can be the difference to getting higher click through rates or not.

There are loads of ‘cooking’ blogs that encompass various different cookery types, but a specific baking blog will be easier to rank for, if this is your specialty.

Whether it’s biscuits, cupcakes, pies or breads, there are so many baking ideas that are ready for you to exploit.

Coming up with your baking blog name may be more challenging than you think, and hopefully I can help you out with this dilemma. The potential for a baking blog is huge, and can be lucrative if done well.

So what do you need in regards to a blog name that will resonate with people? Well, you want something that people will remember, something that is memorable. This is something you want to get right at the beginning, because once you’ve bought your domain name and started your website, the URL cannot change.

Having said that, your blog name will have no bearing on how your blog will rank in the search engines. It’s just a name, and unless it is a popular keyword, will have little impact on your sites ranking success.

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85 Baking Blog Name Ideas

Anyway, here’s a list of baking blog names that will hopefully give you some ideas.


  1. The Biscuit Baker
  2. Bring Home The Biscuits
  3. Biscuitography
  4. Baking Biscuit Boy
  5. Biscuits on a Budget
  6. Hot Biscuit Shuffle
  7. Baking Better Biscuits
  8. The Biscuit Hut
  9. Hot Biscuit Club
  10. The Biscuit Tin
  11. Runaway Biscuits


  1. Threads Breads
  2. Pepper Bread Bakery
  3. Breadboard Bakery
  4. The Sharp Breadknife
  5. Hidden Bread Bin
  6. Crispy Baked Bread
  7. The Society of Bread Bakers
  8. Bread & Beer Blog
  9. Barebone Bread Bakery
  10. Bread Bakers Paradise
  11. The Crumby Bread Blog


  1. Cake Bakery Hideout
  2. The Cupcake King
  3. Better Baked Cakes
  4. The Rising Cake Tin
  5. Cake in Making
  6. Society of Crumby Cakes
  7. The Classic Cake Cave
  8. Cakes R Us
  9. Build a Cake Today
  10. Superb Baked Cakes
  11. Only Cakes Will Do


  1. Rolled Town Bakery
  2. Rolled Treats
  3. Bread Roll Royce
  4. Inspired By Baked Rolls
  5. Rolled In The Oven
  6. The Bread That Rolled
  7. Nifty Roll Bakes
  8. The Rolled Baker
  9. Roll Feasts
  10. Ultimate Rolls
  11. Rollsify


  1. Living The Potato Dream
  2. The Jacket Potato
  3. Baked in a Jacket
  4. The Baked Potato
  5. The Wicked Potato
  6. Potato Hut
  7. Baking Pleasant Potatoes
  8. The Nomad Potato Baker
  9. Country Baked Potato
  10. Peachy Potato Bakes
  11. Spicy Potato Bake


  1. Baked Pie Frenzy
  2. The Crusty Pie
  3. Wicked Dessert Pie
  4. The Pied Sensation
  5. The Lost Pie
  6. Bakeaholic Pie
  7. The Tasty Pie
  8. Yummy Pie Delights
  9. Baked Pie Odyssey
  10. Hot Pie Shuffle
  11. Lord of The Pies


  1. Brownie Lane
  2. Brownies For Dinner
  3. My Bake Brownie Blog
  4. Baking Brownies and More
  5. Barefoot Brownies
  6. The Charred Brownie
  7. The Brownie Brothers
  8. Brownieology
  9. Brownieverse
  10. Brown Brownies
  11. Blogging For Baked Brownies


  1. Bakin Donuts
  2. The Whole Donut
  3. Iced Donut Treehouse
  4. The Baked Donut
  5. The Dandy Donut Blog
  6. Divine Donut Diary
  7. Baking For Donuts
  8. Pro Donut Club
  9. Midnight Donut Feast
  10. Donut Diner
  11. Donut Half Dozen

This is just a small sample of what is possible with blog names of any kind. There are so many names out there, and you may think the best ones have been taken.

I beg to differ, as your success depends on the effort you put into your blog rather than the blog name itself. Sure, a cool blog name helps with brand identity, but you need to be constantly taking action and working on your blog.

What Makes A Good Baking Blog Name

Several accumulated factors can express a good baking or cooking blog name, but there’s also some things you should avoid. Let me explain what not to do in a blog name first.

Baking Blog Name – Don’ts

The first point I want to make is that the blog you are about to create should be brandable. By this I mean you want it to become successful, and you don’t want to be pinching somebody else’s identity.

Your blog is your own, with your logo and branded keywords. For instance, you’re creating a baking blog and there are other successful baking blogs out there. The Boy Who Bakes is also a highly popular baking blog, so you don’t want to call your blog ‘The Boy Who Bakes Better’.

Can you imagine the fallout when Edd Kimber, the owner of ‘The Boy Who Bakes’ finds out that you’re coat-tailing off his success. This is the wrong way about becoming popular, and will only end with litigation.

On another point, I’d like to stress that using hyphens in your domain name may not be the best idea. I’m not saying it’s a disaster, just that it’s a hard thing to remember when typing out the blog name in a browser.

You want your blog name to be memorable, and your domain to follow suit. You know that your new blog called ‘The Lost Pie’ is fairly easy to remember, but will people remember to type in www.thelost-pie.com. Probably not.

So these are just a couple of things to keep in mind when deciding on a blog name. Make sure the exact domain you’re after is available.

Baking Blog Name – Do’s

In a perfect world, you want to let people know exactly what your website is about via your blog name. While this can often be challenging because brand names shouldn’t be too many words, you can usually get the message across.

For instance, Gluten Free Makeovers which was created by Beth Hillson tells potential viewers exactly what the site is about, gluten free meals.

Another website called Suzie Sweet Tooth tells visitors that the blog is about desserts. While desserts are not mentioned in the brand name, we can all relate to what a sweet tooth is.

Fun and descriptive names are ideal for a blog name, as they can trigger an emotion to get people to click through.

You may be wondering if you should go for one of the new types of domain suffixes such as .club or .help. I wouldn’t bother if I were you. It’s not that you cannot rank for a domain with this, but again, people will struggle to remember to type this in a browser. They also give off a gimmicky tone rather than authoritative voice.

Domain Purchasing

Domain names don’t really cost that much at all, usually in the vicinity of $8-$12 per year. These can be bought at a domain registrar, of which there are plenty.

Often these domain registrars will offer you various upsells, you know, add this and that to the domain you’re purchasing. You don’t require most of these, the only thing I would suggest is Whois domain security. This will block your registration information being displayed to the public.

Common domain registrars will also offer you a cheap first year, like $3 for your first year on a 2 year contract. The second year however, you may be paying $19, making it not as cheap as you first thought.

A good domain registrar to buy from is namecheap, who will not offer all the added extras. You’ll get exactly what you need for a good price.

SEO Keyword Blog Name

You may be wondering if using a rich keyword in your domain name will help with rankings. Well, yes it can, but that doesn’t mean it will.

Take my blog here for instance. If you Google ‘New Online Career’, there’s a good chance my blog will not appear in the first 10 pages of the search results. This means I’m reliant on each of my articles to rank highly, rather than my homepage.

There are certain words such as ‘career’ which seem to be earmarked for very authoritative organizations. That doesn’t mean I cannot rank among them, but it will take a long time.

In the baking niche however, you shouldn’t have that issue. However, I would keep it in mind and try to avoid words you may think will be difficult to rank for.

I also like to use the MozBar domain authority tool, which can show you how authoritative your blog is against others. But, there’s no point doing this before your new domain has had time to gain a ranking in the first place.

How to Create and Profit from Your Baking Blog

I’ve mentioned this in other articles, but in my opinion, WordPress is the best website platform for beginners to start blogging. There are people who would not agree with this, but I learned it as a newbie and found it easy to navigate.

There are other benefits of starting a blog with WordPress, with the biggest being that the community of plugin creators is huge, meaning you’ll have a plethora of options to solve any problem.

WordPress advice is also easy to find, with loads of sites dedicated to helping new website creators. One of these great resources is WpBeginner, but you can always fall back to YouTube for some great tutorials.

So with WordPress constantly being updated with improved features, it’s a no-brainer to learn form the most common content management system online.

How Much Do Baking Bloggers Make?

Of course, you’re probably doing this for two reasons. Firstly because you have a passion for baking, but also, you want to make money. So, how much can you make from a baking blog?

Well, if you ask Jenna from Butternut Bakery, a substantial amount. Her income report from June 2019 shows an income of over $7,200. Not only that, here outgoings add up to a measly $302, with most of that from buying baking supplies.

Baking Blog Name Ideas Income Report

The majority of Jenna’s income comes from advertising, such as Mediavine ads and other sponsored content. Affiliate marketing plays a small part, as does freelance photography.

Many bloggers will have a larger portion earned from affiliate marketing, or at least a balance of both.

I’m highlighting this to show you the possibilities, but I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. Making this kind of money online will not come easy, there’s much work gone into a website like this.

So, it’s up to you to choose a blog name and create a website, then put effort into making your dream come true. You will need to stick at it, and keep motivated for your website to thrive.

The Advertising Route

Placing advertising on your website is a simple and profitable method of making money on your blog. Companies like Mediavine leverage people’s blogs to place sponsored content in front of more visitors. This is your chance to earn from their efforts.

Once signed up to Mediavine, and similar companies, they will give you a piece of code to add to your website. This will allow their ads to be shown in designated places on your site, and you’ll earn a nice little income from this.

After placing the code on your blog, there’s nothing left for you to do. Just take the income earned. There is one catch though. You’ll need to get 25k visitor sessions to your blog within a 30 day period to be accepted into Mediavine.

There’s always Adsense though, the Google version of ad placement. The only issue I have here is that they won’t pay you very much. Still, a few dollars while waiting for you larger web traffic is nothing to sneeze at.

Affiliate Commissions

Now, let’s get to the chase. In my opinion, affiliate marketing should pay a big part in your profitable online blog. The potential of affiliate marketing is enormous, as over 80% of companies now have an affiliate program.

So, if I was you, I’d be promoting all sorts of baking goods from several companies. Join their affiliate programs and add affiliate links to any promotions you choose to display.

The cooking, baking, food and drink markets are huge, and people are prepared to buy from those blogging about them. When affiliate links are clicked from your website, they are taken to the store of the affiliate program you signed up with.

If they make a purchase at the store, you will make a commission on the sale. Not only that, you’ll usually make commissions on all the products bought in the one transaction. So, if somebody decides to buy 10 items, you’ll get commission on all 10 products.

It’s no wonder affiliate marketing has become so popular and everyone is attempting to get in on the act.

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