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Barefoot Books MLM Review


Have you been contemplating the move to your own small business, such as working as a Barefoot Books MLM consultant? Well why not, especially if you enjoy children’s books and meeting mums and dads willing to buy.

This Barefoot Books review will help you with some of the questions you may have, and guide you on the compensation details.

It may be that you’ve seen ladies selling Barefoot Books at various events, parties or even schools. Becoming an ambassador may be ideal for your situation also, so let’s see what’s involved.

Update: As a brief update to this article, I just wanted to alert you to the current social impacts that affect MLM opportunities. Multilevel marketing consultants primarily work by hosting house parties to present and demonstrate products to potential customers. As social distancing has become apparent, these hosted house parties or events can no longer go ahead. 

Instead, companies with MLM opportunities are turning to sales online to keep their consultants active. What's ironic about this, is that they are basically turning it into an affiliate marketing venture. However, consultants will only be allowed to sell the products of the MLM company they are involved with.

So, the choice now is owning a website and only selling one companies products, or own a website and sell any products you like (eg: traditional affiliate marketing). I know what I'd be choosing!

In fact, in most cases, the MLM company will still own the website. I've seen instances where they will give it to you free for 3 months, then you have to pay for it. eg: domain & hosting fees. This will be on top of other MLM fees. This is not the case with genuine affiliate marketing, where YOU own your own website.

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Barefoot Books SummaryBarefoot Books MLM Review

Product Name: Barefoot Books

Founder/Owner: Nancy Traversy & Tessa Strickland.

Price: $159.99 USD Starter

What is Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books is a lovely site that sells wonderful children’s books to families. This original home based company was founded way back in 1992 by Nancy Traversy & Tessa Strickland, two ladies that had a passion for writing and creating children’s books.

They’ve had good success with their business and have been honored by Forbes as one of the 25 best small companies in America. They’re known for their delightful animated books that have brought joy to all kinds of children. In the time they’ve been around, they claim to have put nearly 25 million books into the hands of children around the world.

Barefoot Books now boast their own World Atlas iTunes App (which has had 4 million downloads), along with their own YouTube channel.

The focus of the company is to ‘empower you to share stories, connect families and inspire children’.

With success like this, you may have given great thought to joining Barefoot Books as an MLM consultant. Here’s what you need to know about that side of the business.

Are Barefoot Books Products Worth The Price

At Barefoot Books, you will be working with a quality product to sell. The main product that this company provides is children’s books, and they have a fantastic range. They claim the company has created more than 700 books in various categories and through different age brackets.

Not only do Barefoot Books provide the traditional paperback and hardcover books, they’ve now branched into audio-books, puzzles & games, bilingual books and music CD’s. Board books are also a unique style, making it easier for those babies or toddlers that are prone to spilling drinks etc.

This makes them a suitable company to work with schools, making the consultants’ opportunities a little more diverse.

Because their books are so beautifully created, they are ideal for any young families, libraries or schools that host lots of children.

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The Barefoot Books MLM Opportunity

I suspect you’re reading this Barefoot Books review to not only get a handle on the company as a whole, but to find out if it’s worth becoming a Barefoot Books MLM consultant. Here’s what you need to know.

When you first sign up to become a Barefoot Books consultant, you’ll be required to purchase the Barefoot Business in a Box bundle. This is an exhibition set of varied books that you will use to present to potential buyers, and will set you back $159.99. This set includes 20 bestselling titles and a full marketing suite of catalogs, event signs and more.

You will then have access to an existing Barefoot Books ambassador who will teach you the ropes. Once you’ve been suitably trained, it’s time to head out into the world of MLM consulting yourself.

Barefoot Books Compensation Plan

You’re now ready to take your Barefoot Business in a Box bundle around to different events, schools or your own house party to display to your potential customers. So what will you earn for getting sales of all the books you sell? Here’s a brief breakdown of the compensation plan.

#1 Personal Sales Earnings

As you make sales yourself, you will earn commissions and bonuses on the sales you make. PQV stands for personal qualifying sales. The thresholds for these are:

  • Under $300 (PQV) = 15% Free gift allowance + 30% discount on purchases
  • $300 – $599.99 (PQV) = 10% personal sales bonus + 30% discount on purchases + 20% Free gift allowance
  • $600 to $999.99 (PQV) = 12.5% personal sales bonus + 30% discount on purchases + 20% Free gift allowance
  • $1,000 or more (PQV) = 15% personal sales bonus + 30% discount on purchases + 20% Free gift allowance

As you can clearly see, the more you sell, the more you make. Let me say though, selling a few books initially to friends and family is the easier part. Getting new sales to new clients is where it gets tricky.

#2 Leading a Team

These kinds of earning opportunities are primarily based on MLM, multi level marketing. This is where you will be encouraged to build a team below you, which you’ll earn extra commissions from.

In simple terms, for each ambassador you sign up, you’ll receive a 4% personal team bonus. There’s also several levels of Ambassadorship that you can achieve, each with added incentives. You can see the level structure here.

Barefoot Books MLM Compensation Plan

With each ranking level, you’ll have to make a certain quota of PQV in order to advance. Keep in mind that TQV is Team Qualified Volume when it comes to building your team. The requirements may be a little small to read, so here’s a brief outline of what you will have to achieve to advance to the next level.

  • Ambassador – Starter
  • Ambassador Sales Leader – $600 in PQV (two months in a row)
  • Turquoise Team Leader – $2,500 in TQV (two months in a row) + Three or more team members
  • Chartreuse Team Leader – $2,500 in TQV (two months in a row) + Three or more team members + One 1st Generation Breakaway Leader
  • Amber Team Leader – $2,500 in TQV (two months in a row) + Three or more team members + Two 1st Generation Breakaway Leaders
  • Saffron Team Leader – $2,500 in TQV (two months in a row) + Three or more team members + Four 1st Generation Breakaway Leaders
  • Crimson Team Leader – $2,500 in TQV (two months in a row) + Three or more team members + Six 1st Generation Breakaway Leaders
  • Amethyst Team Leader – $2,500 in TQV (two months in a row) + Three or more team members + Eight 1st Generation Breakaway Leaders

These thresholds can be extremely difficult to achieve, especially the top 3-4 levels.

You can find a more detail about the Barefoot Books compensation plan here.

#3 Kickstart Bonuses

Kickstart Bonus #1

If you can sell $600 worth of PQV within your first 60 days, you’ll get a voucher to spend on more BB books. It’s known as their $150 Barefoot Bucks bonus, and is their way of getting you more familiar with their books.

Kickstart Bonus #2

A second bonus is the Barefoot Books table runner, which you can earn by selling $1,000 worth PQV in your first 120 days. This is for a touch of added class to a table display of books.

Kickstart Bonus #3

As an additional bonus once you’ve passed the Kickstarter #2 bonus, sponsor a new consultant (or ambassador as they call it), to receive a Barefoot Books business kit, including apron, display signage and promotional flyers.

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What Does It Take To Succeed?

Passion is one of the biggest reasons that you’d join any kind of MLM company in my opinion. Without having passion to sell the products, you’re destined to fail. The reason being that multi level marketing opportunities have never paid well, and always advantage those at the top of the chain.

So to keep up the enthusiasm to sell the products while only earning minimal rates, it takes a lot of motivation and willpower. That said, there’s several other work opportunities in the same boat, such as dressing up as a banana and selling fruit on a street corner!

MLM’s require much more than just passion though, because you’re going to need selling opportunities. This means organizing house parties or other types of events. So you’ll need a lot of up-and-go about you.

MLM Success Is Rare

There’s a reason MLM’s have a stigma about them, and that’s the failure rate. Some surveys have found that at least 73% of people that join an MLM either fail, or make no money at all. Others have claimed the success rate is as low as 1%, which is extraordinary if true.

Whatever the case, it’s widely known that the success rate is not very good, and people don’t like to be hassled by friends, family or acquaintances. Most people are happy to purchase something first time around, but they don’t want to be pressured into a tiered scheme that works on recruiting others.

That said, I do believe that Barefoot Books is one of the better MLM companies around and I really like the products they sell. It’s also easy to have a liking for children’s books and there’s a captive audience with young mothers.


Offer quality products

Probably the best part of the whole Barefoot Books experience is the childrens books themselves, and that should be the case. The products are good quality and reasonably priced also.

With vibrant colors and wonderful illustrations, these books are value for money.

Easier to Sell

When it comes to MLM companies, you’re usually selling nutrients or beauty products, maybe jewelry or tupperware. But childrens books are different and they resonate with lots of young parents.

For this reason, I think they are an easier sell than the other options. That doesn’t mean they are easy to sell, just easier than other product types in an MLM scheme.

Impressive Company

I am impressed with the background o Barefoot Books and the owners of this company. They don’t have a checkered history or unsavory past.

The fact that Barefoot Books has been around since 1992 is testament to the legitimacy of the brand. Nancy& Tessa have done a good job as business women.


Pay All Your Own Expenses

This is not a knock on Barefoot Books directly, but the MLM side of the business is not the best model for ambassadors or consultants. Part of this comes back to the fact that your own expenses are not reimbursable.

What this means is that your costs to host house parties or travel expenses to get to events are out of your own pocket. This means you are required to make those costs back before any profit will be made.

Past False Income Claims

When researching anything on any company, I do need to point out poor aspects. I need to alert you to the false income claims that Barefoot Books have promoted, certainly in the past.

If you check out TruthInAdvertising, there’s several examples of Barefoot Books claiming you can work your way to financial freedom through their MLM opportunity. This is pretty much an unrealistic claim, and with the earning potential, I’d be surprised if anyone achieved financial freedom.

Need to Sign up Friends & Family First

Again, with all multi level marketing opportunities, you’ll have a honeymoon period where your close family and friends will do the right thing and purchase some books from you. It won’t take long until they have bought enough though, and the sales will dry up.

This is where it becomes really difficult with this business model, gaining new clients or customers that want to buy what you’re selling. Unless you are an elite salesperson and have the gift of the gab, you may well struggle big time. As I’ve also suggested, it helps if you have a passion for the books, as this will aid you in promoting the books.

Grueling Work Schedule

Once the honeymoon period is over, there’s a good chance you will find this a real chore. Organizing house parties after normal hours when all you want to do is spend time with your family can get you down.

There’s also the issue of this new pandemic we’ve recently been going through. By the time you read this article, we may have been through it and come out the other side. But what if it happens again. That means no house parties, no events. So, how are you supposed to make sales?

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Would Affiliate Marketing Be a Better Alternative

Sometimes I don’t understand why you’d be happy promoting one product brand over loads of brands. For instance, as a Barefoot Books ambassador, you can only sell Barefoot Books products.

As an alternative, you could create your own affiliate marketing website and sell all kinds of books from several different brands or bookstores. For instance, let’s say you have this passion for children’s books. Why not sign up to Borders, Bookstores.com, Dymocks and Kobo, and promote all their children’s books.

Just take a look at the benefits of this over an MLM opportunity:

  • No face to face selling
  • No organizing house parties
  • Multiple store commissions
  • Commissions on full cart
  • Work remotely from your laptop
  • Website creates authority as you build
  • Better commission rates
  • Be your own boss

These are just some of the benefits over working for somebody else. I should know because I run this affiliate marketing blog. I understand the money that can be made, as I earn good money as an affiliate.

Is Barefoot Books a Scam or Pyramid Scheme

No, barefoot Books is neither a scam or pyramid scheme. They are a legitimate multi level marketing company that is built behind a good brand. Does that mean I think the MLM side of the business is a good model to make money? Only if you own the company.

I’m not a fan of this type of opportunity because I think consultants are taken advantage of. The rewards do not compare to the amount of work ambassadors need to put in. In my opinion, I believe MLM’s are currently in a struggling market, and the online world is going to dominate even further.

Already, mobile devices are becoming more popular, but the recent pandemic has alerted everyone to the requirements of digital reference. It’s also shown that if this happens again, what will consultants do to supplement their income. Had you built up a profitable website, it will only become more profitable.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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