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Fishing is a hugely popular and appealing niche topic to write about, which also has the benefits of a large potential audience. Although there may be a sizable competition in general fishing, that shouldn’t stop you from blogging about your passion.

For those that are more interested in bass fishing specifically, there’s several good affiliate programs that you can sign up to. The great thing about bass fishing is that it’s a little more unique than fishing in general, and if your website is dedicated to bass fishing, you could capture a large percentage of the general fishing audience.

But is bass fishing a good niche, or just too targeted.

Why Bass Fishing?

Although Wikipedia will tell you that bass fishing is ‘the activity of angling for the North American gamefish known colloquially as the black bass’, it’s actually an activity performed in other parts of the globe also.

This makes it an ideal niche to write about because you can now promote affiliate products to any bass fishermen worldwide. FLW Fishing explains how several countries took part in the 13th Black Bass World Championships in 2018, which was held in South Africa. And although they name several countries that took part, bass fishing is also popular in Australia which wasn’t mentioned.

This is more than enough reason to expand on your affiliate efforts if bass fishing is a passion of yours, as the potential for more sales is enormous.

So, are there any specific bass fishing affiliate programs that you can leverage, or are they all just generic fishing stores? Well, here’s a few bass fishing affiliate programs that I’ve sourced that you may want to consider.

#1 Bass Fishing Hub

Website URL: bassfishinhub.com

Affiliate signup URL: bassfishinghub.refersion.com

Bass Fishing Hub

Selling pretty much all general fishing gear, Bass Fishing Hub is also a membership site. This can be a beneficial incentive for those prepared to purchase regularly from Bass Fishing Hub, with 20% off each purchase and free shipping.

Another thing I like about Bass Fishing Hub is their Virtual Bass Tournament. This is run every year and encourages people to download the Bass Fishing Logo and place it on an image of a fish caught, and uploaded to the Bass Fishing Hub Facebook page. A unique idea, but a great promotion.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

You can pretty much purchase any fishing gear from Bass Fishing Hub, it’s not just targeted towards bass fishermen. Rods, reels, lures, hooks, weights or anything else associated with the fishing industry is sold at Bass Fishing Hub.

As a Bass Fishing Hub affiliate, you’ll have plenty to promote on your bass fishing website.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rate:

  • Base Sale Commission: 5.00%
  • Cookie Duration: 7 Days

Why Promote Bass Fishing Hub

Although the commission rates are not extremely high, they are a genuine site with quality products. If you have a passion for bass fishing then you will not have a problem promoting and selling Bass Fishing Hub products, especially given their virtual fishing tournament incentive.

#2 American Bass Outlet

Website URL: www.americanbassoutlet.com

Affiliate signup URL: americanbassoutlet.3dcartstores.com/affiliateinfo.asp

American Bass Outlet

American Bass Outl is a simple, yet cheap and effective veteran owned company website to partner with as an affiliate. They stock essential bass fishing gear, and can advise you of some of the best fishing forums to suit your purpose.

With a main focus on low prices, this is often the reason not all colors or stock is available. I like that American Bass Outlet does not advertise exaggerated manufacturer suggested pricing with fake discounts, just to induce their customers to buy immediately. You’re encouraged to shop around and compare prices.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

American Bass Outlet products are geared towards the bass angler in particular. They promote a ‘Deal of the Day’, which is usually a good bargain. If you don’t like what’s on offer here, you can always try their Bargain Bin.

In all honesty, they may not have the largest range in stock, but as explained, there’s a reason for this. That reason being that they often run out of cheap stock before restocking more low priced goods.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission: 5.00%

Why Promote American Bass Outlet

Because if you really care about your customers, you won’t find cheaper costs or shipping anywhere else. Jim Grouch, the owner of American Bass Outlet runs this website as a pasion, not to make huge profits.

If you want to help out a genuine online store dedicated to bass fishing, you could do a lot worse than partnering with American Bass Outlet.

#3 Bass Pro Shops

Website URL: www.basspro.com/

Affiliate signup URL: www.basspro.com/shop/en/affiliate-program

Bass Pro Shops

With a name that promotes the bass fisherman, Bass Pro Shop encompases all things fishing and camping. They offer a club membership where you can earn up to $30 in club points to spend, and they share offers and events for club members.

Additional services that Bass Pro Shop include are a Rod & Reel Repair service, embroidery service for fishing club clothing and a boat service center. Bass Pro Shop is a huge website offering a plethora of promotional opportunities.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

Camping, fishing, boating, hunting, shooting, truck and auto accessories. If you need products to promote in any of these categories then you’re covered. Although Bass Pro Shop sells all types of fishing equipment, you’ll get all your bass fishing needs.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission: 5.00%
  • Cookie Duration: 14 Days

Why Promote Bass Pro Shops

Why wouldn’t you promote Bass Pro Shops. The thing that can really benefit you by signing up with these guys, is the expansiveness. Once your affiliate site takes off in the bass fishing direction, there’s nothing stopping you from expanding into other fishing types or camping equipment for your bass fishing adventures.

#4 Old School Bass Fishing

Website URL: www.oldschoolbassfishing.com

Affiliate signup URL: oldschoolbassfishing.com/affiliate

Old School Bass Fishing

This affiliate product is a little more unusual as it’s selling a fishing technique and secrets rather than lures and rods etc. Daniel Eggertsen is the owner of Old School Bass Fishing, and his experiences and guides are all documented, along with other expert bass fishermen.

The product is all about the secrets, techniques, strategies and tactics that these bass fishermen have used over their years of experience. Not having seen the full product because I haven’t purchased it myself, it may be worth considering.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

PDF guides and video presentations of the best techniques and strategies to excel at fishing for bass. There’s a bonus ‘psychological’ course along with the guides and other bonuses.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission: $70 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime

Why Promote Old School Bass Fishing

The commissions are generous. This is probably the best reason to promote Old School Bass Fishing, as the cookie duration is lifetime and commission is nearly 40%.

Still Struggling To Make Affiliate Commissions

Have you started a website to make some side cash but are still not seeing any results? There’s several challenges of affiliate marketing that need to be overcome, and these can also be helped by getting the correct training.

It’s all about keywords, internal & external linking, using meta tags etc. These are all SEO metrics that allow your website to get seen in the search engines.

There’s several affiliate marketing courses that I’ve reviewed here, many of them being very good. In order, here’s how I’d rate them.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Affiliate Secrets
  3. Human Proof Designs
  4. Affiliate Marketing Mastery

There’s other courses that also offer good value, but not as good as the courses I’ve outlined above in my opinion. The links above will take you to my review for each so you can come to grips with what they offer.

Wrapping Up

Bass fishing is a great niche to get involved in, especially as an affiliate marketer. In all honesty, you don’t need to target specific bass fishing stores. Any general fishing store with an affiliate program will do the job, as long as they have a good range of equipment.

I hope this list of bass fishing affiliate programs helps you out, and earns you some decent commissions.

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