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Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion Bloggers


Simply put, how large is the fashion industry? Not only that, how many bloggers, women especially are interested in the fashion side of things. This niche is absolutely huge and you’ll be glad to know, that there are loads of affiliate programs for fashion bloggers that you can use to make your fashion fortune.

So many bloggers have succeeded in the fashion industry, take Marie Denee for instance. She has a humongous online business dedicated to fashion blogging. And why not when there are some amazing commission based programs ideally suited to the fashion niche. You may be wondering how websites like this make their money.

They make thousands of dollars per month (or tens of thousands in some cases), via affiliate marketing, social marketing, email marketing and other sources such as social media marketing. They learn their craft, and take action on what they’ve learned.

At the end of this article, you can read a little more how you can become involved in affiliate marketing, but for now, I’ve got some of the best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers that can potentially offer you large commissions. So, lets get stuck in.


Website URL: https://www.fashionmia.com/

Affiliate signup URL: ShareASale

best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers - fashionmia

Fashionmia was created as an affordable alternative to modern fashion trends. They’re dedicated to delivering high-quality garments that are still fashionable, fresh and elegant. Your audience will be able to pick up the latest trends when you promote Fashionmia’s apparel.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

What else would you expect in an affordable fashion store, basically everything right! That’s just about what your audience will get, as you’ll be able to promote tops, bottoms, dresses, men’s, women’s, accessories and all the latest trending pieces within season.

Fashionmia also have a great range of plus sized apparel for the larger people that follow your blog. You’ll be notified when there are clearance sales on so you can also promote these offers.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission: 15%
  • Lead Commission: $0

Promotional Creatives

You be pleased to hear that Fashionmia has loads of banners and text creatives available for you to use. There’s also data feeds and multiple coupon codes that can be used within emails. And lastly, they have 3 newsletters that can also be promoted within emails to gain extra sales.

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Website URL: www.angeliquelingerie.com

Affiliate signup URL: ShareASale

best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers - angelique

Founded in 2005, the requirement for a plus sized store in the fashion industry was needed. Plus sized models we’re gaining more exposure, so the need to set up a store like this was only a matter of time. So, along came Angelique, the online store to make larger ladies feel sexy with their range of lingerie, hosiery and sleepwear.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

You’ll find loads of amazing garments to promote to your ever growing audience. I mean that in a nice way!

From swimwear and sleepwear, to bridal and costumes, they have the outfits for all plus sized women. Their lingerie and hosiery section is Angelique’s speciality, with a large range of bra’s, corsets, panties, gowns and even a ‘fifty shades of grey‘ range!

If you have a wedding blog then this is the ideal affiliate program to partner with. They stock a great range of bridal lingerie and hosiery to make those larger women feel as good as ever.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission: 18%

Promotional Creatives

You’ll find Angelique has some amazing banners and text links for you to promote, along with limited coupon deals.


Website URL: www.eslolita.com

Affiliate signup URL: ShareASale

best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers - eslolita

Another great store that specialises in everyday garments are reasonable prices. Having said that, they are targeted towards offering Evening dresses, Prom dresses, Bridesmaids dresses, Formal dresses and other exclusive event apparel.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

Your audience will find a lovely range of outdoor wear such as coats and jackets along with winter wear necessities such as sweaters, hoodies and cardigans. The Eslolita dress range is varied with minis, midis, day dresses, maxis, floral and bodycon dresses.

Don’t forget the large variety of shoes, and there’s even matching 2 piece outfit sets.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission 13.5%
  • Store AZBRO (2): 13%
  • Store eslolita (4): 30%
  • Deal Commissions (available via select Deal Creatives): 12% – 20%

Promotional Creatives

A huge selection of banners, text links and loads of data feeds are available to promote. Coupon deals are limited but there are 3 newsletters you can use in your promotions.


Website URL: https://shop.leota.com/

Affiliate signup URL: AWIN

best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers - leota

Sarah Carson created this store called Leota for women that require clothes that are as versatile as you are. Garments that are washable and travel friendly. The store was launched in 2011, as a power statement to women. She required a dress that could do it all, but as that didn’t exist, she designed her own dress to suit that requirement.

Leota is now one of the largest women-led companies and carries over 400 retail stores globally.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

Your audience will love the vibrant coloured apparel that Leota stocks. All designs are created by women, for women. Not just for the model body types, but all body types.

You’ll find jumpsuits, Print dresses, bags and accessories, and a full maternity range for the expecting ladies.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission: 12%

Promotional Creatives

You can promote via several methods including discount codes, content, email etc.

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Wrapping Up

The fashion industry is an inspiring niche to blog about and will keep your audience captivated if done right. It’s an ever changing industry that it full of trending apparel and accessories.

Finding the correct affiliate programs to use for your blog can sometimes be a challenge, you want credible programs with good commission rates. These listed programs are genuine and well respected.

My advice if you’re just entering the fashion niche, stick to a narrowed focus, such as plus sized women which in my opinion, is only going to grow. There’s more acceptance of larger women modelling and it great for the industry.

If you’d like more information on how to get started in affiliate marketing, read on below.

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