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Sqribble Review


The main idea behind Sqribble, is to make life easier when it comes to creating guides, reports, eBooks which can be used as giveaways in the form of a lead magnet. 

For many years, the same type of eBooks and the like, have been produced to use in this manner. It just goes to show, that this form of gift for your audience is as popular as ever, and will not be disappearing any time soon. This is the reason that a program like Sqribble was made, they know the power and popularity of such a program.This Sqribble review will guide you through what to expect.

Obviously, videos are the most well loved form of engagement in online marketing, but can often take a long time to produce. Especially if you’re a beginner and are still learning the craft.

eBooks can ease the load and allow you to offer a giveaway of value with less work. This is certainly the case with the Sqribble software program where you can produce various types of output including reports, eBooks, whitepapers, tutorials and guides.

This makes it the ideal solution to create these media types. Here’s a video to give you a brief description of the inner workings of Sqribble.




Who Created Sqribble

Digital product creator Adeel Chowdhry is the name behind this package, who is also renowned for producing other programs including Pixel Studio FX amongst many others.

As an internet marketer himself, Adeel knows the issues other marketers face, and has produced solutions to many of these problems. This latest program called Sqribble is an absolute gem, making the lead magnet or giveaway, much easier for you to accomplish.

How Can Sqribble Help You

Ultimately, Sqribble will help with building your email list through the accumulation of your visitors emails once they sign up to your offer. Creating a report, guide, tutorial or eBook can be a hassle if you’re creating one from scratch.

I know, I’ve done it, and wasted lots of crucial time I couldn’t afford to waste. In fact my first eBook took so long I got bored with it myself, and aborted it.

Sqribble makes this process easy with the huge amount of templates and content sections to build your whole eBook within minutes. Once this report has been created, you’ll be able to use it as a lead magnet to help in your sales funnel, which ultimately drives more sales.

You’ll no longer need to outsource this type of requirement either, which many have done for years. This can also be a very expensive exercise, with the design of a cover and the written content being the biggest hurdles. Then you may need to format it yourself once you receive the outsourcing.

This is all taken care of with Sqribble and I’ll show you how.

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The Main Features of Sqribble

As you’d expect from a program that boasts as the best eBook creator software, there are some really great features that allow you to make a completely unique eBook.

Here’s just a few features that will make your job so much simpler.


You’ll find a large selection of categorised templates to choose from, which vary depending on the niche you’re in. This makes creation of this type of media so much easier than starting from scratch.

Best eBook Creator Software Sqribble templates


This is where the true power of Sqribble comes into its own. Of course you have the option to write your own content, in fact you may have already done so and just require a program like this to bring it all together.

Alternatively, you may opt for Sqribble to populate the content for you. I know this seems an unlikely option, how would a program know what to write?

Well, the creators have put a lot of work into creating paragraphs for multiple purposes. You can browse through these content sections and choose what suits your purpose.

All content sections are categorised so you won’t be searching through irrelevant text.

This is quite remarkable and will have you building out a great piece of work in no time. When you are first asked how you’ll grab your content, these are the choices you’ll be promoted with:

  • Grab from a URL.
  •  Start from scratch.
  •  Copy and paste manually.
  • Upload Word File.
  • Start from Article Collection.

As you can clearly see, there’s a few options to get your content started. You can even choose to use the article selection tool to build up your content, and mix it with your own manual content.


An eBook that doesn’t match your brand will seem a little odd, maybe even confusion for some readers. Sqribble is customisable in every way, from modifying templates to design elements such as fonts, colours and logos.

The design limitations are endless and you’ll be able to match your existing theme or brand.

Automatic Table Of Contents

You’ll also appreciate the populated table of contents, helping your readers navigate to their selected area of interest. These are also fully editable and reformatted to your liking.

Best eBook Creator Software Sqribble content

Automatic Headers & Footers

The Sqribble program will automatically insert a header and footer that are customisable with features such as branding, logos, call-to-actions, contact details and more.

This is a great help, allowing you to simply modify with selected tools rather than create it from scratch.

Automatic Page Numbering

To enable a better user experience, the program will automatically add page numbering to your eBook. This also gives a more professional feel, along with the header and footer.

Acquisitions like this are a big time saver for any entrepreneur.

Drag & Drop Technology

As with the majority of software these days, you’ll have the ability to drag and drop files and elements into your design. This makes customisation of your content easier to get right.

Design Elements

At any time, you’ll have the ability to add new content such as your design cover, text, article pages, icons, images, backgrounds and even links. This can all be done from the simple to use dashboard.

Gorgeous eCovers

You’re going to love the cover template options. With 50 designs to choose from, there are no limits to the design modifications you can make.

Best eBook Creator Software Sqribble covers

Flipbook Option

As opposed to the typical straight PDF file you normally find when downloaded, Sqribble offers you the ability to create a flip-book. This makes your document much more professional looking as each page looks like it’s being flipped when clicked on.

You may have seen this already on a PDF you’ve downloaded but always wondered how they are created. This cloud based program does it at the click of a button.

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Added Extras

Free Commercial License:

Once you’ve purchased the software, you’re actually buying a commercial licence to on sell any eBooks, reports, white papers etc you design within this program.

This will give you the opportunity to become your own digital agency, and design eBooks for clients should you wish. As all the included material is PLR (Private Label Rights), there’s no requirement to link back to any source.

Client Management Dashboard:

If you do intend going down the digital agency path, you’ll have an integrated client management dashboard to keep track of all your jobs and manage projects.

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Wrapping Up

If you’re searching for a cloud based program that can meet all your needs in terms of eBook creation, this is definitely the program I’d be choosing. Anything that makes our lives easier in terms of reducing workload is a winner in my eyes, and this program is just that.

With loads of features to help with the design of your content and easy to modify tools, all the benefits are worth the cost. You’ll find Sqribble has an introductory off of only $67, which beats the hell out of paying the full price of $197.

In wrapping up, my opinion is that this is a brilliant piece of cloud based software that will help you design the best eBooks for your clients, or just as a lead magnet. Of course you’ll find other programs out there, but not with the functionality or flexibility that Sqribble offers. This is a winner.

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