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Since I’ve been an affiliate marketer, I’ve been trying to organize the best way to receive my earnings. Obviously there’s several different ways to get paid depending on the affiliate program you are using, and Amazon Associates has its own particular earning methods.

This short article will explain the best payment method for an international Amazon affiliate in my opinion. The reason for this being targeted to an international audience, is because those outside the US tend to have restrictive choices.

My First Amazon Experience

I first realized the need for an alternative Amazon payment method in early 2019, when I received a cheque from Amazon for $2:58 USD. This was my first ever sale through Amazon. At the time, the only payment methods for Amazon affiliates from outside the USA was personal cheque or Amazon gift card.

Hence why I received a cheque. But it was not very beneficial to me being in USD, because I’m in Australia. Even now in late 2020, it’s not possible to receive payment in Australian dollars.

So at the time, I attempted to send this small denomination cheque to a local bank. They sent it back saying they could not convert the cheque from USD to AUD. This sounded prehistoric, but I accepted their word.

I tried other banking institutions with similar results, or some had large conversion costs, making the exercise pointless. So I needed to find a genuine way to receive Amazon payments, as I had started to receive some sales from my website.

I threw away the cheque, and found the following way of receiving Amazon payments seamlessly in Australian dollars.

Enter – Payoneer

I was hoping Amazon would offer a PayPal payment option but they don’t offer this. I did however find a great solution for receiving Amazon payments. It’s called Payoneer.

By setting up a Payoneer account, you have the ability to manage currencies so you can transfer money between your currency balances. This way you can make payments or transfers in the currency you require.

Manage Currencies With Payoneer

Making the Amazon integration so easy, is the Amazon MWS Store connection feature. Simply fill in a few details unique to your Amazon account, and you’ll be connected. 

Connect Amazon Account to Payoneer

You will be given the banking details for Payoneer to add to your Amazon Associates account. 

Banking Details to Links Payoneer to Amazon

This way Amazon will pay to your US account (Payoneer), and you can make any necessary international transfers or currency exchanges within Payoneer. 

As an added bonus with Payoneer, they also share a yearly eCommerce calendar. This is a brilliant way to remember scheduled events to promote.

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Final Thoughts

​I’ve found using Payoneer a simple solution for accepting Amazon payments from Australia, and the same benefits will apply for any international country.

Since I first started using Payoneer for Amazon, I’ve also had success accepting payments from other affiliates such as ClickBank.

If you’re searching for a solution to receive Amazon payments because of the same issues I’ve outlines in this article, I can highly recommend Payoneer as that solution.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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