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Travel blogging has become one of the more popular forms of expression, with thousands of journeymen and women taking to this type of platform to show their travels. But it’s not just displaying their adventures that has them building a cool website, it’s to fund their trips abroad.

And why not if you can do it. Take Be My Travel Muse for instance. Kristin has made a career out of becoming an expert on solo female travel. Earl has also made it his life to write about his travel on Wandering Earl. But how is it that they can travel so much AND keep up a travel blog?

The answer, is marketing. Affiliate marketing, social marketing, video marketing and email marketing. They have all built a website and a brand that people enjoy. They have their social profiles regularly updated with their adventures, and constantly keep their websites updated with content and affiliate products.

You can read more about affiliate marketing at the end of this article, but for now, I’m going to share the 5 best travel site affiliate programs that you can use to fund your travels. This is obviously debatable, as there are so many travel affiliate sites out there, but these are 5 of my favourite that pay well.

Expert Flyer

Website URL: www.expertflyer.com/

Affiliate signup URL: ShareaSale.com

5 Best Travel Site Affiliate Programs Expert Flyer

The Expert Flyer website came about because there was the requirement for frequent flyers to get 24/7 real time air travel information. The site has become a popular destination for ‘Elite tier’ passengers to source elite upgrades and frequent flyer awards.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

For a Premium monthly fee, Expert Flyer will offer Flight Availability alerts, Aircraft changes, schedule alerts, available published fare pricing and more. So basically, it’s not your normal travel agent for once a year travellers. This is a premium service for frequent flyers that pay either a $9.99/month or $99.99/yearly fee.

Premium members will find a Flexible Search facility where they can find the best fares. With Flight Availability, Expert Flyer will periodically check for availability, and then notify members by email when their criteria is found.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission 50%
  • Lead Commission: $0

How to Add Links

Like the majority of affiliates, you’ll be provided with a number of visual banners, along with creative text links to promote Expert Flyer. You can also use data feeds, and there’s a prepared newsletter that can be used to send to email list subscribers.

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Website URL: www.agoda.com/

Affiliate signup URL: AWIN.com

5 Best Travel Site Affiliate Programs Agoda

With well over 1.75 million services, Agoda is one of the largest and fastest-growing platforms to offer hotel listings. This worldwide service has major operations in multiple capital cities globally.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

Agoda offers the major services required for any traveller including hotel and resort accommodation, flights, airport transfers and car hire. They also share top deals and display an easy to navigate website.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission 6%

How to Add Links

You’re granted permission to display banners, have static data feeds and add deep links to particular deals or pages.

Top Villas

Website URL: www.thetopvillas.com/

Affiliate signup URL: AWIN.com

5 Best Travel Site Affiliate Programs Top Villas

Luxury villa rentals have become more common and more affordable for groups searching for something different than the standard room. That’s why Top Villas was introduced, to encourage online bookings through their easy to use website.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

This site will show your readers some of the best accommodation rentals in the world. They can also view guest reviews and book online using the check in service.

Commission Rates

Default commission rates

  • 5% standard, 10% on selected homes

How to Add Links

Links, banners and deep links are available, which are updated on a regular basis.

Hooch Black

Website URL: https://hooch.co/black/

Affiliate signup URL: www.shareasale.com

5 Best Travel Site Affiliate Programs Hooch Black

If you’re interested in promoting a travel site with added luxury and VIP offers, then Hooch Black is a great option. It’s generally a concierge service that can be purchased with the HOOCH app on IOS or Google store.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

Visitors can sign up to become a member via credit card, to receive exclusive access to elite perks. These can include discounts up to 60% off worldwide hotels, access to member-only events and luxury brand hookups. There’s also $300 of instant perks including the following:

  • $100 Postmates Credit
  • $100 Trunk Club
  • $75 ClassPass
  • $25 Glamsquad.

Commission Rates

Default commission rates:

  • Sale Commission $100
  • Lead Commission: $0

How to Add Links

Banners and text links a provided to promote Hooch Black. Coupon deals are also available.

Diamond Resorts

Website URL: www.diamondresortsandhotels.com/

Affiliate signup URL: www.shareasale.com

5 Best Travel Site Affiliate Programs Diamond Resorts

For those intent on marketing great deals to the general public, Diamond Resorts can offer you a nice commission rate of 7%. Compared to many travel sites, this is a little above the ordinary.

Diamond resorts appeal more to the average person, with more affordable options, which means an easier sell for you. It’s always a little simpler when more economical deals can be promoted. The Diamond resort network has over 420 vacation destinations throughout 35 countries.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

Diamond resorts offers a large range of accommodation options for a variety if activities or events. These include Sports and Outdoor activities, Skiing and Beach resorts. You can also filter by event type with Weddings, Conferences and Meetings being popular choices.

To complement the resort locations, there are also deals that can be purchased which can add an extra nights accommodation for longer term stays.

Commission Rates

Default commission rates

  • Sale Commission 7%
  • Lead Commission: $0
  • Deal Commissions (available via select Deal Creatives): 10% – 30%

How to Add Links

Diamond Resorts offers you multiple banners and creative text links along with loads of data feeds. You’ll also be able to use coupon deals and they have a number of newsletters available to send out to list subscribers.

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Wrapping Up

With so many people deciding to start a travel blog or just a website offering travel products, it’s no wonder that so many travel affiliate programs have popped up. There is a plethora of choice and you’re sure to find an affiliate program that will suit your circumstance.

By this, I mean that there’s so many different directions you can take your travel website. It could be about your own travels, or about cool destinations. Maybe about family vacations or singles holidays. There are loads of affiliate programs and networks that can diversify over a variety of fields.

If you’re considering a travel website, check out these top affiliate programs to add to your blog.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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