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Cash Travel (PTC) Review


I’ve recently been alerted to some ‘pay to click’ sites which are popular for those searching for a way to make money online. An interesting one I discovered is called Cash Travel, and was created in 2012.

This Cash Travel PTC review will explain what you need to know if you’re considering joining this ptc site, which is similar to many other ptc sites online.

Because it seems so simple for people to click on ads and earn money, it’s a fairly easy sell for others to refer you to these kinds of sites. But, it may not be as lucrative as you’d imagine.

I’d like to disclose that I am not an affiliate of Cash Travel and will not be attempting to get you to join as a referral. This is an unbiased review that just points out the facts. So, let’s get started.

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Cash Travel (PTC) Summary

Product Name: Cash Travel (PTC)

Founder/Owner: Tony Xu

Product Type: Get Paid to Click

Price: Free to sign up

Program Summary: In my opinion, this will take you an extremely long time to earn any sufficient money. The payouts are so poor and they favour the advertisers more than members.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 35/100

What is Cash Travel

Cash Travel is a ptc (paid to click) website that is designed with making advertisers happy by getting Cash Travel members to view their advertisements. As a signed up member, you will have the ability to click on these adverts and earn a minuscule amount of money.

Because of the nature of this income model, it’s assumed that you can earn decent sums of money if you apply yourself diligently. I beg to differ having seen the income amounts that can be earned.

There are several ways that you can earn money through Cash Travel, and I’ll explain these avenues shortly. One way they will entice you to generate money though, is by referring others to the Cash Travel ptc site. You’ll earn UP TO 100% of your referrals earnings, which basically beans anywhere between 0%-100%!

This is a very similar business model as other recent programs I’ve reviewed, such as PicoClix and Litecoinads. The only difference is that these others payout in cryptocurrencies.

Cash travel ptc Homepage

Cash Travel Creator

Tony Xu is the owner of Cash Travel which has been active since 2012. The company is Cadanian based, and seems similar to various other sites.

Cash Travel Earning Methods

The inside of Cash Travel displays the following methods to earn money.

  • Paid to Click
  • Paid to Read
  • Paid to Sign up
  • Click Exchange

Basically, Paid to Click will allow you to click on an advertisement which you’ll be asked to watch. You can obviously turn away or play Candy Crush while the advert is playing, but you cannot close the ad.

Once the advert has finished, you will be credited with the designated amount that advertisement states.

Paid to Read is similar, but there are not as many advertisements to read. Instead of watching an advertised video, you’ll read the written document or webpage. Or, like I mentioned above, just do something else for a few seconds until the timer runs down.

Then there’s the Paid to Sign up section, where you will get paid a slightly better rate to sign up to various promotions. In all honesty, I wouldn’t do this as you will get bombarded with email promotions once they’ve got your email address.

Then of course there’s the Click Exchange, where you can exchange your credits or points, for your own promotional advertising on the Cash Travel site. Obviously you’ll need to have your own website or other advertising medium to do this.

Other than this, you can refer other people to Cash Travel and earn commissions from their efforts. These are the main ways people earn money from this website, but if you’re looking for more ways to earn, there is an ‘Extra Earning’ section which will display other minor options.

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Earning Potential & Payments​

In my honest opinion, the earning potential is poor. The Cash Travel website itself states ‘you may not become rich by clicking on ads’, which is an understatement. You may not even earn $1 per day from clicking on ads.

Let’s take a look at the numbers. The majority of tasks will pay you $0.0001. Some will pay $0.0002 or $0.0003. These are extraordinarily small earning amounts, and will take a lot of time and effort to even earn $1.00.

Cash Travel Earnings

Lets assume each task takes you 30 seconds, based on the watching or reading time, along with the webpage refreshing time. (Although you won’t be able to keep this time-frame up all day). We will use one of the more generous earnings of $0.0003 per task.

This would obviously be $0.0006 per minute, so for 60 minutes, you’ll have earned $0.036. Is your time really worth $0.036 cents for an hour’s work! Seriously. If you were to work a typical work day of 8 hours, you will have accumulated $0.288. Based on the most common earning advertisements at $0.0001, you will not have even earned $1 per day. In fact, far from it.

Come on now, you’re not really going to consider Cash Travel as a viable way to make money are you?

If you are seriously considering Cash Travel as a means to make money, you’ll have to consider the payment methods. Currently they only accept two payment methods, PayPal and Perfect Money.

Cash Travel Payment & Proofs

One of the things I like about Cash Travel is that they have a very low payment threshold. It’s only logical because of the low earnings, but at $0.05, this is a threshold that most people should have the ability to achieve, eventually!

I do believe that Cash Travel does payout it’s members, and I see no reason for not believing the payment proofs. Of course they could be made up, but they are so small that there would be no reason to brag about such earnings.

Cash Travel also has a forum where people can show what they have earned. Again, I’m not sure I’d be sprucing that I’ve been paid $0.35! Whoop-de-do.

Is Cash Travel a Scam

​No, I don’t believe Cash Travel to be a scam. Some people may have a different opinion to me, but just because they have very low payments does not make it a scam.

The homepage states that you will not make it rich from this site, and each task states what you will be paid when completed. However, maybe you could consider low payments like this being scammed, that would be up to you.

My Concerns

​I do have my concerns about the advertisers that Cash Travel allows. These sites will take payment from just about anyone, even scam sites and poor quality products.

When browsing the advertisements myself, my malware detection program picked up 2 warnings. One was for a trojan and the other riskware. I find this quite disturbing and would not trust this website for making such little funds.

Cash Travel Concerns


Cash Travel Likes

  • Clean and easy site to navigate
  • They clearly advise what you will earn
  • Payment cashout is low
  • Anyone worldwide can participate

Cash Travel Dislikes

  • Earnings are miniscule
  • Sometimes not enough ads
  • Referring scheme to entice others into this low paid site
  • These sites advertise poor quality programs, sometimes scams
  • Wasted time in my opinion

What You Should Know

Just a few pointers that you should know before signing up to Cash Travel

  • Sometimes the “Paid to Click Section” links will provide point credits rather than cash amounts. These can be converted to cash later.
  • Minimum Paypal Payout is $0.05. But the minimum Perfect Money Payout is $1.05.
  • Payments are paid within 24 hours.
  • Only PayPal and Perfect Money accepted.

How I Earn Money Online

It staggers me that people are willing to invest their time in programs such as Cash Travel for the minuscule amounts of money being offered. If you’re prepared to waste 6-8 hours per day on this, you’d be much better off doing what I do.

I’m an affiliate marketer, and make money selling other people’s products and/or services. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to begin making good amounts of money. It’s also a long term strategy, meaning your website will earn money for long into the future.

And the older your website gets, the more money you generally make if you keep working at it. In fact you don’t even have to work 8 hours per day on your website, but it obviously helps to work on it as much as possible.

You can make recurring commission from membership sites, or large one off commissions from a single sale. I promote different courses, including one that recently paid me $398.80 as a 40% commission. This was a program called Search Find Buy by that was created by a guy named Ben Cummings. Paykickstart via Rapid crush is the affiliate network he uses.

Sales With an MMO Site

The potential of this industry is huge because over 80% of companies have an affiliate program, meaning you can promote their products.

So, if you’d like to learn the same way I did, read on.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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