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Casino Destroyer Review


Beating the casinos at their own game can be challenging, and if you think it’s possible then Casino Destroyer might be right for you. However, before handing over your money for the Casino Destroyer system, you may want to read this review.

You’ll first want to consider the claims made in the sales video, and take a look at the hype on the sales page. Often, not all is what it seems.

Is Casino Defender a scam, or a legitimate method at winning with online and offline casinos? I’ll show you what’s relevant, and let you be the judge once you’re finished here.

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What is Casino Destroyer
Do I Think Casino Destroyer Will Work
Concerns I Have With Casino Destroyer
Is Casino Destroyer a Scam
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My Verdict

Casino Destroyer Summary

Casino Destroyer ReviewProduct Name: Casino Destroyer

Founder/Owner: Jason Nash

Product Type: Betting System

Price: $47 

Program Summary: In my opinion, gambling is a risky proposition. No matter what systems you purchase, unless you’re a professional at this, your chances of winning are slim.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 15/100

What is Casino Destroyer

Apparently, Casino Destroyer is a betting system that ‘Jason Nash’, or whoever the spokesperson is, has created. It promises to increase your odds of winning at either physical casinos, or online casinos.

It seems that this system has been around the block once or twice before, and I’ve discovered very similar sales pages with a different name. Here we have the Casino Destroyer sales page, and you’ll notice the Lotto Decimator sales page seems almost replica like. So I’d imagine the same person is behind both sites.

Are these the only names for this system? I highly doubt it. In fact I’ve seen others called Lotto Crusher System, Lotto Crusher Formula and Lotto Dominator which are all created in a similar vein, but targeted towards lottery systems rather than casinos.

Anyway, the product itself is supposed to give you a high chance of winning, to the point where the average winnings will be $15,000 – $20,000 per month.

Casino Destroyer Review Earnings

This all comes about because ‘Jason’ has spoken to 35 high rollers who have shown him their own systems, and he’s added his own mathematical algorithm to build this highly sought after system.

He studied 32 of the experts ‘’secret’ formulas and realized they all shared some close similarities. Add ‘Jason’s’ mathematical probability theory and, whola! This amazing betting system was born.

So, do I believe Casino Destroyer will work?

Do I Think Casino Destroyer Will Work

In my opinion, I highly doubt you’ll be successful with Casino Destroyer. Take the laws of probability for instance. The casinos and lotteries have been making lots of money for years, because they have the formulas right for winning every time. To claim that you have a system to beat what’s been working for over a hundred years is ludicrous.

I don’t doubt that there are professional gamblers that learn their craft meticulously, but they are usually card counters or have an eagle eye for detail on the back of the cards.

The odds for all casino games are in the banks favour every time, and you cannot change that. Sure, there are runs of good hands that win, which I suspect is the advice you’ll be given in the Casino Destroyer PDF guide. But knowing ‘when to fold em’ as Kenny Rogers sang, is extremely difficult.

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Concerns I Have With Casino Destroyer

There are several things that make me extremely skeptical about Casino Destroyer.

Sales Video

The sales video is full of huge claims which just doesn’t seem realistic to me. From ’Jason’ being financially down and out, to coming up with an amazing system that generates thousands of dollars.

Claims that you may not make millions, but ‘if you’re fine with possibly $3,800, $14,000, $35,000 etc‘, per month, are just not realistic. This is just hype to get you to purchase the Casino Destroyed system.

CountDown Clock

Countdown clocks are used as a scarcity tactic push you into making an impulse buying decision. Casino Destroyer has a countdown clock which begins at 1 hour. Don’t make that impulse purchase, I’ve waited the hour and the video will not disappear. In fact, every time you refresh the page, the countdown timer begins back at 1 hour.

Limited Number

You’ll note in the sales video that there is only a limited number of available positions. He goes on to say that this is because ‘if everyone had access to this incredibly easy, but proven system, it could seriously shut down all the casinos in the world…”. While this does make me laugh as it’s so ludicrous, it’s also contradicting.

Casino Destroyer Review Countdown Timer

This is the Casino Destroyer ‘Supercharged’ edition, which means you can apparently win 2x faster!. Yeah, whatever. Anyway, they have a disclaimer that reads ‘This system is available worldwide and we cannot limit it only to areas where it is legal to use lottery software.’

Now, doesn’t this seem odd to you. On one hand, they want to limit the amount of people that get their hands on this system, yet the system is available worldwide.

Legal Disclaimer

You probably wouldn’t read this part of the sales page, but I’d alert you to the legal disclaimer at the bottom of the sales page. Although It’s quite small, it clearly states ‘Most of Casino Destroyer customers will not win substantial money from casinos, and you should not expect to win substantial money using Casino Destroyer or following the program’.

Casino Destroyer Review Legal Disclaimer

Although this is included to cover the arses of the owners, you should be clearly getting the message that no gambling system can beat the casinos.

Why Would a Professional Give His Tips

Yes, there are professional gamblers that do this for a living, but they all keep their secrets very close to their chest. Why on earth, if you had a gambling system that worked in your favour, would you jeopardise it.

If you were to give these secrets to anyone, they could exploit it and you’re system could be compromised.

What I’m trying to allude to here, is that the sales video is just a made up story to lure you into purchasing this program.

Is Casino Destroyer a Scam

While I’m loathe to call Casino Destroyer a scam, the sales video sure sounds like one. I’ve reviewed many scams, and this program does have a smell in that direction. In saying that, there is a PDF guide that you’ll receive, which gives advice on how to win at the casino. Scams generally take your money for either no product in return, or a totally irrelevant product.

I wouldn’t be rushing out to recommend this system to anyone, and believe that this is a very risky system should you choose to go down the gambling path.

A Better Model to Make Money

I imagine you’re reading this review because you’re in search of making money, possibly online. While there’s a chance of making money with online casinos (although very slim), I’d advise a more sustainable method of making money online.

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My Verdict

Would I recommend Casino Destroyer? No, it’s a very risky system and you are not guaranteed any sort of winnings. The legal disclaimer even tells you this, so just because you may want to believe this system will work, you need to be more realistic.

Gambling is a risk, working to build a sustainable online website that earns money is not. You can read more about how affiliate marketing works here, or sign up to receive my free money making guide.


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