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Every year, loads of people consider a change of career, many of them deciding that an online job is the way to go. In your case, you may want to change career from engineering to online marketing. The internet has made it simple for anyone to pursue an online marketing career from home, but is it as easy as they all say?

Let me tell you that it IS possible for anyone to do, but it’s NOT as easy as they say.

This article will answer many of the questions you will be wondering, and if you decide that an online marketing change is for you, I’ll show you where to get started.

But first, why would you want to change your career from an engineer to an online marketer in the first place?

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Why Change From Engineering?

I’ve been in the engineering industry myself, as I used to be a civil draftsperson. Depending on which engineering sector you may be aligned to, you’ll have different reasons for wanting a career change.

In my situation, I was chained to the office the majority of the time, plugging away creating civil plans for contractors to work from. It wasn’t that I didn’t find this rewarding, it’s just that I wanted to be paid for the amount of work I invested into the company.

This could be your situation also, where you don’t get paid what you are worth. Some engineering fields don’t get paid as well as others, and this could well determine the need for change.

It could be that you are a construction engineer, and you’d actually prefer less time outdoors. Maybe you have physical ailments where you can no longer perform the tasks required of you. Engineering hazards could also play a part, and I’ll talk about these soon.

Your Personal Circumstance

I mentioned about being paid what you are worth, and engineers could be searching for that extra bit of cash. Online marketing can help with this, especially if you get to the point of your earnings becoming close to your engineering wage.

Your financial situation may be part of the requirement for change, especially if you don’t see a path for advancement. Many engineers (I’ll put myself in this category) are unambitious, and don’t particularly want to progress up the hierarchy.

It could also be that the job is getting the better of you, and you tend to spend many extra hours, working on projects that you shouldn’t have to. I know of engineers that spend 3-4 hours working in the evening, just to finish a backlog of work, and don’t get paid for this.

Time freedom is one of the biggest lures of changing career from engineering to online marketing, and is so rewarding once you get there. It allows you more time on your hands to live life, get personal jobs done, play golf or enjoy more family time.

With the cost of living these days, it makes sense to earn a bit more money on the side. The great thing about online marketing is that you can begin small, and grow over time. I’ll explain this in more detail shortly.

Hazards of Your Current Job

There’s several hazards of some engineering fields that may have been your reason for a career change. These may include:

  • Noise from machinery which could result in industrial deafness
  • Vibration from machinery
  • Confined space work that could impact your physical well-being
  • Heavy lifting
  • Other site management issues

Sometimes we decide that a change of environment is good for us, both mentally and physically. Although the change to online marketing can be rewarding, you may face the issue of posture problems.

In my experience though, I can change from position to position because I work on a laptop. Some days I’ll work from my home workstation for a couple of hours, then retreat to my sofa in front of the TV. Often I’ll venture outside and work depending on the weather, so posture issues can be avoided.

Why Online Marketing Appeals

Apart from the above which is a real benefit to online marketing, there are so many other aspects that may appeal to this career change. For instance, continuing on from the location benefit above, you can work remotely. This can be done from a bar/pub (which I’ve done many times), holiday apartment or anywhere else with Wifi.

This really does give flexibility of lifestyle. If for some reason I need to go somewhere for an emergency, I take my laptop with me. This is my mobile office.

I also enjoy the fact that I make as much money depending on the effort I put into my online business.

Contrary to what some ‘gurus’ will tell you, working one hour a day is not realistic. If you’re searching for opportunities to make money online, you’ll come across loads of these types of offers. They claim that with 20 minutes per day, with their product, you can earn thousands. As an engineer, you’re smart enough to know this wouldn’t be the case.

I’ll give you some realistic options to get started shortly, but understand that you need to treat this like a real job if you’re to succeed. You can start this as a hobby, but until you treat it more seriously, you probably won’t make too much money. Just stating the truth!

How To Get Started in Online Marketing

You really have 2 options to get started into online/affiliate marketing. The quick way and the slow way. Both work, but have different models.

The Slower Way To Online Marketing

This is the better way for those that want to start on a budget. The quicker model relies on paid advertising, which will get you more visitors quicker. Because many people (like me when I started), don’t have sufficient funds to invest into their online business, the slower approach may take precedence.

This is done by learning how to write articles about a chosen niche, for the purpose of having these articles ranked in the search engines. By this I mean Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

The technique used is called search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO. You’ll learn what SEO factors search engines like, and implement these into your articles. Over time, your articles will rank highly in the search engines, and more visitors will find you, and visit your website.

This is all free traffic, and the best form of traffic because it lasts forever. As long as you maintain your website or blog, keep writing on a consistent basis, your ranked articles will continue to be placed at the top.

Once you’ve mastered this and are earning money from promotions that you write about, you can then progress to paid advertising should you wish to pursue this option.

The No.1 resource for teaching affiliate marketing in this way is called Wealthy Affiliate. They also offer classes and training on paid advertising for when you get to this level.

The Fast Model of Online Marketing

If you have the money to invest, I’d recommend Legendary Marketer to teach you how to make money in a quicker time frame. I really like Dave Sharpe, the owner of this organization. He’s genuine in his approach to teaching others exactly how to build sales funnels, and use the paid advertising strategy to earn high commissions quickly.

Sales funnels are a great way to take people through a series of steps, until they purchase a product. Dave is an expert at this, and will teach you the right way without any BS.

Legendary Marketer has a 15 Day Challenge which is a brilliant entry to learning exactly how to achieve success. It costs about $7 as I’m writing this, and is worth every penny, even if you don’t go any further. You’ll learn a load just from these 15 videos.

Don’t Leave Your Job Just Yet

What I would say, is that both these models should be done before you turf in your job. I don’t want anyone expecting big returns before it happens, so don’t leave your job just yet.

I’d suggest you sign up to one of these courses depending on your financial situation. Both cost money as they are educational platforms, and offer all the training you need to progress. Wealthy Affiliate will even host your website for you, they are an all encompassing platform that offer you all the tools required to succeed. You can also check it out free for a week.

It’s all about learning the process of online marketing and then putting it into practice. There is a learning curve involved, and without this education, it’s very hard to succeed in this competitive environment when everyone thinks they’ll give it a go.

Until you’ve learned the ropes and got some decent money coming in, don’t resign from your job. The best thing to do is get educated after-hours. Make time to invest in yourself and learn this new skill. The rewards will come.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing has been the most rewarding career change for me. I really enjoy seeing loads of people on my website at once, reading the advice I give them.

I also appreciate the way WA and LM teach affiliate marketing because they both advise marketers to offer their audience valuable information. Offer the correct advice to people and they will trust you more.

I hope this article has helped with some of the questions you may have had. If there’s anything else you’d like clarification on, please feel free to add to the discussion below.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

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