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Click4Kash Review


Whoa! Are you really contemplating Influencer Cash! If you’ve been considering the option to join one of these Influencer network sites and have decided to check out some reviews first, good for you. You’ll be glad you’ve come here, because I’m going to tell you that there’s a certain line of these sites that are not legitimate.

Since early 2019, there’s been lots of sites that claim to be the No1 Influencer Network, and they’re all made by the same unknown people. I’ve already reviewed over a dozen of these sites, because I dislike people being taken for a ride. Now I’m exposing one of their latest sites called Click4Kash.

This Click4Kash review will explain the same similarities that the other sites have, and you’ll see several red flags that will alert you to the non-authenticity of this site. So, let’s get stuck in.

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Click4Kash Summary

Click4Kash Review 500x200Product Name: Click4Kash

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Tasks / Referrals

Price: Free

Program Summary: Click4Kash is another cloned influencer network site that is not worth your time. The effort you’ll use will be a waste of time, because when you’re ready to cash out, they will not pay up.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 4/100

What is Click4Kash

Click4Cash will claim you can make $500 today. With those sorts of statements, it’s no wonder people looking for wealth online get lured into these types of programs. After all, the largest thing searched on the internet is how to make money online.

The Clcik4Kash website claims they’ve been around since March 2015, and have become the No1 Influencer Network since this time. This isn’t true, and I’ll prove it later in this Click4Kash review.

Click4Kash Apparently Began in 2015

If you’re new to finding the Click4Kask website, you’ll really like the idea of getting $25 just for signing up. There’s not many companies that could offer this, and there’s also a reason Click4Kash are offering it. I’ll get to that shortly.

So, the idea behind Click4Kash is to have members complete various tasks, and refer others to Click4Kash, for money in return. The more you promote Click4Kash through social media, the more money you should make.

All this sounds pretty good doesn’t it, so will you really be able to earn $500 in a day! Will you receive $25 when you sign up, and is this as easy as Click4Kash claim.

How Does Click4Kash Work

While Click4Kash does look legitimate and there are tasks to complete, the truth is that you will not be paid out by this company. Here’s how the Click4Kash site works.

You can easily sign up with Click4Kash through their homepage sign up link, and when you do so, a $25 bonus will automatically be entered into you Click4Kash account. This gives you incentive to add more funds by completing more tasks.

You’ll notice inside the members area that there is a dashboard down the left side. This is where you can find tasks and get your unique referral link. With this link, you can post it on your social media feeds to recruit others to Click4Kash (Although I wouldn’t be doing this).

Click4Kash Dashboard

Click4Kash Task Wall

The main point of call to find the tasks, is the Task Wall. This will populate with various tasks that you can complete, such as completing surveys, entering competitions, signing up to external programs and other menial tasks,

Each of these activities will have a monetary value, which is $35 for each task. When you complete one of these tasks, the $35 will be credited to your Click4Kash account.

Click4Kash Task Wall

Refer & Earn

What the owners of Click4Kash really want, is people’s personal information. To gather as much data as possible, they encourage you to refer others to Click4Kash. They do this in several ways, with Refer & Earn being one of them.

Basically you’re just given your unique referral link, which when clicked on, will add $2 to your Click4Kash account, and $20 for each person that signs up through this link.

Other Methods or Referring

On the dashboard menu, you’ll see Promotional Posts and YouTube Submissions. The Promotional Posts area will give you banners that you can use with your referral link on social media, to get more referrals.

Click4Kash Promotional Posts

These banners are images of the Click4Kash program, so they look enticing. The image banners are made for each social media platform in terms of size, and ready for you to promote immediately. This is all aimed at getting more referrals.

YouTube Submission includes creating a video promoting Click4Kash, and then uploading this video to YouTube. The video needs to be about how Click4Kash works, how much you’ve made, and why you love it. You’ll even be provided with these tags to add to your video so that it will rank:

Click4Kash, Click4Kash is real, Click4Kash legit, Click4Kash not a scam, Click4Kash pty ltd, dash.click4kash.com, i need money, influencer jobs online, instagram model, is Click4Kash a scam, is Click4Kash real, job online, jobs for teens, kids earn cash online, kids earn money online, life hacks, make money as a teen, make money online, marketing jobs, money hacks, online jobs, online make money, online marketing, online teens jobs, pranks, publicinterviews, social media money, teen get paid, teen job online, teen online jobs, teens earn cash online, teens earn money online, teens get money online, teens work from home, ways to make money, winter jobs, work from home

Apparently, you’ll earn $50 for this task.

Then there’s the other social platforms where you can promote Click4Kash with the Promotional Posts banners. Each time you do this, $10 will be added to your Click4Kash account.

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What’s Wrong With Click4Kash

The main issue here is that Click4Kash is a replicated website that is luring unsuspecting people into giving over their personal information. This info can be used in several ways, least of all to be on-sold to third parties.

In fact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has issued a consumer alert to these kinds of sites, even stating Notion Cash as being one of them. I reviewed Notion Cash recently, as being another clone in similar nature to Click4Kash.

You can read this consumer report by clicking on the image below.

Click4Kash Consumer Report from BBB

The article basically states what I’ve said in this review, that whoever is behind these sites will not pay out your accumulated funds. The account monetary figure is just that, a figure. There’s no money to pay out. The site does not make any money from the claimed partners, and you will not receive any money for your hard work.

Click4Kash Red Flags

Having seen this replicated site many times, I’ll give you some idea of the red flags that indicate this program to be a scam.

Replicated Websites

As I’ve stated, the structure of this website is exactly the same as many others. Some have different styled homepages, others are almost identical.

For instance, Click4Kash is extremely similar to Click2Earn and Tap2Earn. Just take a look at these 3 sites below.

Click4Kash Replica Sites

Isn’t it funny that they all claim to be the #1 Influencer Network. I’ve also reviewed many other sites created by these guys. Here’s just a selection.

Rain Money
Cash Allies
Influencer Cash
Clout Bucks

As you can clearly see, Click4Kash is not a one off.

Registry Date

So as I mentioned earlier, Click4Kash claims to have been around since March 2015. What seems really strange here is that I researched when the Click4Kash domain name was first registered. I found that is was only registered at the end of November 2019!

Click4Kash Domain Registry

How can an Influencer Network that claims to have accumulated 730,000 members, have only been registered a couple of weeks ago (as of writing this). That’s just not possible, and is a huge indication that things just aren’t right.

Member Testimonials

The member testimonials are not authentic. These are profiles created from a stock image, with some testimonial text. For instance, take a look at this. The following image is taken from the Click4Kash website:

Click4Kash Testimonials

As you can see, Click4Kash has helped Devon buy his first car. But hang on, what about the testimonials on Tap2Earn below. This same guy is called Simon, and Tap2Earn helped him buy his first car!

Click4Kash Tep2Earn Testimonials

So who really is this guy and which program helped buy his first car! I think you know the answer to this by now.

Even the testimonial text is copied word for word. You’d think they’d change it up a little wouldn’t you.

Social Presence

Okay, so this makes me laugh. Click4Kash as we know claims to have over 730,000 members, claims to have been around since March 2008 and paid out over $150 million to members.

So, why has their Facebook page only got 7 posts, 186 likes and 193 followers! You’d like to think this is a misprint, but I’ve taken a screenshot of their FB page.

Click4Kash Facebook

Oddly enough, their YouTube channel only has 3 videos, Twitter account has 2 Tweets and their Instagram account 3 Posts. For the No.1 Influencer Network online, don’t you think this is extremely poor.

How on earth can a company with so many members have so little influence through their social media channels. Because its a scam!

Click4Kash Reviews

It’s too early to find many reviews from actual users of Click4Kash. However, we know that it’s an identical clone of Tap2Earn, so here’s a customer review that recently posted their thoughts on Trustpilot.

Click4Kash Trustpilot

This doesn’t sound very convincing does it. You’ll notice it also states how Influencer Cash is the same type of website. I reviewed this site recently also, and it sucked in a lot of people.

Is Click4Kash a Scam

I have no doubt that Click4Kash is a scam. No social presence, multiple replicated cloned sites, fake testimonials and a domain that was only registered in Late November 2019 shows me that there is nothing legitimate about this site.

Just about all the written text including F.A.Q.’s, About Us and other info is duplicated with the alteration of the site name. The payment proofs are smartphone images that don’t even state where the money is coming from. There is no indication any transaction has come from Click4Kash or any of their other sites.

A Better Way to Earn Money

Unfortunately, making money online is not as easy nowadays as it used to be. I wish I started years ago because I wouldn’t have to work as hard to get that start. While anyone can still make money online, it just takes more time to get traction.

There’s various ways to achieve online success, from setting up a dropshipping eCommerce store, selling products on Amazon or my personal preference, affiliate marketing. If you’re after the cheapest way to get started, I’d suggest affiliate marketing.

While this is the cheapest option, it will also take the longest to get going. That’s because you’ll be relying on free search engine traffic. Alternatively, you could try to get quicker results with paid advertising but you could also burn your money this way as a novice.

If you’re after my personal option to get started making money online if you have no experience and a small budget, get started in affiliate marketing. This venture can pay you over and over again, but you will need to put in some effort to get started.

This is a genuine model of making money online that is sustainable long into the future.

My Verdict

As I’m sure you can tell, I’m not going to be recommending #Click4Kash to my readers. This is a scam, just like all the replicated sites that have similar membership areas with a Task Wall and Promotional Posts. 

I’d urge you to do your research for any products, just like you have here. Keep looking for reviews of programs and products so you don’t get ripped off. 

I appreciate you reading this Click 4 Kash review and hope I’ve saved you the heartache of getting scammed.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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