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Commission Bootcamp Review


Have you been sent an email that claims with a simple push button system, you can be earning $500 per day, or more! Obviously you’re a little skeptical, which is why you’re here reading this Commission Bootcamp review.

Because of the large claims, you’re wondering if Commission Bootcamp is a scam. There’s a good chance that it is, and I’ll show you some of the signs that would have you come to that conclusion.

So lets see, can you really get paid for copying and pasting with this push button system.

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Commission Bootcamp Summary

Commission Bootcamp ReviewProduct Name: Commission Bootcamp

Founder/Owner: Chris Brant (spokesperson)

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $47

What is Commission Bootcamp

Commission Bootcamp is supposed to offer you this amazing push button system that will allow you to make $500 per day, and even more as you progress. Claims of even up to $3000 per day are made, which is a little outrageous for a copy and paste program.

Commission Bootcamp Apparent Earnings

Can this be believed? I think not, and I’ll explain why I believe this claim to be way over the top. I will admit that I’m always skeptical when I hear the ‘copy & paste’ line, because it just sounds so simple right?

I mean, who on earth is going to pay you large sums of money for copying and pasting. Especially when all the hard work has been done for you, you are just the minion pasting stuff.

In fact why would there be the need for anyone to do this. I’m writing this in the year 2020, so surely computer programs are advanced enough to copy and paste by themselves, and in much quicker time than real people could.

To lure you into this kind of thing, you’re told that you can be making money in 3 easy steps.

  1. Copy
  2. Paste
  3. Get Paid

Well, I just can’t get my head around how so much money can be made in this fashion.

But without jumping to any hard conclusions, I’ll advise you of what I do know having gone through the presentation videos, and then we can make a more informed decision.

Here’s just a few pointers from what we hear in the Commission Bootcamp presentation videos. Do you recognize any of these claims?

  • Copy & paste simple system
  • No special skills or experience needed
  • Fool proof system is revolutionary
  • Just depends on how good you are at copying & pasting
  • It takes just 20minutes…. maybe 30 per day, at most
  • This video will be taken down in 24 hours
  • Only open to 100 members

Okay, so that’s enough of the sales pitch. The owners of Commission Bootcamp (I’m not convinced Chris Brant is the real owner) really want you to sign up don’t they? It’s hard to believe that they push so hard for a system that apparently, should sell itself. I mean, if this was legit, who wouldn’t take up the opportunity to make $500 – $3,000 per day, right!

Having checked out when Commission Bootcamp started, I found out that they’ve only been online since March 2020. That’s not a very long time at all, and makes me wonder about all the testimonials they seem to have received. I’ll get to that shortly though.

My Commission Bootcamp Registry Date

I’m writing this Commission Bootcamp review in early April 2020, so that means they’ve really only been around for 2-3 weeks. Interesting that their students seem to have been around for longer.

Now I’ve dug around for a few more facts to see how legitimate this offer of easy cash really is.

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Red Flags

Programs like this always leave indications of their illegitimacy, and I’d like you to consider these red flags that indicate to me, that not is all right.

Red Flag #1 – Fake Testimonials

This tactic of using fake testimonials to sell a product is not new, but i do find it unethical when done in this way. The apparent students in the Commission Bootcamp presentation videos are not genuine users of the program. Instead, they are hired actors.

Commission Bootcamp Fake Testimonials

The gentleman above is a serial scam actor. He’s been in loads of videos, including Commission Bootcamp, claiming he’s made lots of money with the program he’s promoting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not having a go at the gentleman in question. He’s just earning money by outsourcing his spokesperson services.

As you can see, I’ve attached is profile from a website called Fiverr. For a set fee, he’ll say whatever you’d like him to say. Can you see how programs like Commission Bootcamp easily get their testimonials?

The guy in the music studio is also not a genuine member of My Commission Bootcamp. He’s also a paid actor from Fiverr and his profile is below.

My Commission Bootcamp Fake Actor

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this is ethical, as many spokespeople will not outsource themselves for these kinds of programs.

Red Flag #2 – Splashing Money Images

Whenever you see images like this…run!

Commission Bootcamp Slimy Tactics

These kinds of images and videos of people throwing cash in the air as if they’ve just won the lottery, are sure signs of desperation. Genuine products don’t need this kind of tacky strategy, they rely on their actual product to speak for itself.

To lower to these standards of advertising, basically takes people for fools. Unfortunately, there are many fools that will fall for these slimy tactics.

Red Flag #3 – Fake Scarcity Tactics

I’m sure you’ve seen this strategy before, as it’s not unusual. It’s used on the Commission Bootcamp website to make people think they have to sign up immediately, or they will miss out. It’s the countdown timer tactic, and this is what it looks like.

Commission Bootcamp Countdown Timer Scarcity Tactics

Of course, it also needs clarifying, which is why they also say ‘I’ll have to take the site down and you’ll never see this again’. Well this is a load of crap, because I’ve seen the site the last few days.

They will not take the site down because they want as many people to sign up as possible. They want $47 (plus any internal upsells) to be paid to them again and again, so they will be shooting themselves in the foot if they do take down the site.

This doesn’t automatically determine that Commission Bootcamp is a scam, it’s just a shady tactic that pushes unsuspecting people to sign up when there is really no hurry.

I’m sure you may be like me, in that we like to make sure a program is exactly what we’re after before committing to it. If I’m going to pay money for a product or program, I want to know all the details first, and not be forced into a decision.

So, just be aware that when you see a countdown timer like this, it doesn’t mean the deal will end.

Red Flag #4 – Revolutionary System

If you’ve watched the Commission Bootcamp presentation videos through to the end, you’ll have noticed on the first video, ‘Chris Brant’ claims his fool proof system is revolutionary.

Commission Bootcamp Revolutionary System

Well, without buying this system myself, I can give a good guess at how Commission Bootcamp works. It’s basically some poor quality affiliate marketing training where you copy your affiliate link, and past it into various promotions.

Why would I say this? Because I’ve seen lots of other similar online products that offer the same thing. Some call their program a Push Button Money System or similar fancy name. This Is not a revolutionary system, it’s affiliate marketing which has been around for decades.

One of the indicators that also suggests that Commission Bootcamp is affiliate marketing, is the quick image shown on the second presentation video. It shows the ClickSure dashboard, a poor quality affiliate network known for scammy products, rather than genuine one’s. I took a quick snapshot of this image, apologies for it being a little blurry.

ClickSure Dashboard

Many scam products used to be accepted on ClickBank, a very well respected affiliate network. However, since cleaning up their act a little, they no longer accept these poor quality products, and ClickSure now takes those lesser quality products.

Here’s an indication of how poor the ClickSure website is. I have a Chrome extension on my browser to alert me of poor quality sites. It’s called ‘Web of Trust’, and this is what happens when I attempt to visit clicksure.com.

Commission Bootcamp Clicksure Warning

It alerts me that ‘This site is potentially malicious’, and suggests it’s a scam.

To confuse things even more, ClickSure is no longer used as an affiliate network. So to purchase My Commission Bootcamp, you need to purchase the products via ClickBetter. 

My Commission Bootcamp Via ClickBetter

This is just as bad, as ClickBetter has an appalling reputation as an affiliate network.

Now I’d like to make a point about this model of income generation. Affiliate marketing works. I know this because I’m an affiliate marketer myself. However, there’s a difference between promoting good and poor programs. There’s also a difference between purchasing good training and poor training.

I can almost guarantee that Commission Bootcamp will not be giving you the correct training you require to become a success.

Red Flag #5 – ClickBetter Program

If you’ve ever seen or heard about ClickBetter, then you will know that it’s also a low quality affiliate network. Commission Bootcamp is sold through ClickBetter, which is a red flag in itself.

In fact my MalwareBytes program (anti malware) will not allow me to enter the Clickbetter website. It says that clickbetter.com is blocked due to fraud, which is not a good sign.

ClickBetter Malware Warning

If you ever come across programs that make you visit unethical websites, just don’t sign up. I’d urge you to use a good antivirus and malware software program so that you can detect these sites that can harm your computer.

Red Flag #5 – Similarities to ‘Commission Plan X’

I recently reviewed a website called Commission Plan X, and Commission Bootcamp has many similarities. I even noticed some of the same images throughout the presentation videos.

If you decide to check out this Commission Plan X review, you’ll even notice the same fake testimonials and scarcity tactics.

Red Flag #6 – Over-Hyped Earnings

As I touched on earlier, Commission Bootcamp suggests you’ll be making $500 per day from the beginning, and up to $3,000 per day within a few months. This is totally unrealistic for a newbie affiliate marketer, and even most experienced affiliate marketers don’t make that kind of money.

Commission Bootcamp Unrealistic earnings

As expected from this kind of program, they will show you flashy cars, big houses and luxury holiday destinations. They want you to sign up, and will suggest you’ll be able to afford these luxuries by following their system.

The reality is different, and there is no system that can offer you this.

How Does Commission Bootcamp Work

I’ve stated the reason why I am reluctant to buy this system, and therefore will give you my informed opinion of how Commission Bootcamp works.

I’ve seen similar systems many times, and based on this experience I believe this to be a low quality affiliate marketing system. In fact it’s hard to say its a system at all, you’ll probably receive a few guides, PDF’s or videos. I have no doubt they will teach you how to copy and paste stuff, but then you’ll be left in the dark.

I doubt anybody will ever see what you’ve copied and pasted. It could just sit there for years with no income whatsoever. Real affiliate marketers like myself learn traffic generation methods. This is what gets people to see what we do.

With this program, there will be brief explanations of how you’re expected to earn $500+, which we’ve already established are unrealistic expectations. I’ve been reviewing products like this a long time, and I can detect the poor programs from the legit. With so many red flags, Commission Bootcamp should NOT be considered as a legitimate opportunity to make money online.


  • Sorry, couldn’t find much to like about Commission Bootcamp.


  • Fake Testimonials
  • Overhyped Earnings
  • Multiple Red Flags
  • ClickBetter Association

Is Commission Bootcamp a Scam

I’m always reluctant to say a program is a scam, as all products require considerate appraisal. On this occasion, I find it very hard to call Commission Bootcamp legit.

I can almost guarantee that this program will NOT deliver on its promise to get you $500+ per day. This is fanciful and the clams made are way over-hyped.

What I will say is this. Look elsewhere to make money online.

I’d also strongly urge you to take the time to find out what to look for in a program so you don’t get scammed. There’s often red-flags that will give you an indication of just how authentic the program is, or isn’t.

Where To Go From Here?

If you’re anything like me, you’d imagine that going ahead with Commission Bootcamp would be a big risk. I certainly won’t be placing my trust into a system that has so many red flags, and no details of how their program works.

You wouldn’t normally buy something without trying it, or at least seeing how it works. So why would you do it with this program.

So what are your options now that Commission Bootcamp is out of the question? Well, you could still take up affiliate marketing, just do it the right way.

The best programs to join will show you exactly what you’re getting for your money, which means you can make an informed and educated decision. There’s many people who would be looking for that elusive online opportunity to make money, and there are some options.

If you want to create your own online website that can become profitable the right way, I’d have no hesitation in recommending this program. This is not just a program, it’s a fully fledged platform with all the tools necessary to succeed.

If you’d like to learn more about how I became a successful affiliate marketer, read on below.

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