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Cryptoversity Review


If you haven’t heard of cryptocurrency trading, then you must have been living under a rock. This is becoming big business, due to the explosion of Bitcoin in particular. So it only makes sense that some people that believe they are in the know, will come out with training on how you can jump on the crypto bandwagon.

Chris Coney is one such person that has released his own course called Cryptoversity. If you’re considering signing up to this program, then maybe I can shed some light on what you may learn in Chris’s course.

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Cryptoversity Summary

Cryptoversity Review Chris ConeyProduct Name: Cryptoversity

Founder/Owner: Chris Coney

Product Type: Cryptocurrency Course

Price: Free 3 Videos / Then $59 per month

Best For: People interested in long term cryptocurrency investing

Program Summary: In my opinion, Chris Coneys course provides lots of value in the cryptocurrency space. Although I believe this to be a volatile market, the information provided is top notch.

Would I Recommend It: Yes, although crypto trading is risky in my opinion.

What is Cryptoversity

Quality digestible education can often be hard to come by, especially in the cryptocurrency space. Chris Coney has realised this, and whether you believe crypto’s are the future or not, it’s hard to go past that fact that he’s good at educating people that are interested.

There’s been some very average crypto courses plaguing the market, one that I recently reviewed is Crypto Coin Sniper, which is a total scam. But Chris Coney’s course is not that, it’s a legitimate program that will teach you aspects about various sectors of the crypto space.

Cryptoversity is an online schooling system, that Chris has created to give you the skills required to identify trading opportunities. You’ll learn the details behind the blockchain technology, and various factors that make Bitcoin the beast it’s become.

Blockchain is what’s behind the crypto facade, and can be extremely detailed. Chris explains his lesson openly and clearly, so you can understand all that is presented.

Although I’m not fully into cryptocurrencies myself, I do own a portfolio for fun. I never expect to make a fortune out of cryptos, and to a degree I’m still sceptical about the number of coins that have found their way onto the market.

Having said that, if cryptocurrencies are your thing, then Chris Coney is a master at educating those that require help.

Here’s an example of what you can expect from Chris’s teachings. This video has over 4K views, and 500 Likes. That’s impressive from just a single video out of his collection.

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Cryptoversity From The Inside

So, let’s begin with the first 3 videos which you’ll receive in the first 3 days after signing up.

#1 Education Review

Video 1 – Whilst this is more of an introductory video, Chris does explain an app that he uses, and you’ll be using to trade crypto stock. You’ll also learn about the recovery phase, and how to keep your blockchain wallet safe.

Video 2 – This second video titled “Your 1st Crypto WOW!’, is about teaching you how to get Bitcoin, and then spend it on Amazon for a 33% discount.

Video 3 – Titled ‘The 3 C’s Of Crypto’, this video will give you an insight into a whole new way that value is created in the new world of crypto.

Next Steps – Following these 3 initial free videos, you’ll be prompted to sign up for the Cryproversity course, which will have you enter the Cryproverse! Here, you’ll get a series of modules encompassing multiple videos. The modules are as follows:

  • Crypto Exchange Mastery
  • Blockchain Security Essentials
  • The Master Crypto Trader
  • Hidden Secrets Of Money by Mike Maloney
  • The Secrets Of The Bitcoin Triangle
  • Bitcoin – The End Of Money
  • The Digital Money Revolution

As an example of what you’ll receive in each course, here’s what’s included in ‘The Master Crypto Trader’.

Module 1 – The Big Secret To Trading Success

  • Shattering The Major Trading Myth
  • How To Become The House So YOU Always Win
  • Trading Strategies Make You The House
  • Trading Your Way Out Of Work
  • Selecting An Appropriate Account Size
  • Stop Thinking About Money And You’ll Make More
  • Our Whole Aim For Every Trade
  • Converting Bitcoin To Gold For Price Stability

Module 2 – Getting Setup With All The Right Tools

  • Setting Up Your Charting Software
  • Setting Up Two Factor Authentication
  • Setting Up An Exchange Account
  • Enhanced Verification
  • 2FA On The Exchange
  • Connecting The Exchange To The Charting Tool
  • Depositing Your Trading Funds On The Exchange
  • Checking Your Trading Funds Are Available To Use
  • Module 3 – How To Read Price Charts
  • Reading A Candle
  • Displaying Different Amounts Of Data
  • Colouring The Chart To Your Liking
  • The Base And The Terms Currency
  • Trading Volume

Module 4 – Technical Analysis

  • Introduction To The ‘Technical Analysis’ Module
  • Saving Your Analysis
  • Support and Resistance
  • Price Tests
  • Trends and Trend Lines
  • Price Cyclicity
  • Moving Averages
  • Fibonacci Lines
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Conclusion To The ‘Technical Analysis’ Module

Module 5 – Trading Strategies

  • Introduction To The ‘Trading Strategies’ Module
  • Reward To Risk Ratio
  • Anatomy Of A Trade
  • Risk Management
  • Trade Sizing
  • Your Trading Journal
  • The Triple Chart Strategy
  • Probability vs Quantity of Opportunity
  • Falling Knives and Moonshots
  • Conclusion To The ‘Trading Strategies’ Module

Module 6 – Trading Setups

  • Introduction To The ‘Trading Setups’ Module
  • The Power Bounce
  • The Cash Flow Setup
  • Trading Symmetrical Triangles
  • Trading Ascending Triangles
  • Trading Consolidations
  • Placing and Managing Trades
  • Conclusion To The ‘Trading Setups’ Module

Module 7 – Candlestick Patterns

  • Candlestick Patterns Introduction
  • Candlestick Patterns – Basic Patterns
  • Candlestick Patterns – Intermediate Patterns 1
  • Candlestick Patterns – Intermediate Patterns 2
  • Candlestick Patterns – Advanced Patterns
  • Conclusion To The ‘Candlestick Patterns’ Module

As you can clearly see from the expansive module above, there’s a lot to learn in the cryptocurrency space. And this is just one of the courses.

#2 Support Review

Help is certainly at hand inside Cryptoversity. You can submit a ticket that Chris will respond to, via the Cryptoversity helpdesk.

#3 The Cost

Here comes the kicker, in that Cryptoversity is fairly expensive. I like the fact that you get 3 short courses that introduce you into the cryptocurrency world, but these are really just giving you a taste of what the actual school is going to teach you.

The meat and potatoes are going to cost you $59 per month, which some may say is a little steep. However, I do believe the information you’ll get from Chris is top notch, and you could well be making that money back via what you’ll learn in his videos. As a bonus, Chris also gives you a fraction of your monthly fee back in Bitcoin to invest as you please, which is a cool initiative. 

The Best of Cryptoversity

#1 Knowledge

Chris Coney is a seasoned crypto investor, so I have full confidence in what he teaches is accurate. You only have to look at his YouTube channel to see how active he is in the crypto space, and he has a following of over 53,000 subscribers.

This guy knows his niche and educates his students in an easy to understand manner.

#2 No Fluff in This Course

While I still have the opinion that trading crypto’s are risky, Chris does provide information that is all relevant to the industry. He’s direct in his approach, and he also points out when others are incorrect or unfactual in their YouTube videos.

#3 Course Layout

I like the way this course is structured, with specific sections allocated their own video. There’s nothing worse than a course presenter giving loads of information in 2 hour presentations. How on earth are you supposed to remember everything.

Tailoring the course structure with individual elements works extremely well, allowing you time to digest what’s just been taught.

Would I Recommend Cryptoversity

If you’re intent on learning how cryptocurrencies work, including the blockchain technology that is behind this phenomenon, then you could do a lot worse than following Chris Coneys advice in this Cryptoversity course.

I believe Chris’s knowledge can help you learn what’s required to make informed decisions when trading crypto’s. However, I also believe the cryptocurrency market is risky unless you’re deeply informed and invested.

Is There a Better Money Making Option

While there’s multiple ways to make money, my focus is making money online. This can be achieved in multiple ways, either through online store drop shipping, affiliate marketing, course creation or selling via Amazon or EBay.

While these are home employment opportunities, they are not get rich quick options. Each of these wealth creation choices take some time to build up, but they are long term sustainable wealth building opportunities.

Wrapping Up

A bonus of the Cryptoversity course, is that when you’ve completed each course, you’ll get paid back some of your fee in Bitcoins to invest. This is a great initiative, and one that allows you to put into practice what you’ve learned.

As I’ve stated, I wouldn’t put all your eggs into the cryptocurrency basket. It can be a volatile scene, with many ebbs and flows.
In saying that, Chris Coney’s course is one of the best educational courses on cryptocurrencies.

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3 Free Videos / Then $59 per month







Training Format





  • Clear Module Course Layout
  • Knowledgeable and Experienced


  • High Monthly Cost
  • Unpredictable Industry

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