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With health being at the forefront of most people’s mind these days, it only makes sense that people are concerned about their digestive systems. So what do I mean by this?

Well, your digestive system is critical to your functionality as a human, as it breaks down anything you orally enter into your body, such as liquids and food. Without the correct functioning of your digestive system, you could be in some strife.

There’s lots of people that are into creating websites dedicated to the perfect functioning body, and you may be one of these people. Finding digestive health affiliate programs may be a little hard to find, so let me help you out.

Here’s a list of the best digestive health affiliate programs that I’ve sourced, but I’m sure there’s many more.

The Healthy Gut

Website URL: https://thehealthygut.com/

Affiliate signup URL: https://thehealthygut.com/our-affiliate-program/

The Healthy Gut Affiliate program

Rebecca Coomes has created The Healthy Gut website to help people with their digestive systems, specifically living well with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). This is an overgrowth of normal bacteria in the small intestine, which can cause digestive issues.

The Healthy Gut affiliate program can help if you own a health website and blog. They offer SIBO-friendly cookbooks, SIBO-friendly recipes, cooking classes and coaching sessions.

The commissions vary depending on the sale, with digitals books earning 20% and hardcover books earning you a 10% commission. Payments are made every 2 months via electronic funds transfer, and are paid in Australian dollars.

Just because The Healthy Gut is originally Australian owned, doesn’t mean you need to be Australian to become an affiliate. In fact it may be a great point of difference if you’re an affiliate from the USA or UK.

You will be provided with some great images to get you started that you can attach your affiliate link to. Below is an example:

The Healthy Gut Example Banner

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates: 20% on digital book sales and 10% on hard copy book sales

Why Promote The Healthy Gut

Rebecca Coomes has lived with SIBO herself, so understands the needs and requirements for this condition. Her program was created in 2015 and she’s been running this professional organization successfully ever since. Great selection of meal plans, books and recipes.

Supercharged Food

Website URL: https://www.superchargedfood.com/

Affiliate signup URL: https://www.superchargedfood.com/become-an-affiliate/

Superchanged Food Affiliate program

Lee Holmes is another entrepreneur that has empowered people with her range of healthy foods that you can leverage as an affiliate. Any blogger can sign up to Lee’s program and promote her books, programs and products. She also offers recipes and great images that you can use.

The basic commission rate is 30% from every sale, which is a great incentive. There’s a variety of creative material for you to choose to promote with.

Just like The Healthy Gut affiliate program, Supercharged Foods will pay out every second month.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates: 30% on every sale

Why Promote Supercharged Food

Supercharged Foods have been in existence since 2010, and have become a very successful company in that time. They have a great website with loads of natural digestive information, video, newsletters, competitions and more.


Website URL: https://www.thryveinside.com/

Affiliate signup URL: https://app.impact.com/campaign-promo-signup/Thryve-Inside.brand?execution=e3s1

Thryve Affiliate program

More aimed at providing capsules of goodness, Thryve can help your audience with their digestive complaints such as bloating or constipation. These can be caused by trapped gas, which can be eased with a range of Thryve products.

They can offer a selection of capsules for a variety of issues, along with a gut health test program aimed at targeting the good and bad bacteria in your gut, to treat the root cause of your symptoms.

As part of the Thryve affiliate program, you can earn 10% of each order sale amount, which is paid out on the 17th day of each month.

Thryve also includes a 60 day cookie period, meaning if someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases within the next 60 days, you still earn the commission.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates: 10% of each order sale amount

Why Promote Thryve

Thryve are a trusted brand in the industry backed by multiple scientific advisors.

Joyful Belly

Website URL: https://www.joyfulbelly.com

Affiliate signup URL: https://www.joyfulbelly.com/Ayurveda/affiliate

Joyful Belly Affiliate program

Apart from the lovely name of this website, Joyful Belly is a wonderfully educational site calling themselves the School of Ayurveda Diet & Digestion. They offer and online quiz which guides people to a greater understanding of their Ayurvedic body type and profile.

With loads of explorable resources and programs, they are a unique affiliate program that those promoting digestion and digestive systems will appreciate. For seasoned health professionals or dedicated enthusiasts, the courses offered can benefit your visitors, and make you some great commissions.

It’s possible to earn up to $750 per student referral. That’s a nice incentive isn’t it.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates: $600 per student in the fundamentals or digestion program. 10% commissions on all other sales.

Why Promote Joyful Belly

Starting with the great commission incentive, Joyful belly is a well respected and specialized company in a specific field of health. Ideal if you’re targeting the digestive market.

Core Health Products

Website URL: https://www.corehealthproducts.com/

Affiliate signup URL: https://www.corehealthproducts.com/affiliate-program-payout-plan/

Core health Affiliate Program

If you’re searching for a long lasting company that can provide your audience with heart, bone, joint, digestive and multiple other health products, then the Core Health Products affiliate program should be one to consider.

Not only do they provide food & liquid goodness, they also offer vaporizers, antibacterial solutions and nutritional advice.

As an affiliate, you can earn anywhere from 10-30% on all qualifying orders. Additionally, you’ll receive 5% of each sale generated by your referring affiliates. This is known as two-tiered sales, giving you a greater earning capacity.

Any health or well being website could benefit greatly from an affiliate program like Core Health Products.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates: 10-30% on all qualifying orders + 5% of each sale generated by your referring affiliates.

Why Promote Care Health Products

With a decent commission percentage and a range of digestive products that could suit any good health blog, Core Health Products are certainly worth consideration.

Final Thoughts

As you’ll already know, there’s loads of affiliate programs dedicated to the health and wellbeing industry. These above programs are more suited to sites with digestive health tendencies, so may be suitable for these specialized areas.

With decent commission rates and solid company backing, these digestive health affiliate programs are sure to get you some great sales commissions.

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