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GPT sites seem to be everywhere these days and it’s hard to know which are the better sites, and which offer no value at all. On top of that, the question still remains, are GPT sites worth the effort at all.

This Divbux.com review will explain your chances of earning money with Divbux, and also how much you can earn.

So let’s get started and see where Divbux will lead you.

I’d like to disclose that I’m not an affiliate of Divbux and will not be sharing an affiliate link in this review. This means I will not make any commissions if you do decide to join Divbux. This is an unbiased review.

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Divbux.com  SummaryDivbux logo

Product Name: Divbux

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Get Paid To (GPT) site

What is Divbux​

The majority of these GPT sites allow you to earn money from viewing adverts as the primary model. This is the same with Divbux, as advert viewing is how sponsors benefit from the funds they’ve invested.

The predominant secondary method to earn money is to refer other people to become members of Divbux.com. Like most subscription sites, they benefit greatly when new members sign up, so they offer you an incentive to recruit new members.

Although they also have an ‘Offer Wall’, this also involves watching adverts to earn specific amounts of money. When I say money, I mean very minimal amounts.

Divbux Owner/s

Having done a search on the divbux.com website, the owner/s of divbux.com keeps their identity hidden. This is easily done because most people choose to pay a little extra money for ‘whois security’.

This allows for your personal details to be removed so that you cannot be spammed. While this does make sense, it also seems logical to expose yourself as the owner of a company.

This does concern me that nobody takes responsibility as the owner of Divbux.com.

Divbux Earning Methods

As I’ve briefly stated, viewing advertisements is how you will be earning money via Divbux.com. There’s several menus that suggest you can make money in alternative ways, but they all involve watching adverts.

View Advertisements

Under the menu item ‘Earn Money’, the first option you’ll have is View Advertisements. This will give you a list of many external advert sites to view, including the following.

  • PTC Ads
  • Fixed Ads
  • Bonus Ads
  • SkippyAds
  • Offers4All
  • Adclickwall
  • ClixWall
  • BitsWall
  • CPX Research
  • Medium Path
  • Wannads
  • OfferToro
  • Persona.ly
  • Survey Xa
  • Admantum
  • Cpalead
  • Yuno Surveys

Some of these sites are quite acceptable to view ads from but others are not so legit. I use an antivirus program called Bitdefender, and I’ve had a warning message from this program when being directed to some of these external sites.

All you need to do to earn money is click on the advert to watch and view for approximately 10 seconds to earn $0.0002. Yep, not a lot of money is it. Other adverts can offer you $0.0005, and you’ll view the ad for about 20 seconds.

Offer Walls

This just seems to be a more unique name for viewing similar ads. In fact the same advert websites are mentioned to watch. There’s also a few different sites such as Offer Daddy, OMyOffers and Pollfish.

Again, you’ll have the ability to earn the same small amounts of money for watching the same timeframe.

Paid to Sign Up Offers

Known as PTSU offers, there is a reward amount for signing up to external offers. The rewards may seem much better, but you need to remember a few things.

These are deliberate tactics to get you to sign up to offers which will continue to send you loads of emails, and in some cases get you to sign up to paid subscriptions. And like the Payeer offer, you’ll need to deposit $5 to receive your $0.10.

DivBux PTSU Offers


The contests are not really entered separately. The are accumulated points that you get when either watching adverts or obtaining referrals.

So the more you watch and recruit, the higher up in position you’ll be on the contests ladder.

Earning Potential & Payments

As I’ve stated, the potential for earning decent money with Divbux is really poor. When you think about it, the better adverts will only net you $0.001. Even if you were able to view 30 adverts in an hour, you’d still only get $0.03.

If you stick at it for 10 hours in a day, you’ll attract $0.30. In my opinion, 30 cents is not my idea of great value.

Divbux Payment Proofs

I have no doubt that Divbux pays out their members. After all, they don’t really have to fork out a lot of money do they. They have a payment proof page which displays the most recent payouts.

From the list I saw, most payments were in the range of $0.02 – $0.10, and the largest payout I saw was $0.38.

Divbux Payment Proofs

Is Divbux A Scam?

I don’t believe Divbux.com to be a scam, but I wouldn’t be recommending it. I believe Divbux to be a subsidiary of Swingbux, another GPT site I’ve recently reviewed.

I say this because they are very similar in nature, and used the same third party advertisement sites. They also have the same security CAPTCHA clip, which invites you to choose an upside down image.

DivBux Captcha

Some people would consider GPT sites a scam because the returns are so small. In my opinion though, if you know what the monetary returns are going to be and you still decide to go ahead, then that’s the individual’s decision.

A More Lucrative Option

Many years ago I signed up to a few survey filling sites and I found out quite quickly that menial tasks like this would not make me much money at all. Sure, some of them are legitimate and do pay better than other sites, some will refuse to pay out at all. Spinincash and Tasks4Cash for instance.

To create a genuine income online, I needed to learn how others made money via blogging. I found out that many of them use affiliate marketing as their primary method of income generation.

I have since dedicated myself to learning how to be successful at affiliate marketing, and I’m well on my way. These guys taught me the correct process of affiliate marketing and how to implement the correct strategies.

If this interests you, have a read of this article titled How To Start Affiliate Marketing From Scratch.

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Final Thoughts

I just want to leave you with this thought. If you’re searching for a legitimate method of making money online, Divbux is legitimate. However, you’d only sign up if you consider a maximum of 50 cents per day as adequate.

If you want to earn dollars rather than cents per day, maybe even in the hundreds of dollars per day, then affiliate marketing is a much better option.

I hope this Divbux review has opened your eyes to the lack of earning potential with all these GPT sites.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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