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LEGO Affiliate Program Review

It’s not just every kids dream, it’s the fantasy of loads of bigger kids also. Many of us have this desire to be involved in LEGO long past the age of 12, and for some the fun is only beginning.

Some people are lucky enough to go on to be a LEGO designer. This can be the ultimate in career choices because you’ll see that inner kid inside of you everyday, and get paid to design LEGO creations. But what about those of us who’d love to stay involved in LEGO somehow but can’t afford it.

Well, how about creating a website and joining the LEGO affiliate program. This gives you the flexibility to sell Lego products online (and we know how much they can cost!), and earn commissions from each sale made.

This may be one great idea to consider, as you can research and provide new LEGO info to your readers, and make some cash on the side. If you learn the correct methods of affiliate marketing, it could even become your new online career.

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Can You Make Money Via The LEGO Affiliate Program

Anyone can begin making money through the Lego affiliate program. Often companies of similar stature to LEGO will have their own internal affiliate program, others will outsource their affiliate program to a partner network.

In this case, you’ll be required to sign up to LinkShare, part of the Rakuten Marketing affiliate network. LEGO utilises Rakuten Marketing to manage their affiliate program.

Once you’ve signed up to Rakuten Marketing, you can search for ‘LEGO’ under the Advertiser search. Instead of looking through all the LinkShare dropdown menus, simply head to the top right of the members area and you’ll find the search facility, to make things that bit easier.

Search Linkshare for the Lego Affiliate program

The image above displays what you should see, with YOUR affiliate credentials of course.

When you attempt the search for LEGO, you may see different options appear. I believe they are different for various countries. For instance, LEGO Brand Retail, Inc. is for Canadians, LEGO Brand Retail is USA and Lego (Reward) is for Great Britain. You’ll have to check to see if your country is allowed to sell LEGO as an affiliate.

As you can see in the image below, there are loads of available links that can be added to your website. The majority of these being LEGO product affiliate links, but banners are also a popular option to add to your sidebar.

Does Lego Have an Affiliate Program Category

You will need to apply to be a part of the LEGO affiliate program. Once you’re accepted, you will have access to all the affiliate links available.

As an alternative to using Rakuten Linkshare, it’s also possible to use Skimlinks or Sovrn //Commerce to access your affiliate links. Sovrn //Commerce used to be known as Viglink until they were bought out by Sovrn //Commerce in 2018.

Sovrn //Commerce and Skimlinks both work slightly differently to your common affiliate network. They make it easier to insert links without having to be approved by every different merchant. This may be worth looking into, but I do believe both these companies take a cut of your commissions when you make sales.

FlexOffers also has access to the LEGO affiliate program.

What Products Can You Sell

Gee whizz, where do you start! How many products does LEGO sell these days, hundreds if not thousands. Not only will you have the ability to sell traditional LEGO to potential customers, but some merchandise that goes with it.

Generally, it’s possible to find an online page of the product you want to sell from the LEGO website, then generate an affiliate link to this page. This is known as deep-linking, and can usually be used for selling anything from an online store.

The LEGO store is basically LEGO bricks and their creations. However, the range is so broad because of all the themes they keep adding. Just look at all the theme’s below that LEGO advertise.

Various Lego Themes

It’s quite extraordinary the amount of opportunity there is to sell in the LEGO range. Some people may be more interested in the Architectural side of things, and LEGO do offer this genre. Then of course there’s all the Star Wars LEGO sets, Harry Potter LEGO sets and some really cool sets that I like that include trains and transport.

The Techno LEGO is also brilliant and can be targeted towards the older LEGO users. Of course now that LEGO have branched into the ‘Friends’ theme, girls are more interested in LEGO bricks. This has opened up a whole new audience which was a very clever move on behalf of LEGO.

So yes, there are so many products that you can sell by creating an affiliate website targeted towards LEGO users. From smaller sets, to larger expensive LEGO creations that can earn you great commissions.

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The LEGO Affiliate Program Commission Rates

Whenever you join an affiliate program, there will be different commission rates for various affiliate programs. The details of each affiliate program will be displayed, so you understand the terms of the agreement.

The LEGO​affiliate program pays out a base rate of 3% in commissions per sale. This means that for each sale you make, 3% of the sale price will go to you as the affiliate that initiated the sale.

Lego Affiliate Program Commission Rates

I agree that this is not the best commission rate going around. But, when somebody does purchase LEGO, it can often be an expensive LEGO set, making a bigger commission for you. There’s also the fact that many people do purchase more than one item at once, meaning you could reap the benefits of a shopping cart full of commissions.

There’s also a feature called the ‘Transaction Update Window’ This is a window of opportunity where you can earn commissions from the person that clicks on your link. If that person comes back to the LEGO store and makes a purchase within that 90 day period, you will still earn commissions from that sale.

Website/Blog Ideas to Sell

So what is the best angle to come from when utilising the LEGO affiliate program? I can’t tell you the best angle because I haven’t ventured down this road myself, although I am extremely tempted.

What I can advise you on, are some ideas that can take advantage of the LEGO affiliate program. It could be that you’re into one of the themes that LEGO promotes, Star Wars for instance.

So begin a website around the Star Wars series, writing articles about the characters or vehicles used in Star Wars. Obviously you can incorporate the Star Wars LEGO sets as part of this, because your readers will be attuned to everything encompassing of Star Wars.

You don’t just have to promote LEGO Star Wars products. You could join the Amazon affiliate program and promote Star Wars T-shirts, mugs and other merchandise. The opportunity is limitless.

Can you see where I’m going with this. It’s up to you to create a niche blog around one of the LEGO themes, and expand on it in a variety of ways. Think about Minecraft, Frozen or Jurassic World. Each of these you can create a niche website around and promote not only the LEGO sets, but merchandise from other affiliate programs.

The best way to get sales in these niches is to write product reviews. The reason for this is because people searching product reviews are at the buying stage. They are looking to make sure the reviews are positive before committing to the purchase. So they may as well buy from your affiliate link, as opposed to others.

Pros & Cons or The LEGO Affiliate Program

As with just about anything, there are good and bad features with joining the LEGO affiliate program. Here’s a snapshot of my thoughts.


  • The opportunity to sell reasonably large and small ticket items are vast.
  • The LEGO brand is one that everyone trusts.
  • Creators are continually adding to the theme collections, resulting in more opportunities to promote.
  • Always a great gift idea for children (or adults).


  • Commission rate of 3% is not that high.
  • Best to diversify with other affiliate programs to make the most of selling in this niche.

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I’m sure there’s loads of you in this exact situation, because getting off this ground in this business can be tough. It can take time, and you want to know that you’re doing it correctly before finding out you’ve wasted precious time.

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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