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EarnBucks.co Review


Wouldn’t you believe it, these guys are at it again. Another website that is an exact copy as others I’ve reviewed here. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about if you’ve come to research EarnBucks.co. However, you may have concerns of your own as your researching this program. You may be wondering:

  • Is Earnbucks legit
  • Do Earnbucks really pay out their members
  • Will you possible risk your personal information by signing up to Earnbucks.

Well it’s a good things you’re reading this review, because I’m going to explain the following

  • What is Earnbucks and how it works
  • Will you be able to earn money with this program
  • Why it’s so similar to other sites
  • A more genuine way to earn money online

Lately, there has been loads of websites released that all claim to be the No.1 influencer website. I’ll soon show you many of the others, but for now, I’m here to tell you that these websites are all scams.

In this EarnBucks.co review, I’ll describe the signs to look for, that will show you the poor nature of these cloned sites.

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EarnBucks.co Summary

EarnBucks co ReviewProduct Name: EarnBucks.co

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Referrals / Tasks

Price: Free

Program Summary: I believe, you will not make money with this site. Although there is an internal members area that will show you a monetary figure that accumulates when you complete tasks, they will not pay you out.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 4/100

EarnBucks.co Review: What is EarnBucks

You’re going to get the impression that it’s possible to earn $500 per day with EarnBucks. The whole idea behind this program is to offer people the chance to complete tasks to earn some extra cash. I do want you to understand that you’re going to have to be 99 years or older to receive payment. Oh, don’t they mention that on their homepage! I’ll get to that soon.

Not only tasks, but also refer other people to EarnBucks. In fact this is what they would prefer you do, because it gives the owners of EarnBucks the chance to obtain personal information of more people.

When you initially open an EarnBucks account, you’ll log in to find the following dashboard.

EarnBucks Dashboard

Immediately you’ll be approved your $25, which is the big incentive to lure you in. EarnBucks.co says that as a bonus for registering, you’ll be given $25. I’m not exactly sure how they can afford to do this, but we’ll find out soon.

So, EarnBucks claims you can earn $500 today, just by completing tasks and surveys. For each completed task, you can earn $10, $15 or even more.

I’ll now show you how EarnBucks really works and why you don’t want to join.

EarnBucks.co Review: How Does EarnBucks Work

So, I’ve shown you the EarnBucks.co dashboard, now let’s take a closer look at the activities you can complete.

The dashboard menu displays several categories that you can choose. The owners of this program want you to refer other people to EarnBucks. This is because their main priority is to gather your personal information.

Once they have this information, they can use it in several ways, including onselling it to others. For this reason, the top menu item is ‘Refer & Earn’. This is where they will encourage you to share your unique referral link.

EarnBucks Refer & Earn

Following this is the $50 Task Wall. You’re supposed to find various tasks that will net you $50 for each task that you complete. They’ve messed this up however, because each task only offers you $20.

EarnBucks TaskWall

The tasks here include filling out forms, entering competitions or completing surveys. The other menu items give you banners and images that you can place on your social media channels, all promoting EarnBucks. You’ll receive $1 for getting somebody to click on your referral link and $5 should they sign up to EarnBucks.

By now, you’re probably wondering why you shouldn’t join EarnBucks. It all sounds fairly good with the potential to earn great dollars. Well, here’s the catch. THEY WON’T PAY YOU!

That’s right. EarnBucks will keep an internal tally of the tasks and referrals you’ve gained, and the accumulated funds will rise as you go along. However, I’ve reviewed many clones of this website, and I know they will not pay you out.

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EarnBucks.co Review: EarnBucks Replica Sites

Throughout 2019, I reviewed well over 15 sites created by these same unknown people. They are all replica websites that are just copied from domain to domain, often copied word for word.

The testimonials are the same with the wording modified depending on the name of the domain. For instance, here’s the testimonials for EarnBucks.

EarnBucks.co Testimonials

Now take a look at the testimonials for Click4Kash, a cloned website I reviewed not long ago.

EarnBucks-Click4Kash Testimonials

As you can see, the names are the same, their testimonial wording is the same but the name of the program has changed. Some of the images of the people have also been modified.

To give you some idea of the other replica sites out there, just take a look at these other sites I’ve reviewed. They all have the same internal membership area, while the homepage varies in looks somewhat on most. They all offer the $25 bonus for signing up, and include the same menu structure.

Rain Money
Cash Allies
Influencer Cash
Clout Bucks

These are just some that I’ve reviewed, there’s loads more.

EarnBucks.co Review: Other EarnBucks Red Flags

I’ll now explain some of the warning signs that should alert you to the unethical nature of EarnBucks.

#1 No.1 Influencer Network

If you look at all these websites that I’ve mentioned, they all claim to be the No.1 Influencer Network. How can this be. What is an Influencer network anyway, and how can they all claim the No.1 status.

EarnBucks Influencer Network1

Each of these cloned sites say they’ve become the top Influencer network, and have become so in under 10 years. Well, I’m next going to show you that this is BS!

#2 Year of Registration

So I’ve just shown you that EarnBucks claim they’ve become the No.1 Influencer Network within 10 years. Apparently, it’s even better than that, because their about page claims they began in March 2015.

EarnBucks About

Well, this is not true. If you look up when their website domain was registered, you’ll find it was only registered on December 9, 2019.

EarnBucks Registration

So what’s happening here is that their sites keep getting exposed from me and other marketers, then they register a new domain, transfer the same information across, modify the name and promote the new site.

#3 Social Links

Well, I’m unsure if they’ve actually got around to their social channels, but after claiming to have been around since 2015, their social channels should be extensively full. After all, what sort of No.1 Influence network would not have social channels setup. Yeah, EarnBucks.co, that’s who.

EarnBucks Social

The social links from the buttons above, all link back to the EarnBucks homepage. What sort of Influencer Network would do this! This would be so unprofessional, but as we know, it’s just a replica website.

#4 Fake Payment Proofs

All these cloned websites show a section labelled payment proofs. But you’ll notice some discrepancies. Just take a look at these couple of EarnBucks payment proof images.

EarnBucks Payment Proofs

As you can see in the highlighted areas, these payment proofs we’re apparently taken in March 2019. But as I’ve already pointed out, EarnBucks didn’t exist until December 2019. So how could they possibly have made money with this system before this date.

#5 Age Limit

Can you believe that Earnbucks are so cheeky that they have a clause in their Terms & Conditions, that unless you are 99 years of age or older, you’re not allowed to use the Earnbucks site, features or services.

Earnbucks age limit

Don’t you think this is outrageous! The chances of anyone reading this before signing up is minimal, so most people will just sign up and start spreading their referral code all over social media. The only time they will ever find out about this (unless you’ve read it here in this Earnbucks.co review), is when their account is banned.

Once you’ve wasted your time creating an Earnbucks video review, and sharing their banners over your social channels, there will be a time when you think you’ve done enough. Then you’ll attempt to cash out, only to get the bad news that you’re not 99 years of age or older. 

If that’s not a sign of a scam, I don’t know what is.

EarnBucks.co Review: Is EarnBucks a Scam

Absolutely, EarnBucks is a scam. I’ve alerted you to multiple red flags which are hard to deny. The domain has only just been registered, which means they’ve lied about the authoritative nature of EarnBucks.

Nearly all content has been replicated and there are no social pages created. If you’re claiming to be the No.1 Influencer network online, you’d certainly expect a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account to be setup.

I have no doubt that EarnBucks is a scam, and would encourage you to give this site NO consideration at all.

Is There a Better Opportunity

You’ve come to this review because you’re on the lookout for an opportunity to make money online. I can only assume this is the case as there’s no other reason you’d look at EarnBucks.co.

There are certainly several opportunities to make money online. Unfortunately, the truth is that no quick money making opportunities are legitimate. The best opportunities are those that take a little time, and usually require some training.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing (which is what I do), then affiliate marketing training is advisable. You can get the hang of it by sourcing the information on YouTube etc, it just takes longer to find the right info. You can also get really poor advice.

The best place to learn affiliate marketing is this company. I’ve gone from making zero money while searching for quick money making options, to making hundreds of dollars per week with what I’ve learned in affiliate marketing.

Selling products on Amazon is another option to make money online. I can recommend a brilliant course to learn how this is achieved, but it does cost a bit. However, if you follow this course and take action, it’s possible to make some huge profits. The course is called Search.Find.Buy by Ben Cummings.

The other great option is to dropship products via your own online eCommerce store. I’ve reviewed 2 great courses that teach this, with one costing more than the other.

eCom Success Academy is the No.1 eCommerce course that is run by Adrian Morrison. This course will teach everything you need to know in regards to running and maintaining your own eCom store, including automation options to make the process that much easier.

Alternatively, another course that is half the price is called eCom Lifestyle University, which was created by Ricky Hayes. This would be my preferred option if you don’t have the larger investment.

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Final Thoughts

I’d urge you to give no time whatsoever to EarnBucks.co. This is a scam that will not make you any money. I’ve stated that this is a replica of Influencer Cash. If you read my review of Influencer Cash, you can see the Trust Pilot reviews. This will show you what customers have had to say, which are extremely uncomplimentary. Not to mention the fact that you need to be 99 years of age or over to be allowed to use their site.

There’s also a video on the Influencer Cash review page which also shows this to be a scam. Please don’t get anyone else involved in EarnBucks. You’ll regret having exposed your friends and family to these crooks.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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