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Ecom Cash Code Review


Exposed again! I’ve just seen the same video from a scam I reviewed a few days ago, reappear in another scam. Only the one I’ve just seen, seems to have been around for a lot longer.

Have you ever heard of Ecom Cash Code? If you haven’t, that’s a good thing because you don’t want to get caught up with this mob. I’m going to give you the lowdown on what you can expect, if you decide to join up with Ecom Cash Code.

If you just want to know if this is a scam or whether it’s legit, let me not waste your time any longer. Yes, this is a scam. Keep reading to find out the details.

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Ecom Cash Code Summary

Is New Plan Today a Scam 500x200Product Name: Ecom Cash Code

Founder/Owner: Teo Vee

Product Type: None!

Price: $97

Program Summary: In my opinion, you will be getting scammed with this program. You’ll be sent elsewhere to purchase another product, and Ecom Cash Code will take your $97.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 1/100

What is Ecom Cash Code

It seems I’ve stumbled upon the same program under different names. Only last week, I was reviewing another program called “New Plan Today’, which shows the same sales video, but with a longer introduction.

New Plan Today claims that a girl called Alina Morse, as young as 8 years old made $490K, and how you too can make this. In my review of New Plan Today, I’ve exposed who this little girl really is. Nevertheless, the sales video then shows the testimonials and sales pitch, which is an exact replica of the sale video for Ecom Cash Code.

You’ll be getting the usual rags to riches sales pitch, which is supposed to resonate with you. Apparently Teo was a chef in a greasy cafe. He worked hard and the hours were long, blah blah.

Then all of a sudden, he’s comes in contact with someone who gives him this code. He just ‘plugs it in his computer’, and the next morning, he’s made over $200. How amazing don’t you think. Well, that’s what they want you to believe. I’m here to say, please don’t believe!

So, apparently this is a product that you’ll purchase, that will reward you with big commissions. Even non-computer folks up to 93 years old are cashing in with this, and it’s 100% legit.

How Does Ecom Cash Code Work

What may be legit, is the end product that you may be purchasing. However, there is no product with Ecom Cash Code. If you purchase this product, you’ll be handing over $97 for them to provide you with a link, to go and purchase My Ecom Club. This is a totally different product, and you’ll just be paying to be sent to their website.

Now something that really concerns me here, is that IF you did decide to go ahead to the checkout page, you’ll notice that there’s no item description of what you’re purchasing. See below, a snippet of the order summary.

Is New Plan Today a Scam Payment2

You can see the full billing invoice on the New Plan Today review, which is the exact same billing receipt you’ll get with Ecom Cash Code.

But The Sales Video Says It’s Easy

Now, the sales video explains how easy this all is. Well, apparently! Unfortunately, even his explanation of the product is a lie. He suggests you just plug in a code and you’ll be earning commissions, just like that.

What this suggests, is that the product is affiliate marketing. Firstly, Ecom stands for eCommerce, which is usually making product profits rather than commissions. Secondly, affiliate marketing is not as easy as just plugging in a code and watching the commission’s roll in.

I’m an affiliate marketer myself, and as much as I’d like to say this is true, the reality is very different. Sure, anyone can make money from affiliate marketing, but it always pays to get the correct education. There’s a lot more to it than what Teo suggests in the sales video.

Will You See Results With Ecom Cash Code

If you only purchase the “non product” of Ecom Cash Code, no, you will not see any positive results should you purchase this. Even if you go ahead and buy the product that you’ll be directed to, there’s still a good chance you won’t make any money.

I’ve seen other reviews of My Ecom Club, and I must say, they don’t look to savory. There’s been a few red flags that have alerted others to bypass My Ecom Club. I won’t be saying too much about this program until I do a thorough review myself.

I have however, reviewed several eCommerce courses here. There are a couple I could recommend, but my preferred option would be Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy. I’ve even taken the course myself, so I know how good it is. Yes, it will cost you more than the top recommended affiliate marketing course, but it also takes a lot more setup, and needs to be done correctly.

Now, What About Those testimonials

I knew I’d seen these guys before! The below image shows the same sales video testimonials, from the two products I’ve talked about here. The one on the left is from Ecom Cash Code, on the right you see New Plan Today (although the product name is out of view).

Ecom Cash Code Actors

The voice over is cleverly done so that the bulk of what’s spoken about in the sales video is generic. It doesn’t mention the names of either product, or any others involved. This way, they can use the same video for multiple products.

Also, the people in the testimonials will not have used the product. I’ve reviewed countless products that have testimonials like this. They mostly use Fiverr.com as their source of testimonials. If you go to Fiverr.com and type in “spokespeople” or “testimonials”, you’ll be presented with loads of people offering their services for a small fee. Some people will say anything in a video to earn a few dollars, even claiming they’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars with a shitty product.

Signs to Look out For

I want to alert you to the common giveaways that tell me, that not all is legitimate. If you see testimonials that claim they’ve made big bucks with a program, be sceptical. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If a product says you only have to work a few minutes per day, don’t believe it. If it says there’s only limited availability, this is just a scare tactic.

Other concerns could be that there’s no Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions. These are legal statements that all legitimate websites should have, including mine. Also, check to see is a product has support, or contact information.

Tired of seeing Scams or endless fraud sites?

Learn how to build a sustainable profitable online website 

My Verdict

As you can guess by now, I’m not going to recommend this program to any of my readers here. I believe Ecom Cash Code to be a scam, would be doing you a disservice if I was an affiliate for them, which I am not.

I’d like to make you aware of the different products that go by different names. So many unethical sites have popped up, then get exposed by reviewers like myself. This is the reason that some of these products buy a new domain name, and have the program or product name changed.

Not long ago I reviewed a product called My Work For Life. If you take a look at my review, it also goes under the names of over 15 different domains. That’s just what these sites do, they keep moving around trying to lure in more unsuspecting victims.

Just one other thing to note. I’d urge you to also look at the fine print of these sites. As you can see below, the huge claims made in the sales video are not to be expected. Their site states “Results are not typical”.

Is New Plan Today a Scam Not Typical Results

Wrapping Up

No doubt if you keep searching for quick ways to make money online, you’ll constantly find these types of poor quality opportunities. The creators of these websites know exactly the type of people they’re after, and they are generally the vulnerable ones.

If I can give you one piece of advice, it would be this. Making money online takes time. You’d be better off to stick to one wealth creation method, and stop deviating in search of that next great opportunity. You want a great opportunity? Then read on below and find out how I make money online.

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