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I’ve recently been shown a new course that has been released by Igor Kheifets, called Elite Affiliate Pro. I always find it interesting to compare different affiliate courses and platforms to my No.1 recommendation, and this course caught my attention.

I was privileged to gain access to the course so I could write this Elite Affiliate Pro Review. If you’re unsure whether Elite Affiliate Pro is worth the cost, I’ll give you the insights of what you can expect on the inside. So, let’s get stuck in and see what Igor can teach us.

Oh, and I’m not an affiliate of Elite Affiliate Pro either, so this review is impartial.

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Elite Affiliate Pro Summary

Elite Affiliate Pro 500x200Product Name: Elite Affiliate Pro
Founder/Owner: Igor Kheifets
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
Price: $997
Best For: Affiliate marketing intermediateS
Program Summary: In my opinion, this course is better suited to those that are more experienced in affiliate marketing, and already have their own email list. Newbies would not understand much of what is explained inside.
Would I Recommend It: Maybe
Rating: 54/100

What is Elite Affiliate Pro

I really didn’t know what to expect with Elite Affiliate Pro, and I didn’t know who Igor Kheifets was. Having watched Igor’s course; however, I was pleasantly surprised. Not too impressed with the length of video, or the presentation method. But the knowledge Igor possesses is impressive.

Elite Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing/email marketing course, which Igor claims is the ‘Fastest Shortcut To Affiliate Marketing Success’.

The course was previously recorded as a live webinar, and therefore the course video lengths are extremely long. I can tell this because from time to time, Igor looks at comments through the webinar chat facility.

I do believe that the Elite Affiliate Pro course is more targeted towards intermediate affiliate marketers, and maybe even advanced marketers. Igor does state in some videos that you’ll be promoting to your list, but if you don’t have a list, you can check out his other training to learn how to do this.

This suggests to me that this course is not targeted towards beginners to affiliate marketing. If you’re unsure who Igor Kheifets is, here’s a stage presentation he did to promote his flagship course List Building Lifestyle.


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Elite Affiliate Pro From The Inside

I’m going to explain what you’ll find on the inside of Elite Affiliate Pro, so you can compare it to other programs such as my preferred recommendation.

#1 Education Review

The education is split into various sections which I’ll explain here.

Elite Affiliate Pro Step-by-Step Blueprint

Your Target Market – This is the meat and potatoes of this course. This is where Igor gives you a great understanding of what your potential customers or buyers will be thinking. Having this knowledge is powerful, because you can act on it to convince your audience to purchase from you.

There are aspects of a potential customer that we as affiliate marketers need to know. These are the main factors that Igor points out.

  • What scares them?
  • What frustrates/angers them?
  • What have they tried in the past that failed?
  • What they suspect to be true (as to why they failed and why it’s so hard to succeed?)
  • What’s their day to day look like for them? What are some of the daily occurrences in their life that annoy them?
  • Who and what are their enemies?
  • What’s their ideal outcome? What do they secretly, ardently desire most?
  • What have they bought in the past that failed?
  • What have they bought in the past that worked?

It’s fine to know what these factors are, but we also require the answers. This is what I do like about this course, that Igor goes in depth to explain the answers to all these questions.

How To Find High-Converting CPA Offers – Anyone can muddle through and search for affiliate offers. Igor will show you the 5 stages of making money from home, then provide 10 ways to make money online. This consists of various money making opportunities and which ones work better.

You’ll then get a break down of the average commission value (ACV), including the entire funnel system that is recommended. You’ll learn where to find income streams (affiliate networks), and things to look for in a franchise opportunity.

How To Find High-Converting Clickbank and Private Webinar Offers – As the title suggests, you’ll get a tutorial on how to find Clickbank products to promote, and weed out the good from the bad. Unfortunately, Clickbank does allow scams to promote through their platform.

The second part of this video shows you how to promote ClickSure Products. The problem here is, ClickSure is no longer run as an affiliate network. They closed up shop in 2018.

How To Create a Presell Page That Doubles Conversions – This video alerts me to the fact that the Elite Affiliate Pro course is targeted to intermediate affiliate marketers. This is because Igor talks about how to frame your promotions to your email list. No newbies will have an email list, so apparently a video will be uploaded to show how to do this.

This part of the course talks about creating a presell email that takes the user to your presell page which hosts a presell video with a call to action.

Case Study – Carrying on from the presell page video above, Igor shows a previous case study of how this comes together. He shows a webinar that he was promoting, which has been promoted through his bridge page.

This is all explained to show you the power of building an email list. Igor shows the opt-in rate that was achieved through using this presell page.

How To Quickly Create Profitable Emails – You’re going to learn critical elements of what people look for when they receive an email from you. Is content still king, or is entertainment through your message just as important. You’ll learn all this plus common mistakes that are often made when sending emails.

I really like Igors ‘12 Formulas to Writing Profitable Emails’. This insight seems logical when laid out, but you still need the imagination to write.

How To 10X Your Conversions With Bonuses – This is where is power of offering bonuses is explained. Igor will give you a list of 15 different bonus options that you can create for your audience.

How To Push People Off The Fence With Ethical Scarcity – You’re going to understand how to give people that gentle push to make them buy. The scarcity tactic will help stop people procrastinating, and nudge them towards a purchasing decision.

Igor will explain various scarcity options, how to limit the offer and how much time to give them.

M6-Step Super-Affiliate Checklist

Igor says his job is to make sure your email marketing campaigns run smoothly and you don’t get overwhelmed. He’s created a checklist which you can see below.

Elite Affiliate Pro Checklist

Each of these sections opens up 8-12 questions you should be asking yourself when you run your email marketing campaign. Igor runs through these questions and provides solutions you should think about.

I believe this part of the course may have come from Igor’s main course called ‘List Building Lifestyle’.

$100,000 Affiliate Campaign Director’s Cut Case Study

I believe Igor Kheifets is an experts email marketer, as opposed to a blogger affiliate marketer. He makes the majority of his income from sending emails out to his expansive email list.

This lesson shows a case study flow chart of how Igor sets up his campaigns. You’ll also get to see Igor’s emails that he’s sent out, so you understand what works.

7 Campaigns w/Copy/Paste Rights

You’re going to receive a zip file that contains HTML templates that you can modify for your own use. Igor shows you how to modify these templates is his video series.

Extra Additions and Bonuses

As part of the Elite Affiliate Pro course, Igor has thrown in some added extras including his Traffic Academy presentation. In this lesson he says you will learn the following:

  • 4 Essential components of a self-paying traffic funnel
  • How to make your traffic pay for itself many times over
  • How to tap into a large pool of ideal clients for your online business
  • How to track, what you measure and why
  • Most common ways you get scammed when using paid traffic to build your business
  • How to find high-quality traffic sources
  • How to negotiate down your traffic price
  • How to scale your lead generation responsibly and profitably
  • 10 traffic ROI boosters
  • How to sell traffic to make money

There’s two main aspects that I see to this training. Firstly, Igor embraces solo ads which is a paid method of gaining traffic. Alternatively, you’ll be using your own email list to send out offers.

While I do believe this is useful information, it’s only relevant once you’ve either got an email list, or your affiliate website is already established.

You’re also going to be taught about which autoresponder to use, and setting up a lead capture page. Like many course creators out there, Igor recommends Clickfunnels to build your lead capture page.

And of course, he uses his affiliate link to send you over to clickfunnels to purchase it. This is totally fine though, you don’t pay any more. Igor just takes a commission from sending you there, which is the whole idea of affiliate marketing.

What I do like in this lesson is the outreaching strategy that Igor used. He finds influencers with large email lists, and sends them an email for a business proposition.

#2 Elite Affiliate Pro Tools

Elite Affiliate pro is solely an educational course. There are no integrated tools and features. Igor does provide email templates that you can modify, but that’s as far as it goes. He does suggest external tools such as an email autoresponder and Clickfunnels.

#3 Elite Affiliate Pro Support

Of course there is support for Elite Affiliate Pro. You can contact the support team by emailing SUPPORT@LISTBUILDINGLIFESTYLE.COM.

#4 The Cost

The cost of Elite Affiliate pro stands at $997. In my opinion, this is too high for what you’ll be receiving in the course.

The Best of Elite Affiliate Pro

#1 Knowledge

​I really like the knowledge that Igor Kheifets understands about the average buyer. Many people have attempted to explain the average buyer, which mostly comes across as just dictated copy from elsewhere.

Igor not only offers the questions that potential customers will be thinking and going through, but also follows up with answers that you should be thinking about when writing your article copy.

#2 Genuine

I believe that Igor kheifets has your best interests at heart in this course. Although I find the presentation of the Elite Affiliate pro course bland, I did find myself captured, listening to Igor explain certain aspects. His genuinity does come through, showing that he wants you to succeed through his teachings.

What Puts Me Off Elite Affiliate Pro

As with most courses and programs, there are always pros and cons. Here’s what I don’t particularly like about Elite Affiliate Pro.

#1 Long Video length

Some course creators just don’t get it. The shorter you make tutorial videos, the easier it is to go back and find relevant parts you’re interested in. I’ve reviewed lots of courses and programs, and the ideal video length in my opinion, is 6-10 minutes.

This is enough time for the students to consume what is being taught. It’s also easy to go back over and find relevant information that has been bookmarked in the mind. I understand that sometimes it’s necessary to make videos longer, because the extra information is relevant. But webinars that run over 2 hours are just way too long.

#3 Slightly Overpriced

Having studied various other affiliate and email courses in the past, I feel this course is slightly overpriced. Having said that, it depends on how much you get out of the course, which ties in with the experience you’ve had and where you’re situated development wise.

#3 Pricing Disclaimer

Okay, it’s a common strategy used to make you look like your getting a bargain. But claiming this course usually costs $8,000 is taking the piss. I’d be surprised if anyone would pay $8K for an online course. Sure, there’s some good information here, but I think the ‘discounted’ cost of $997 is overpriced.

Don’t worry about the countdown timer either, it’s a scarcity tactic to make you think you have to get in immediately. You’ll still be able to come back the next day and buy at the same price. These scarcity tactics DO work, and Igor even touches on this in his course. Elite Affiliate pro Countdown Timer

#4 Some of the Course is Old

Not all of this course is recent, but that doesn’t mean it’s not relevant. I know this because the course was released in 2019, yet Igor mentions how he observed how MOBE sold their ‘21 system’. He talks about how Matt Lloyd the owner should change the approach to his steps. The thing is, MOBE was shut down in early – mid 2018.

Would I Recommend Elite Affiliate Pro

It depends where you are in your online affiliate marketing journey. If you’re just starting out, I would not recommend Elite Affiliate pro. You’d be better off joining Wealthy Affiliate which will cost you much less, and get you on the path to success before you’d need to implement Igor’s strategies.

If you’ve been affiliate marketing for some time, and you’re making some money but need to push it to the next level, then Elite Affiliate pro would be worth considering.

Is There a Better Option

As I previously mentioned, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have created the ideal platform for anyone to excel at affiliate marketing. WA does not only provide the best up to date training that teaches how affiliate marketing works, the platform also provides integrated tools and website hosting.

This allows you to learn and build your website all from one place. It’s where I was taught all aspects of this industry, and I’m still a member of WA. If you’d like to become a successful online affiliate marketer, read my review of Wealthy Affiliate and make up you own mind.

I can help you along the way, and you’ll be welcomed by a huge community of like minded affiliate marketers, many of which are hugely successful. Read on below to get started.

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