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​Alex Becker has released a program called Elysium First Day Entrance, and I’ve been privileged enough to have access to watch the course. So, I figured I should write an Elysium First Day Entrance review so others could see what they would be getting into should they decide to purchase the program.

I will say first up, that if you don’t have a thick skin, or you don’t like swearing, you may not enjoy Alex’s method of getting his message across. While it makes no difference to me, some of you may not enjoy this approach to online teaching.

With that said, let’s get into this Elysium First Day Entrance review.

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Elysium First Day Entrance Summary

Elysium First Day Entrance Review 500x200Product Name: Elysium First Day Entrance

Founder/Owner: Alex Becker

Product Type: Webinar Funnel Course.

Price: $697

Program Summary: In my opinion, some of the knowledge you’ll gain from the Elysium First Day Entrance course is very good. Having said that, this is not a course for total beginners to make some extra money online.

Would I Recommend It: Yes

Rating: 50/100

What is Elysium First Day Entrance

Let me begin by saying I am not an affiliate for Elysium First Day Entrance, or any of Alex Becker’s products. This is an impartial review.

Basically, if you’re wanting a solution to earning big money online, and are willing to invest lots of hours to make this happen, Elysium First Day Entrance may be the ideal course for you. Alex Becker will tell you exactly like it is, he doesn’t beat around the bush.

If you’re not interested in putting in the long hours, then don’t expect the big bucks. This is clearly stated throughout the first week of the course.

So what is Elysium First Day Entrance about? It’s a course designed to show you the correct steps of creating a webinar, and using a funnel to attain as many email addresses onto your list as possible, and making sales concurrently.

While this will work for any digital or physical product, it’s partly targeted towards high ticket digital courses. In particular, Alex Becker’s H-Com 2020 course, of course!

So let’s have a look at the inside of Elysium First Day Entrance.

Elysium First Day Entrance Review Alex Becker

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Elysium First Day Entrance From The Inside

Entering into the Elysium First Day Entrance, you’ll be presented with the course dashboard. The course is split into various weeks, which is a little cunning by Alex, I’ll explain this later.

#1 Education Review

So here’s a rundown of the 6 weeks of the Elysium course.

  • How to use Elysium
  • Week 1 – An Elysium Mind
  • Week 2 – Elysium Understanding
  • Week 3 – Elysium Script
  • Week 4 – The Elysium Funnel
  • Week 5 – Elysium Ads
  • Week 6 – Elysium Scale
  • 13X Week – After the Webinar

Week 1 – An Elysium Mind

The first week of this course encompasses 19 videos of working on getting the correct mindset to achieve success. Alex suggests that the first video is the most important of the whole Elysium First Day Entrance course, and he doesn’t hold back on telling you why you’ve failed in the past.

You’ll listen to Alex for over 19 minutes, explain the critical mind elements that you need to change, for success to happen. In fact, this whole week is structured around your mentality, your habits, and what you require mentally to succeed. Here’s a list of the full video series in week 1.

  • How To Have Sucess (CRITICAL) : 19:15 min
  • Mothman Self Destruction (CRITICAL) : 17:51 min
  • Using The Facebook Group : 13:23 min
  • Your Greatest Enemy. Spot Them And Destroy Them Or Fail : 6:39 min
  • Focus Dynsfuction : 9:47 min
  • One Thing Mentality : 3:19 min
  • Social Media (The Death Of The Mind) : 8:00 min
  • Time Management : 7:17 min
  • Tracking Time : 7:17 min
  • Slipstream Streaminlining : 14:54 min
  • The True Way To Make Money Fast : 2:38 min
  • Truth : 8:00 min
  • Stop Lying : 7:52 min
  • Goals : 5:59 min
  • Habits : 8:59 min
  • Your Personal Accountability Weapon : 5:09 min
  • Your Grand Dream : 7:32 min
  • The 30 Day Mind Cleanse (You Will Lose Without This) : 13:23 min
  • What Now : 3:21 min

Although I believe that much of the mindset mentality information is replicated in some of these videos, the message behind this module is just so true. Alex basically explains that not watching a whole course, not focusing and not using your time effectively is what’s holding you back.

I don’t make money the same way as Alex, I have this blog where I provide good and bad reviews, offering my insights so you can get value. However, I also need the same mentality as Alex, to firstly watch the whole Elysium First Day Entrance course, then take another 3 hours to sit down and write this review.

Skipping any part of this process is not providing you with the correct information. The info Alex Becker provides in this first module is an eye opener to many, especially with some of the language he uses. Get used to it.

Week 2 – Elysium Understanding

Without giving too much away, Alex is going to explain to you how it’s easier to get bigger results with a webinar for a high end product, than lower end. You’ll get a full understanding of how this webinar and funnel flow come together throughout this module.

Along with this, you’ll be capturing a huge number of email leads that is so essential for future promotion and marketing. This becomes your free traffic.

Here’s a breakdown of the Elysium Understanding module:

  • Seeing The Big Picture : 16:40 min
  • Finding A Webinar Product Maker Partner : 8:57 min
  • Understanding A High Ticket Front End Product : 12:32 min
  • The 3 Types Of Customers (And The Key To Big Scale) : 18:36 min
  • Growing At Break Even : 5:02 min
  • The Up and Downs : 6;53 min
  • Identifying Your Targets Belief Tower : 10:33 min
  • Gimmick Skills : 4:18 min
  • Creating Your Webinar Angle From Your Tower : 5:46 min
  • Researching Your Target : 19:08 min
  • Designing Your Product and Offer : 18:56 min
  • Info As A Front End : 4:44 min
  • The Next Step and Preparing To Create The Pitch 2:56 min

The preferred method of teaching that Alex uses, is an online whiteboard. It’s not really my cup of tea, but it’s a simple way to get the message across, as long as you can write neatly enough!

You will get a great insight into the tactics Alex uses for finding product makers that you can partner with. Once you’ve found or created your product, it’s all about the pitch for your webinar.

As part of this module, you’re also going to get a handle on Broad v Targeted traffic. To me, this is one of the most critical aspects of the course as it can really blow your budget. This again is all spoken about on the whiteboard, as it’s more about strategy. You’ll get a better explanation about setting up your ads in week 5.

Week 3 – Elysium Script

As the name suggests, this section is all about getting your script correct. You will basically learn the elements that make a good script. Even though you will be given a downloadable script for your own use and modify, you still need to understand WHY it works.

So there’s 8 videos for you to go through here, as follows:

  • How To Use This Webinar Script : 7:25 min
  • Before and After : 4:38 min
  • Profit VS Break Even Theory : 1:12 min
  • The Webinar Content Script Step By Step : 36:18 min
  • Closing The Webinar Step By Step : 15:55 min
  • LONG DETAILED EXPLANATION – Webinar Content : 1:40:14 hr
  • LONG DETAILED EXPLANATION – Closing Script : 1:35:26 hr
  • Downloadable Script : 2:26 min

Again, the online whiteboard is used to explain just about everything, but you are shown the slides for an example webinar, and why it’s written in the format it is. There is a reason it’s laid out and expressed the way it is, because it encourages more people to sign up.

Now, this module also has 2 very long webinar videos, which both run for well over 1 hour. They are examples of how other experts have run their campaigns, and the results they’ve achieved. Also the strategies these experts have used, and what made them the most money.

The second of these webinars shows Alex explaining how good his H-Com 2020 eCommerce course is, and this can be used to promote as your webinar. I feel this is a promotional webinar for H-Com 2020

Week 4 – The Elysium Funnel

Okay, we’re getting through it. So you’ll be learning about the parts of a webinar funnel that need to come together for the whole package to work properly. This includes your optin form, a thank you page, the live webinar and a replay page.

The included videos are these:

  • Intro To The Elysium Live Funnel : 1:41 min
  • Strategy Overview : 1:46 min
  • The Webinar Opt In : 5:32 min
  • The Webinar Thank You Page : 2:56 min
  • The Webinar Replay Page : 2:54 min
  • Pre Webinar Emails : 4:42 min
  • Post Webinar Emails : 2:11 min
  • Gotowebinar Functionality Training : 8:23 min

So these fairly short video lessons simply explain the process of the funnel. Alex just runs through each of the pages and how they are formatted, written etc.

One thing of note. Alex uses GoToWebinar and explains how a webinar is setup. He also explains that it’s expensive, at$89 per month. So, Alex also suggests you try Demio at $34 per month, but there’s no training for this, so you’ll have to YouTube it.

Week 5 – Elysium Ads

So, Alex Becker’s preferred choice of paid advertising is Google AdWords. You’re going to find a few videos that relate to setting up your ads, and also how to edit your videos. Here’s the 9 videos for week 5:

  • Intro To Ads : 3:40 min
  • Basics Of Filming YouTube : 8:08 min
  • Basics Of Editing Ads : 4:54 min
  • Basic Ad Script : 5:51 min
  • Creating YouTube AdWords Ads : 2:27 min
  • The Strategy Low Hanging Mega Profit YT Ads : 4:30 min
  • YouTube Targeting Tactic Strategic Placements : 7:33 min
  • YouTube Targeting Tactic MEGA Specific Keyword Targeting : 3:04 min
  • YouTube Targeting Tactic Retargeting Your Own Videos : 3:57 min

There is a video displaying the sort of equipment Alex suggests for creating your webinar, such as microphone, camera etc. Also how to modify your videos to get them exactly the way you’d like.

I did like the video on Ad Script here, which is only very short. But it does teach you how to capture your visitors attention right from the start of your webinar. Then finishing up, it’s about targeting the correct audience for your webinar.

Week 6 – Elysium Scale

Just briefly, the scaling techniques was not complete when I had access to the Elysium First Day Entrance course, so I’ve excluded this part of the course.

#2 Tools Review

This is an educational course only, so there are no integrated tools as part of Elysium First Day Entrance. You will however be pointed in the direction of a few external tools that will be required.

These external tools are clickfunnels for setting up and storing your funnel path, TubeSift to help with video targeting and GoToWebinar or Demio. Each of these come with a recurring monthly fee. No doubt Alex will give you his affiliate link so he makes a commission each time you sign up to one of these. There’s nothing wrong with that, you’ll pay the same amount anyway.

#3 Support Review

The Elysium First Day Entrance support is via a Facebook Group. You’re encouraged to ask all questions directly to Alex in this Facebook Group, and not get answers from other members.

Although I don’t mind the use of a Facebook Group, I’ve heard some really bad reports about the treatment of some group members. I’ll touch on this in the reviews section.

#4 The Cost

At $697, I feel the course is slightly overpriced. I also believe some of the course has come from other courses that Alex has created in the past.

Previously, Alex has created Attract.Control.Sell.Repeat, 8x Hero, Source Phoenix, Source University Reloaded, The H-Com Program, Back File, Hero Consulting Accelerator and H-Gram. It only makes sense to take from these courses if it’s a double up of information.

The Best of Elysium First Day Entrance

#1 Knowledge

If Alex Becker isn’t all that knowledgeable, then he sure come across as extremely informed. He does know what he’s talking about, but he also comes across as extremely confident. Some may say too confident and abrupt.

There is some very good information in this course, but I think if you’ve been unsuccessful in the past, the mindset module at the beginning is going to be your clue to becoming successful.

#2 Genuine

Although I do think Alex Becker genuinely wants to help you, I don’t always think he goes about it in the best manner. He’s brash and possibly egotistical, but that’s okay. Anyone who gets to this level can be like that, and I do think he wants you to succeed.

Some people take his approach as criticism, which is also fine. You can only talk to a general populous in a video, and you’ll know if you’re the one who he’s directing some of his comments at. In my opinion, I don’t mind this approach.

What Puts Me Off Elysium First Day Entrance

As with all courses, there is always some good and bad points.

#1 Course Layout & Guarantee

As I mentioned earlier in this review, the Elysium First Day Entrance course is split into 6 different weeks. So each week you’ll be going through all the videos dedicated to that week.

Alex does say at the beginning that if you don’t watch every second of the videos, you’ll miss parts and complain about why you’re not successful. I don’t disagree with this, you need to watch the whole video series of any course you purchase. However, this is what I don’t like.

Obviously it’s going to take you well over 30 days to go through the course and watch it all. Yet there is only a 30 day Refund Guarantee. This guarantee also states that you must spend at least $100 USD on advert spending, you must have watched all assessments up to week 6, created a Shopify store and asked coaches for help in the Shopify store.

I agree that you need to give this a good crack before attempting to claim your money back, but the refund guarantee should be closer to 60 days, to give users enough time to complete the course, and then implement the tactics.

#2 Too Much Whiteboard

In my opinion, you can get too much whiteboard. That’s the case with this course in my opinion. I understand that some course creators find it easier to express their message, but you really end up looking at a page of scribble.

Elysium First Day Entrance Review Whiteboard

I would have liked to see more examples of implementation, such as using clickfunnels or Facebook ads. I feel that Alex rushes through his tutorials on Google Adwords and GoToWebinar.

#3 Reviews

To be honest, I was astonished when I reviewed Alex Becker’s other courses. As there were no reviews for Elysium First Day Entrance, I looked up reviews on Alex’s flagship product Market Hero.

To say the least, the reviews are not very complementary. I haven’t gone through Market Hero course, so I’ll reserve judgment for now, but I was a little staggered.

#4 Don’t Understand What Your Getting

I’m a bit perplexed by the Elysium First Day Entrance sales page, which basically states 4 lines with this:

-Full instant access

-4 week of step by step training

-Scripts/Template/Ads all blueprinted

-1 year of FB group coaching

So what is this supposed to mean. It doesn’t tell us what the course is about, how long the course is, what we’ll learn about or anything of relevance. This is why I’ve laid out the course structure for you.

Would I Recommend Elysium First Day Entrance

​I would recommend Elysium First Day Entrance to the right people. If you have a large budget, if you don’t mind abruptness, if you have some experience, then Elysium First Day Entrance may be a beneficial course for you.

The main 2 things to get out of this course would be the mindset required to succeed, and the funnels formula that Alex uses for his campaigns.

If you’re new to wanting to make money online, then I think this course may be a little over your head. As a beginner, I wouldn’t want to see you thrown in the deep end, and I believe Alex Becker’s audience should be experienced to some degree.

Is There a Better Option

A far as webinar funnels courses go, I haven’t reviewed any others as yet. I do believe it’s a skill that you should pick up the further you get into online marketing.

If you’re just starting out as a beginner, and looking to make money online, I can advise a few courses. My personal favourite is Wealthy Affiliate, an all-in-one platform that will not only teach you how to become a successful affiliate marketer, but you’ll be joining the largest online community dedicated to affiliate marketing.

If you’d like to try your hand at eCommerce, there are 2 courses that stand out for me. The first is Adrain Morrison’s eCom Success Academy, which is the Rolls Royce of eCom training. It is a little on the expensive side, but is worth every penny.

Alternatively, Ricky Hayes eCom Lifestyle University is also a brilliant eCommerce course, at a fraction of the price.

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Wrapping Up

Building webinars and using a funnel to promote them through paid advertising, is just one method of making money online. It can be risky, especially as a beginner. If you’re not averse to risk, then I would avoid Elysium First Day Entrance.

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