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Fortuna Review


I guess you’re here to find out if Fortuna is going to get you the high rankings, that their sales page claim you’ll get. It’s a big call isn’t it, suggesting you’ll snatch the top places in Google for the keywords you choose.

I’m going to let you know what I’ve discovered, and see if this will be of any benefit to you. Products like this come out all the time, most of them are nothing more than hot air. So let’s see what this Fortuna WordPress plugin has in store.

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Fortuna Summary

Fortuna WordPress Plugin Review 500x200Product Name: Fortuna

Founder/Owner: Simon Greenhalgh

Product Type: Website Builder & WordPress Plugin

Price: 19 (Beginner) $24 (Pro) 2 Year License

Program Summary: In my opinion, the results you’ll see with this product will not be much quicker, if quicker at all, than doing SEO manually. It’s a new shiny object that may make you feel better about installing it.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 35/100

What is Fortuna

Okay, let’s start with the Fortuna sales page, and see what they suggest this product can do. To start with, they say this is ‘an automated website builder that works around long tail keywords for fast and easy rankings’. So, this is not just an SEO plugin, it’s a website builder that creates posts and pages for you.

Your not told this on the sales page, but it’s actually a WordPress plugin. Apparently, this is ‘Automated Websites, but better‘! To say I’m a little sceptical is an understatement, but more about this soon.

So, Fortuna has been used to build websites In every niche imaginable. Their users have promoted products on autopilot from various platforms such as JVZoo, Warrior+Plus, ClickBank, Shopify, click funnels etc. I really hate the term autopilot. It’s a term that suggests you’ll NOT be required to do anything once this is stalled, but this assumption would be wrong.

They claim this to be the most powerful auto website builder ever created. Ah yeah, I beg to differ. There are loads of website builders out these days, including my preferred choice to build websites.

With Fortuna, you’ll be able to incorporate highly targeted viral videos, millions of high quality images and automatically optimize every post using their proven to rank strategy. This is all done because they say you’ll get guaranteed unlimited unique content into your posts.

So, let’s run over a few of these features to see what’s really possible.

How Does Fortuna Work

Yes, I am sceptical that a product like this claims you can overtake all the hard working SEO enthusiasts out there, to rank highly in Google. Let’s first look at how Google determines what makes a high ranking.

You’re required to add ‘Search Engine Optimization’ into each post, meaning the input of keywords in title tags, alt images, meta tags & description etc. Other factors also play a part in high rankings, and I want you to pay close attention to this one. It’s called ‘AGE’. Google likes aged websites that have been constantly worked on. Websites that have been around for under 6 months rarely get to page one.

Having said that, Fortuna does say that they work with long tail keywords, which are easier to rank for. However, it also means you’re targeting smaller niches and audiences.

So, the plugin itself can build you lots of posts and you won’t require writing a word of content yourself. This concerns me greatly, because nobody is going to waste their precious time writing articles for you. They even say that the biggest issue is the sheer amount of words that need to be written.

Fortuna WordPress Plugin Review Content

So where does your content come from? Either the content has previously been written by the Fortuna team, which means everyone will use the same content. This is known as duplicate content, and Google will penalise your website in the rankings.

But I really suspect your content will be pulled from other websites, which is also duplicate content. Fortuna may have an internal content spinner, which attempts to write the same content in a different way. This usually ends up messy and the content does not make sense. You’ll need to reread it and fix any errors in the new content. So much for ‘never write another word again’.

On the SEO side of things, I understand this detects SEO factors which are not optimised in your post, allowing you to correct these issues. But there’s already SEO plugins for this. Two of the best are All-in-One SEO and Yoast. While All-in-One-SEO is my favourite, Yoast gives you these indication factors in a simple manner.

Something that may be useful in Fortuna, is the Geotargeting function. This is handy if your promoting to local clients, and want your search results to rank accordingly.

Images & Videos

The plugin can import free images and videos, which you’d need to make sure are relevant. They are based on keywords that you’ll enter, then you can browse through the media to see what is worth adding to your post.

Sure, this is a reasonably handy addition for anyone creating content, but you can source it all manually anyway. All YouTube videos can be embedded into websites unless they have specifically been given privacy rights. There’s also many free stock image websites such as Unsplash or Pixaby, where you can use copyright free images without attribution.

The platform I use has its own inbuilt content creator, which is a similar feature to this. So don’t think this is a unique feature that you cannot get from other programs.

Will You See Results With Fortuna

In my opinion, this product may only be useful for ranking in local targeted areas with the Geotargeting function. Even then, you’ll need an established website that has gained some authority from Google.

I don’t believe the unlimited unique content is going to be that unique. No product can claim to create relevant content from directly within. Good rankings come from writing valuable relevant content to a targeted audience. I highly doubt you’ll get this with Fortuna.

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My Verdict

I’m loathe to suggest that Fortuna is a rubbish product, as it looks like there may be some value. I just wouldn’t be recommending it to my readers. I believe there are no shortcuts in SEO, and to suggest that a product like this can push past everyone else in the rankings is ludicrous.

It takes time to gain the authority required to get these high rankings. Sometimes you may be able to get rankings quicker if the long tail keywords have minor competition. Fortuna have this part correct, but you don’t require a product like this to get these results.

If you already have a website that has good authority, and you don’t have good rankings, then maybe you’re just not using SEO as well as you should. I’d urge you to read my article on how SEO can help your affiliate marketing to get a better understanding of how to rank higher.

Learn From The Beginning

If you’re considering Fontana as you’re next money making opportunity, forget it. This product will possibly help you if you’ve already got a locally marketed website, but a new niche website, I’m not so sure.

You’re going to come across many products like this if you keep searching for that next white knight opportunity. Unfortunately, most of them don’t provide the full package that you’re after. They’ll all encourage you to purchase upsells that will give you more opportunity for success, proving the initial product will not be good enough.

I can show you a platform that will demonstrate how to build your own sustainable online business. You’ll learn everything about affiliate marketing, and how to really rank in the search engines for the long term.

You can read my review about this platform here, which will give you an insight into building your own website using their own website builder. They even include hosting in their membership fee, which you can take for a test drive for FREE.

There’s integrated tools, including a keyword research tool, ‘site comment’ and ‘site content’ features. You’ll join thousands of other like-minded individuals, all willing to help each other. The owners stand by their platform, and offer all types of encouragement.

The support is second to none, and you’ll wish you joined years ago.

Wrapping Up

With Fortuna being the latest of several products from Simon Greenhalgh, you’ll want to be aware of the upsells that seem to accompany any of these products. This is common practice for many product creators.

I hope I’ve given you an insight of what to expect with Fortuna. With multiple products claiming to achieve the same thing, I wouldn’t we wasting my money on any shiny objects like this.

In my opinion, you’d be best to place your hard earned on a tried and trusted platform that’s been around since 2005, and has helped many become the successful affiliate marketer they craved, including myself. Read on below to find out more.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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