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How professional do you want your email marketing campaigns to be? Even your everyday blog posts or product reviews can do with added bling! Adding a small touch such as an animated signature can be that one extra addition that captures your readers attention.

Not all online signature creators are free, in fact most of them are paid versions. Some may appear free when you first build a signature, but downloading will cost you either money, or your email address. How would you like a free online signature creator?

I’ve found a signature creator that that will not have you out of pocket, or require you to create an account. Yes I know, it’s rare these days isn’t it.

So, let’s check out how you can create an animated, or static online signature with MobileFish.

Why You’ll Require an Online Signature

Not only does authority mean a great deal in the online business, but so does branding. There’s many key elements of a brand that you may want to consider, and a signature could be part of your branding.

When we talk about branding, it’s mainly in regards to how your site is presented on every page or post. This could be colours, headings, font size and of course, your logo.

But why not add a signature to the bottom of every post that is published by you. This could be in static form, or as an animated GIF file. They can look amazing and differentiate you from other bloggers.

This is especially true if you’re guest blogging for someone. If you regularly use a signature on your own website, then pass it on to the owner of any site you’re guest blogging on. When the owner changes post author to you, they can also add your signature. Readers can then associate your signature with your authored articles.

In my opinion, online signatures are ideal for artistic or fashion websites, along with many others. They’re certainly worth considering.

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Creating an Online Signature for FREE with MobileFish

The process of creating a signature for online use through MobileFish couldn’t be easier. Simply fill out a few fields, add colours, a font and you’re basically done. Here’s a run through of what you can expect when visiting their site to create a signature for yourself.

Signature Method

To begin with, you’ll be presented with a large dialog box with multiple options. The first thing you’ll need to do, is choose your preferred signature method. You’ll have 3 options to choose from.

  1. Create an animated signature
  2. Create a smooth looking signature
  3. Create a pixelated signature

Animated being a moving image, as if the signature is being written on the screen. Although you can opt to choose ‘non animated’ here and just download as a JPG or PNG file.

Should you keep this default method of animated signature, you’ll run through the various other options on this same screen.

If you opt for a smooth signature, you’ll be shown a slightly different screen with a drawing area displayed.

Similarly, a pixelated signature also displays various aspects that are not available in the animated option. Let’s continue with the animated version, before I explain the other options.

Free Online Signature Creator Signature Method


So that you can reference your signature in future, type in a name that reflects the signature you’re about to create. I often use my name or initials, with a brief description such as fancy, bold, scrolled or jungle. Maybe just use the font name after your initials, this gives a good indication of what you’ve created when searching later.

The file download will be called this name, that’s why it’s a good idea to describe the signature appropriately.

Font Type & Size

Next, it’s time to choose a font type from a large array of examples. Each font type has its own indication number to differentiate it from the rest. To find out which ID number matches which font, click on the small blue question mark icon next to the font field. A dialog box will appear with all the used fonts and their identification number.

Along with this, choose a size for your signature. Each font type size is different, so you may need to experiment a little. If, when you get to the end and hit the ‘create’ button, you find your signature is too small, simply change the size and click ‘create’ again.

Free Online Signature Creator Font Type and Size

Text Color & Background

You may decide that black isn’t for you, and you’d like a bit of pizazz. Here, you’ll be able to set a colour for your signature, and a change of background should you wish. This is a nice option to have, as not everyone uses the more professional black on white option.

You can either enter the colour code if you know the exact colour you want to use, or click the small colour palette symbol to the right of the colour field. This will open a new browser tab with all the colour codes.

There’s a blue question mark icon next to these entry points, but don’t bother with these explanations.

Free Online Signature Creator Signature Color and Animation

Animation Features

Depending on whether you want your signature to appear as animated or not, this is the place to make your choice. The first option here is a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. If you choose ‘no’, no other animation options will be applicable.

If you choose ‘yes’, these two choices will be offered to you. Firstly, you’ll be asked what animation speed you’d prefer, ranging from very slow and increasing to very fast.

Next up, is your looping options. By this I mean how many times you’d like the animation signature to play over. You can choose between 1-10, 20 or 30.

Image Type images

The animation option is a great one, I’ve used it in the past and they look awesome. You’ll only have the one download option, a GIF file, specifically made for small animations.

Otherwise, a static image of your online signature can be downloaded as a PNG, JPG or JPEG file. Keep in mind that PNG files will keep transparency, the other options will not.

Free Online Signature Creator Image Type

Other Options

Firstly, in relation to the above comment about transparency, an option for transparent images is next on the list. It’s also possible to download as a transparent GIF file.

Another option that I really like, is to give your signature an angle. Choose from anywhere between 0-360 degrees for your online signature to appear. I find that a smallish angle such as 12-15 degrees works well.

Smooth or Pixelated

Whilst my preferred option is to create an online animated signature, these other options of smooth or pixelated give varied preferences that you may enjoy.

What you need to be aware of with these choices, is you’ll be drawing a freehand signature to begin with, which can be a challenge on a screen for many people. But I implore you to give it a go, these are all free options after all.

What Else Does MobileFish Offer

This really is an amazing website which has been created with web developers in mind, as opposed to the owner or shareholders. Created in 2002 by Robert Lie in the Netherlands, you’ll find all sorts of information regarding website development, technologies and everything else internet related.

You’ll find a .htaccess password generator, games and mobile wallpapers amongst many other things. Have a browse around and see what else they can offer you of benefit.

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Wrapping Up

There’s loads of small technological enhancements you can make to your website that can help in some way. I’ve seen some website authors use their signature wisely as part of their branding. This could also be beneficial you.

A simple free online signature creator like MobileFish is designed specifically to help out developers or bloggers like you and me. Take advantage of these little gems, there’s not that any great FREE resources like this.

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