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​Yep, totally free

The owners behind one of the best Amazon educational courses is offering a free webinar for selling products on Amazon, and it will not cost you anything to watch it. This is a precursor to more training that can be taken should you find the initial webinar interesting.

I was blown away with what I learned just by watching the free webinar, so if you’re interested in setting up your own store via the Amazon platform, then you’d have nothing to lose by watching this presentation.

Will it teach you everything required to run your own business? Maybe not by itself, which is why they offer more robust platform based training to follow up. But, you will take away SO MUCH relevant and important knowledge from this webinar.

So, let’s take a closer look.

When Can You Watch This Free Amazon Selling Webinar

This webinar is available to watch pretty much immediately. Just by registering your interest, you will be alerted within the next 15 minutes. I will warn you though, that you want to allow more than an hour to watch the webinar in full.

In fact it goes on for much longer than an hour, but the gist of the message is delivered within the first hour, and approximately 15 minutes. I’d encourage you to watch this, because there’s no other course that gives away so much free information upfront.

Who Delivers This Webinar

Although the full webinar is presented by Jason Fladlien, it’s done on behalf of Jason and Ben Cummings, his Amazon selling partner.

How Can You Watch The Webinar

The webinar can be watched on various devices. Primarily created for desktop, it can also be watched from a tablet or smartphone.

What Will You Learn In This Webinar

So much!

Although this webinar is targeted towards those that want to earn thousands of dollars per month online through the power of an Amazon educational course, you will actually pick up a lot of information just from watching this webinar.

You’ll be presented with this instructional and explanatory webinar that will teach you about the process required to be a successful Amazon seller, which includes the following aspects.

  • Select
  • Source
  • List
  • Launch

These are Jason & Ben’s 4 Secret Weapons that has made them over 7 figures. Selling products on Amazon may sound more simple than it actually is, not that it’s rocket science, just that you need to know specific aspects. As they say: You don’t know, what you don’t know!

Without understanding these 3 secret weapons, it doesn’t really mean much. This is why you need to watch the webinar, to get a full understanding of what each element encompasses. With the methods you’ll be taught, you’ll get a handle on all aspects of this business.


Beginning with selecting the correct products to sell on the Amazon platform, you’ll hear about why picking the correct products are important, and the reasons behind this. Private label products are a big part of selling, and this is also explained.

As part of the webinar, it is described why search terms encourage people to buy, not brand products in particular.

The ‘Best Seller Ranking’ on the Amazon site should be a target for you, and historical sales data can impact this. Learning how to tilt things in your favor can be achieved, and this is explained.

It helps when there are examples of products, so you can see yourself, and the webinar will display several examples, along with what you need to look for in a product. Part of this encompasses your profit margin percentage, and typical monthly profit per product.


So, as opposed to just sourcing a product, you want to find manufacturers to work with that source these products. They will be the ones to help you get your products to Amazon, ready for shipment to the customers.

This Amazon selling webinar will explain various elements in regards to minimum order quantity, and why this matters. Lead time for getting the products to the Amazon fulfillment center will also get you thinking about promptness.

You’ll learn about why quality of product is important, and get some idea of your potential profit margin versus your actual profit. These are all important factors if you want to become a successful Amazon seller.

Lastly in the sourcing section, you’ll learn about finding private label products, and the difference between sourcing from the US and China. There’s also talk of using a concierge system as third party help. All this along with your brand & design are covered in this free webinar.


Once the above sections are covered in detail, you will get a great explanation about how to list your products successfully. Again, this is not as simple as just placing your listing on Amazon and hoping for the best. There’s an art to getting YOUR products seen before others, and all this is explained.

Much of it relates to keywords, product titles and search terms, but Amazon has their own way of determining which products are worth their top positions. And obviously, the higher your products are listed in the Amazon search results, the more money you make.


Launching your product may seem simple enough, but there’s a few factors to consider. You may decide to use ‘deep discounts’ or ‘sponsored ads’ to launch your products. This will help to gain some momentum and traction at the beginning. Or possibly a combination of these marketing factors.

The idea is to get more eyes on your products right from the beginning, and that’s what you’re going to understand from this webinar.

How Many Attendees Will Be Watching

Because this is a pre-recorded free webinar for selling products on Amazon, you will not be live with Jason, the webinar presenter. However, depending on how many people sign up for the webinar within a 15 minute period, you may have a chat facility available with other attendees.

This chat facility is not always available, but it’s also not a necessity in my opinion.

Is There a Motive With This free Webinar

Of course there is. Nobody puts out a free webinar as detailed as this, without some kind of motive behind it. Ben Cummings is an expert at selling products on Amazon. His digital online course called Search.Find.Buy. is the top course to learn how to do exactly this. I’ve reviewed this course independently on this website, and you can read my Search.Find.Buy course review here.

The webinar is attempting to sell you the course, which is an extremely good educational curriculum. I’ve watched the course myself, and it covers everything you need to know. What I’m amazed at, is the detail that is in the webinar.

For a free webinar that explains how the process of selling via Amazon works, you’re given a huge insight. For those that have no intention of purchasing the course, you’ll get a great deal of information for free just by watching the webinar.

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Final Thoughts

My thoughts on Jason Fladlien’s webinar presentation is this. Selling products on Amazon is a huge business, and the opportunity is there for anyone that put’s their energy into it. Some attempt to go it alone, which I believe is a big mistake.

There are so many elements that need to be learned, and although everything is covered in the actual course they are selling, the webinar also explains so much, which you won’t have to pay for.

It may just be the most productive hour you spend all day.

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