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I’ve recently had the good fortune of exploring Haydon Bowles Performance Dropshipping course, and I’ve documented my findings below.

Of course there’s lots of similar digital dropshipping courses online these days, with some far better than others. I’ve seen some of the best, so I know what to look for when it comes to rating these courses.

To make it easy for you to get a handle on the Performance Dropshipping course presented by Haydon Bowles, I have titled specific attributes of the course that will be of interest to you.

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Who is Performance Dropshipping Best For
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Performance Dropshipping Summary

Product Name: Performance DropshippingPerformance Dropshipping Image

Founder/Owner: Hayden Bowles

Product Type: Dropshipping course

Price: $242 / $497

Best For: Online entrepreneurs

Performance Dropshipping Pricing

At $242 as a base price, I believe Haydon’s course is well priced. However, having said that, one of the most crucial elements is missing from the base course. This is the advertising part.

Most online store owners use Facebook Ads or Google Ads to reach potential customers. I’m sure you’ve seen ‘promotional’ material show up when scrolling through Facebook. That’s exactly how sellers get eyeballs on their promotions.

Haydon does provide this at an additional cost. If you want to pay $497, you’ll be provided with more training, including how Haydon creates and scales his Advert accounts. In my view, this is an extremely important aspect. Without traffic to your promotions, you will not make many sales at all.

Performance Dropshipping Course Costs

Performance Dropshipping Features

The way Haydon presents his performance Dropshipping course is via video tutorials. In his early videos, he explains how things are done. Then you’ll see Haydon showing how to set up your store, and the best way to implement certain aspects of dropshipping.

I usually like to see courses split into videos around 5-7 minutes long. The reason for this is because they are easy to consume without getting overwhelmed.

Haydon’s videos are generally a little longer than this, usually in the vicinity of about 8-12 minutes. I don’t have a problem with this, as the whole video is related to the topic.

Who is Performance Dropshipping Best For

Anyone interested in learning how to sell products online using the dropshipping method. In fact even if you’re not using the dropshipping method, you will get a lot out of this course if you are selling your own products.

Does Performance Dropshipping offer a free trial?

Unfortunately there is no free trial. But…psst. There is a cheaper way to get the full course.

Performance Dropshipping Course Outline

I do like the way Haydon Bowles has outlined his course. The full course layout is listed below.

Module 1 – Introduction

Featuring 5 videos titled:

  1. What is Dropshipping
  2. Performance Dropshipping Structure
  3. Suppliers
  4. Payment Processing
  5. What You Can Expect From This Program

Module 2 – Module 2 – Store, Research & Rapid Product Testing

Featuring 8 videos titled:

  1. Stores For Testing
  2. Stores For Brands
  3. What Your Store Should Look Like
  4. What Apps To Use
  5. Performance Email Follow Up
  6. Low & High Ticket Products
  7. Product Research
  8. Supplier Connections

Module 3 – Build High Converting Ads

Featuring 4 videos titled:

  1. What Makes A Good Ad
  2. The Ad Format For Product Testing
  3. The Different Types Of Ad Copy
  4. 04-All Types Of Ad Formats

Module 4 – Facebook Ads

Featuring 6 videos titled:

  1. Launching Ads On Facebook
  2. Setting Up Our Column Categories
  3. High Ticket VS Low Ticket Ad Strategies
  4. Ad Account Safety
  5. Analyzing Running Ads – Looking At Our Data Through The Column Setups & Determining What To Scale
  6. Raising Your Facebook Ad Spending Limit

Module 5 – TikTok Ads

Featuring 4 videos titled:

  1. Creating Your Ads For TikTok
  2. Launching TikTok Ads
  3. The Benefits Behind TikTok
  4. Organic Branding On TikTok

Module 6 – Scaling Ads With A Winning Product

Featuring 5 videos titled:

  1. What You Need To Scale
  2. Horizontal Scaling
  3. Vertical Scaling
  4. Using No-Interest Targeting To Scale
  5. Scaling Outwards With Products

Module 7 – Transitioning From A Store To A Brand

Featuring 5 videos titled:

  1. Store Transition To A Brand
  2. Supplier Branding
  3. Content or Social Media
  4. Email Newsletter
  5. Long Term Impacts Of A Brand

Module 8 (BONUS) – Financial Literacy

Featuring 4 videos titled:

  1. Handling Cash Flow In Your Business
  2. Utilizing Credit Cards Properly
  3. Money Cycles & Investing
  4. Understanding Taxes & Company Structure

Module 9 – BONUS Videos

Featuring 16 videos titled:

  1. Chinese New Year Planning
  2. Facebook Ad Mis-tracking
  3. Consistent Breakeven Ads Solution
  4. Country Cost Of Fulfillment Narrowing
  5. Using Link Shorteners
  6. Instant Social Media Profile Setup
  7. Testing What Your Competitors Do
  8. Payment Processor Scaling
  9. Additional Viral Ecom Adz Styles
  10. Don’t Blow Your Startup Budget
  11. What To Add Another Income Stream
  12. In-Depth Price Testing
  13. Feedback Score + Circumventing
  14. Loss-Leader
  15. Digital Offers
  16. Refunds & Handling Returns

Performance Dropshipping Alternatives

I have reviewed several dropshipping courses over the past few years. There are two courses that stand out to me over all others.

The first course I would recommend is Adrian Morrison’s Ecom Success Academy. There is simply no better course that covers all the fundamentals of dropshipping. You can see my review of this course here.

The other course I highly recommend for dropshipping is called eCom Lifestyle University by Ricky Hayes. This is a cheaper alternative to Adrian Morrisons course, but is still great value for what is covered in the course. My review of eCom Lifestyle University can be accessed here.

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Final Thoughts

The only thing I was a little disappointed with in regards to Haydon’s Performance Dropshipping course, is the information regarding refunds and handling. This is left to a 3 minute video at the end of the course, and I do like what Haydon has to say, regarding the way he deals with this issue.

However, he does not show how to set up a plan for dealing with returns or refunds. This is a big part of the customer service element, and should be covered in depth in my opinion.

Apart from this aspect, I really enjoyed Haydon Bowels Performance dropshipping course. The course is very well priced and I would have no hesitation in recommending it, even though I do believe it lacks in a few areas.

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