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I recently wrote an article that I was inspired to write after watching a course called Social Media Marketing World. It was a tip about story telling when using your social media platforms. 

I’m going to continue this theme today and talk about how engagement tools can help, in particular with Instagram.

How An Instagram Engagement Tool Can Help

I watched a video today of the Social Media Marketing World conference, and learned so much from Instagram expert and presenter Jasmine Star. Jasmine says she’s a photographer & business strategist. She also claims she’s an introvert, but I highly doubt this.

She is however successful in her field, and much of this comes from her knowledge of Instagram and how to use it strategically.

Today I learned to use engagement tools when creating an Instagram story, something I didn’t really appreciate was readily available. Although they are not specifically called engagement tools, this is what Jasmine calls them.

As an example, Jasmine uses several slides, starting with an Intro slide about your business, followed by an insights slide, such as a daily routine of posting tasks. Follow that up with an engagement tool, like a poll. Ask a question and give 4 possible answers.

Because some of your audience engages with your story, they are more likely to see your Instagram posts in their feed next time they open Instagram. This is how the Instagram algorithm works, similar to other social algorithms.

So again, if you’re not adding a story to your social channels, then you should be.

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Final Thoughts

Anyone using social media wants to get more followers and more engagement. Many people are turning to Instagram to do this and any little tip can help. Hopefully this Instagram engagement tool tip resonates with you, and gives you something to think about.

The course I learned this knowledge from is called Social Media Marketing World, and can be accessed here.

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