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You may have heard of InboxDollars as a way to earn some extra cash, maybe even use it as your predominant income source. But in reality, how much money can you make with InboxDollars?

This short InboxDollars review will provide the information you need to know, and what the best methods are to earn from this survey site. That’s right, there’s more opportunity to earn money than just filling out surveys.

So read on below, and find out just how much money I believe you can make with InboxDollars.

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InboxDollars Features
InboxDollars Earning Potential
Who is InboxDollars Best For
InboxDollars Limitations
InboxDollars F.A.Q.
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Accepted Payout Methods for InboxDollars?
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Product Name: InboxDollars

Founder/Owner: Prodege

Product Type: Surveys / Tasks

InboxDollars Features

Before I get to the question of earning potential, I want to point out the ways in which you can earn money with InboxDollars. Many people think that it’s just a site where you can fill out surveys, but it’s more than just that.

There’s the potential to complete other activities, which will also offer you a monetary incentive. Here’s the 6 methods that InboxDollars suggests on their homepage that you can earn from.

  • Online Surveys
  • Watch Videos
  • Play Games
  • Online Shopping
  • Read Emails
  • Print Coupons

How Much Money Can You Make With InboxDollars Tasks

I’ve reviewed several programs in the past such as SpininCash and MoneyGuru, and I clearly state that they are scams. But what about InboxDollars, is this also a scam?

No, InboxDollars not a scam. It is a site that I would recommend for those wishing to earn a few dollars on the side, and the above tasks are how you’ll generate that income.

After you’ve filled in your signup details, you’ll be asked a load of personal questions. This is so that InboxDollars understands what your interests are, so they can display surveys and tasks that are related to you as an individual.

Something that you’ll be appreciative of, is a bonus of $5 just for signing up. You will not see it immediately though, you’ll need to confirm your email address first. This is on the “My List’ of immediate tasks when you begin, along with a few other things to get you started.

Don’t think you can just claim the $5 and run though, you’ll have to get to the minimum $30 threshold to cashout first.

InboxDollars Earning Potential

The question you’ve been waiting to hear, how much money can you make with InboxDollars? In my opinion, the earning potential is not very high, and it is argued that completing these surveys could be a waste of time for some people.

On the other hand, if you’re in the situation where $3-$4 per day is what you are content with, then it may be an acceptable amount for you. To earn this amount of money, you’ll need to be online for approximately 6-8 hours for the day.

So clearly the time invested in InboxDollars is not going to pay well in comparison to a traditional job, but in specific circumstances, it may be what is required.

Who is InboxDollars Best For

I’ll firstly state who InboxDollars is NOT for. It’s not for professionals looking for an alternative job, or even those on income benefits. Government handouts pay more than InboxDollars. But, if you’re looking to supplement your government handout, you may consider InboxDollars to boost your income slightly.

I’d still be urging the unemployed to search for a traditional job, but if you cannot find one, then completing InboxDollars tasks and surveys may be worthwhile to fill in your days.

Those in underprivileged countries may find the money that InboxDollars offers is quite reasonable, and therefore you may get more value from your time spent. 

InboxDollars Limitations

Something to keep in mind is that not all offers are available to everyone. As stated earlier, you’ll be surveyed with personal questions when you begin. This gives InboxDollars a profile to target, and you’ll receive offers and surveys that will interest you.

Because of this, you may not be given surveys when you’d like. Even though InboxDollars suggest new surveys are available everyday, you may be unsuitable, and therefore disqualified from filling them out. This can be extremely annoying.

The good thing is that other activities may be more suited to your personality, like playing games or watching videos. Again, the earning potential is not very good for any of the tasks offered here, but they can earn you a few pennies.

InboxDollars F.A.Q.

Q1. Countries that can use InboxDollars
A1. All countries

Q2. Minimum Payout limit
A2. $30

Q3. Using InboxDollars money generator
A3. Violates Inbox Dollars T & C, so don’t use it

Q4. Is there an InboxDollars App?
A4. Yes. Web, Android, iOS

Q5. Is there a VIP program
A5. Sort of. They have a Gold Membership, which you are accepted into when you cash out for the first time at reaching the $30 threshold. After this time, you get exclusive offers, faster payment processing, double sweepstakes offers and double search rewards.

InboxDollars Tips

  1. Unless you want to be bombarded with emails from InboxDollars, I’d suggest using a different email address than your personal one. Then again, you may prefer to receive these emails as they can offer tasks or surveys that may not be available from simply logging in.
  2. Be aware that some offers require you to sign up to external programs, and ask for your phone number. I’d avoid these offers, unless you don’t mind being contacted relentlessly.
  3. If you have 2 computer screens, this can work in your favour. Watching videos can be an easy way to earn, even easier if you can display it on one screen and do your own stuff on another. If you run a blog or intend earning through affiliate marketing, you could be doing this on one screen while the other has InboxDollars videos playing (with the sound low of course!).

Accepted Payout Methods for InboxDollars?

PayPal has become the No.1 payout method among these types of websites. PayPal is available with InboxDollars, along with the option to be paid via gift card. The following gift cards are available:

  • Amazon
  • Foot Locker
  • Target
  • Uber
  • Starbucks
  • Whole Foods

Keep in mind that these stores may not be available in every country.

As an alternative, you can also be paid by check.

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InboxDollars Alternatives

InboxDollars is not the only survey/task site that pays members, in fact there are others that pay slightly better. Along with InboxDollars, you may want to consider:

There’s loads of these survey websites out there, so it may pay to research several of them.

I would urge you not to consider sites that call themselves ‘Influencer networks’. Many of these tend to be scams, 2 of which I’ve mentioned earlier. Others are Notion Cash, CashGem and CashFlux. There’s a lot of them, and most tend to offer $25 start up bonus. This is how they attempt to lure you in.

Keep an eye out for these scams.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend InboxDollars? Sure, if you don’t mind earning small amounts of cash for tedious work. The reason I would recommend them is because they are a legitimate company that does pay out their members.

Are there alternatives to earning money online? Of course, and I’d always recommend this over filling out surveys. I’m an affiliate marketer, and this is a brilliant way to earn money online.

Will it happen overnight? No, but you can certainly build a platform on which to earn good money over and over again into the future. Read on below if you’d like to learn more.

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