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As I’ve mentioned before in other articles, reducing the file data size of your images is critical to your website loading time. We use images all the time to attempt to display the message we’re trying to get across to our readers.

This is often fairly easy to do in one or two images, other times it can take 10-20 images to explain things such as a tutorial. Instructions often take more images to get a message across, because there may be multiple steps taken to complete a task with multiple pages explaining these steps.

Why Do Web Pages Load Slowly

There are multiple reasons for your web pages loading slowly, and image file size is the big one. The larger your images are in pixel size, the larger they are in data size. Your CMS (Content Management System, such as WordPress) then has to scale the drawing down to a more manageable size for viewing purposes.

Also, the larger the data size, the longer images take to load due to the weight of the file. So we need to think about image size and compression before uploading any image to WordPress or other CMS.

So, How Can We Speed Up The Page Loading Time

So the first thing you need to do, is reduce the pixel size to the actual size you’d like it to appear on a web page. For instance, often you’ll download an image from a cell phone or camera. These image sizes are way too large for web viewing if set at the defaults.

Even some of the free images you may pick up from Pixabay or Unsplash are too big for what you require.

The simplest way to reduce a file image size is by going into the Windows ‘Paint’ program and clicking on ‘Resize’. Make sure you only resize to a lower scale. Do not upscale. If so, your image will become very pixelated.

You may have to crop the image to get the exact size you require.

How ShortPixel Will Reduce the Data Size.

Compressing your images is going to save you a lot of data and heartache by reducing your web page load times. How does ShortPixel do this?

They have incorporated algorithms which remove parts of an image such as layers and other relevant parts of an image, to give you the best image possible for the size you require.

All you need to do is drag and drop your image into their ‘Compression’ tool, and let it get to work.

Once ShortPixel has worked its magic, simply download it and use for your web-page.


You’ll also be given 3 options of optimisation that you can choose. The first and recommended option is ‘Lossy’. This will give you the smallest optimisation possible and therefore, offers you the best chance for a speedy webpage.

If you require better detail on your image, the ‘Glossy’ option may be fine if you don’t mind compromising on slightly lower page speed.

You may not care too much about speed loading times, so use the 3rd option ‘Lossless’. This will still optimise your image but will look identical to the original. The optimisation will only be minimal though.

See below how easy it is to optimise an image in ShortPixel.


Does ShortPixel Have a Plugin

Good thing you ask! Yes they do have a plugin as a matter of fact. Currently the plugin is for WordPress sites only.

The benefits of this, are that instead of going over to their website at shortpixel.com to compress your images, simply upload your original image into WordPress media section of your website, and the plugin will take care of the rest.

The plugin can be found by clicking on the image below and scrolling down to the ‘Download Plugin’ button.

How-ShortPixel-Reduces-Images Plugin

You’ll see a small ShortPixel logo at the top of your WordPress dashboard when processing images is taking place.


It’s also possible to do a ‘Bulk Optimize’ for all the existing images you already have on your website.

You may be thinking, ‘what happens to the original files that were uploaded’? Well, these get set aside into a separate folder in case you ever need them again.

Are There Limits with ShortPixel

The only limits you’ll find with ShortPixel are the amount of images you can compress in a month. You’re certainly best to setup a free account to get started and see if you go over the limit of 100 images.

If you do go over this limit, guess what? You have to outlay the huge price of $4.99 per month! This will give you up to 5,000 images p/m to keep you happy. You’ll also benefit from priority support should you require it.

How-ShortPixel-Reduces-Images Pricing

As far as website loading speed goes, you probably understand this yourself. If you were to click on a website and it hasn’t started loading within 3 seconds, are you going to wait? Neither will anyone else waiting for YOUR site to load.

Wrapping Up

Nobody wants to read slabs of written text theses days, we just don’t have the time. That’s why many website owners know how important images are. Some use background images, others strategically place images between their paragraphs.

As humans, we’re generally more drawn to visual images than chunks of content. That’s not to say we can’t do without written text, it just means your website will be more appealing if images are well placed to break up your pages.

The more images we use, the more resources we place on our content managements system to deal with data and space issues. Reducing image sizes is just one way to help the CMS and help our website loading times in the process.

ShortPixel has been a valuable resource for me, and can become one of your best friends also.

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