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How to Become a Music Blogger and Profit


The music niche is not only one of the most popular topics to blog about, but also one of the most difficult to profit from due to the competition. That said, there’s no reason why you cannot be one of the more successful music bloggers out there, and I’ll show you how to become a music blogger the correct way.

If you learn how SEO, keywords and other rankings factors work, you’ll have more chance than your competitors. Many people don’t know how to rank in Google and achieve a high success rate. They simply write an article about what they think their audience wants to hear, and leave it at that.

I’m going to show you how your music blogging articles will gain more traction than other music bloggers, hopefully enough to bring you decent earnings in years to come.

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Know Your Music and Give Good Advice

Obviously you intend creating this music blog because you’re a ‘muso’ yourself. Maybe not, but to succeed in this cut-throat niche, you will at least need to be knowledgeable in the field you’re entering.

Offering advice to people when you don’t know the answer yourself, is fraught with danger. Not only will you lose all credibility, but visitors will see straight through you, and never return to your site.

As a music blogger, like any other niche, great content is going to be the main component of your website. This can be achieved in a number of ways such as advice, tutorials, guides or news. You may even blog about the gigs in your hometown.

Whatever you do write about, it has to be as close to accurate as possible. You want to give great value to your readers, so they want to return for more good advice. Once you start to gain a decent amount of website traffic, your readers will appreciate what your blogging about, and you’ll start to become an authority.

Returning visitors are great, as they have gained your trust. Gaining this trust takes time, so don’t expect this adventure to boom overnight. All good things take time, and this will pay off in the long term.

How to Become a Music Blogger learning

Start a Music Related Website

It goes without saying, that as a blogger you’ll need a website. There’s many ways of going about this. The most common being, to sign up with a hosting company, and pay to have your website stored on their servers. You can purchase a domain name from this service, and have the hosting provider help you set up the website.

This hosting can cost you anywhere between $60-$140 per year for cheaper shared hosting (which will generally give you a slower loading website), or up to $500 per year for more robust hosting. Buying a domain name is cheaper, usually about $8-$15 per year for one domain.

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

When I started learning how to profit with a website, I did exactly as stated above. But I found a better option. The best way to make money with a blog is via affiliate marketing, selling other companies products via promotion, and earning commissions on each sale.

Then I figured that if I join Wealthy Affiliate, I can have my website hosted there and be taught all the affiliate marketing techniques in the one place. So I did this, and my commissions easily cover my membership costs. This is just an idea if you’re unsure about setting up the first option. WA also have a website builder which you can read about here.

Learn How to Rank in Search Engines

There’s several factors at play when it comes to ranking in the search engines. There’s what’s known as on-page and off-page SEO. On page SEO are factors that can be initiated by you, when you write a post. Off-page are generally links to your website from external sources, including social media channels.

The best thing you can do to rank your articles, it learn keyword research. Understanding keywords, how they are used and where they are placed on your posts, is a critical element to how Google will view, and position your articles against your competition.

Using a keyword tool is a fundamental necessity when it comes to keyword research, for offering you statistics such as search volume, competition and page 1 probability. Out of interest, Wealthy Affiliate give you a free keyword tool to use as part of their affordable membership package.

Join Music Affiliate Programs

So, this is how you’re going to make money through your music blog. Many companies out there incorporate affiliate programs to help them get more sales. Anyone can sign up to these affiliate programs, even if you don’t have a website. Those without a website can make commissions through YouTube or Pinterest advertising.

Once you join a music store affiliate program such as Guitar Center, you’ll usually need to be approved, which can happen within a day or so. You’ll then have an account created which you can log into, to get your affiliate links.

These affiliate links will be attached to your blogging articles. For instance, let’s say you write a blog on a particular guitar which can be purchased from ‘Guitar Center’. At the end of the article, simply enter a label titled ‘Buy here’, and attach the link code to this piece of text. This is easily done through WordPress or any other website platform.

If a visitor clicks on this text, with the link code attached, they will be directed to the merchants store (in this instance, Guitar Center), where they can purchase the product. If this visitor makes a purchase of any kind through this link, you will earn a commission based on the merchants terms.

This type of transaction is extremely common, and this model of affiliate marketing is very sustainable. Understanding how it all comes together is difficult to explain in one article. Although it’s very achievable for anyone, there are different pieces of the puzzle to navigate when you start to scale.

You may decide to start social channels to push your promotional efforts, create an email list and write guest blogs on others websites. You’ll notice various other avenues of revenue will open up the more you get into this.

How to Become a Music Blogger affiliate

Wrapping Up

If you’re musically inclined but maybe not good enough to get to the elite level of your field, then maybe learning how to become a music blogger could be your thing. Maybe you’re not interested in becoming a musician, but just love music in general, and therefore see this as your chosen niche.

Whatever the case, creating a blog targeted towards the music industry could give you the future career you’ve been searching for. This could be your calling, and a wonderful way to make a living.

But now I’m going to give you the truth about success. This may be the part you don’t want to hear, but I need to tell it like it IS. I mentioned it earlier, and I’ll say it again, you won’t be a success overnight. You won’t be a success in 2-3 months. Anyone that has become a success at affiliate marketing will tell you, it takes time to become trusted, and to become an authority.

It takes time for Google, Bing etc. to rank you in their search engines. They don’t give high rankings out to just anyone who begins a website. search engines like to see consistency and persistence over a decent period of time. They want to know you’re in this for the long term, and are going to stick around. You can learn more about keeping motivation for a website here.

Although you will be required to work hard for at least the first 6 months, with possibly no sales or visitors, the hard work will eventually pay off, and you’ll be rewarded with loads of traffic and sales for the long term. This will become your sustainable long term online business if you nurture it well.

Read on below to find out the best place to get the best affiliate training, tools, support and your hosted website.

If you have any questions or thoughts on how to become a music blogger, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

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