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How to Create a Banner for Free in 4 Steps


There are multiple elements that go into building out your website, and often you’ll be placing banners on your site. These banners could be for multiple purposes, and I’m going to show you how to create a banner for free .

It could be a sidebar banner promoting a product or service, possibly with an affiliate link to create a commission. Or possibly a heading banner to display visuals to break up your content.

Whatever the reason, banners are great for attracting the eye and distracting from slabs of written content.

I’m going to run through 2 programs where you can create free banners for your blog, that will help with building your brand. These two programs are Canva and Visme.

Both these programs make it super simple to create various types of graphical elements, banners are extremely easy.

Creating a Banner in Canva

Canva is a free to use program, and you can sign up in a number of ways. Facebook and Google are the recommended sign-in method if personal usage in your intention. Alternatively, you could create another email signup.

How to Create a Banner for Free - Canva Signup

I tend to create an email signup with strong password for all my new accounts. This is because I use the best password manager software program to keep all my passwords safely encrypted.

Now that you’re signed up, here’s how you’ll create a banner.

Step 1

When you create your first graphic in Canva, there are so many different options to choose from. Many of these include a type of banner, such as social media banners or sidebar type banners.

How to Create a Banner for Free - Recommended

For this example I’m going to choose an Etsy banner.

What’s great about Canva, is that canvas sizes for all the various banners are already set to the size for that purpose. For instance, a Facebook banner template is the intended size that Facebook suggests, same goes for this Etsy banner.

So, step 1 is to choose a banner template. Even though I’ll be using the Etsy banner, the instructions for arranging the banner are the same for all banners. You browse through the templates, or type the template you’re after in the search box.

Alternatively, you can elect to setup a custom canvas size, if you’d prefer to have a different sized banner.

How to Create a Banner for Free custom dimensions

Step 2

Now that I’ve chosen to use an Etsy template, I’ll be presented with a correct sized canvas, and a list of premade templates down the left side. All I need to do is click on a template and it will be placed on my canvas.

How to Create a Banner for Free Etsy examples

If I don’t particularly like any of these templates, I can just start designing from scratch.

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Step 3

You are now ready with a correct sized blank canvas or pre-designed layout that can be modified. I’m going to create a banner from scratch, to show you which design elements can be added.

As you can see in the image in step 2 above, the left column shows the 5 design tabs, which are Templates, Elements, Text, Bkground and Uploads. All that’s required to build a banner, is to open each one up, and click on what I’d like to add.

For instance, I’m going to add a background so I’ll click on ‘Elements’. This will then give me the option of Photos or Graphics. You can then elect to use Charts, Shapes, Frames, Lines, Icons, Illustrations and also use Grids to split your canvas.

Firstly, if I click on photos, a list of various photo categories will appear with the images below them.

How to Create a Banner for Free Photos

Let’s say I’m creating a new banner for a men’s belt sale. I’ll just type in belt in the search bar, and a list of available images will appear for me to place on my banner. Simply click on the image. Once the image has been placed on my canvas, I can drag the corner grips until my image is the size I’d like.

How to Create a Banner for Free belt

Below is my canvas with the enlarged image targeted toward the belt that I’d like. This photo image can be modified via filters or adjusting the brightness, contrast etc.

How to Create a Banner for Free belt largerJPG

Step 4

So now it’s just a matter of adding text and any graphical elements. Any of these graphical additions can be modified in terms of flipping, copying, gradient, color or resizing.

How to Create a Banner for Free Graphic

Any added text can also me modified via font, color, size etc. Below I’ve added text and a black rectangle background, so the text doesn’t get lost in the image. Each element you add can be arranged by bringing forward or sending back via the ‘Position’ label. I’ve needed to do this with the black rectangle.

How to Create a Banner for Free sale

That’s how easy it is to create a banner in Canva. I’m sure you can see the possibilities.

Creating a Banner in Visme

In a very similar manner that Canva works, Visme is a drag and drop graphic visual creator also. You have similar choices to sign-up as you can see by the image below. Again, I choose the email sign-up option as it allows me to have a more secure account.

How to Create a Banner for Free - Visme Signup

Step 1

Once signed into Visme, click the ‘Create New’ button to head over to the selection screen.

How to Create a Banner for Free - Visme Create new

In Visme, you won’t see a template called a banner. That’s because banners can be in all shapes and sizes. Instead you be presented with a variety of visual formats that could all be considered banners.

How to Create a Banner for Free - Visme Socials

In this instance, I’m going to select ‘Social’ and then choose to do a ‘YouTube Video cover’.

Step 2

Now it’s time to choose a template. You’ll be presented with an array of templates in which to choose your YouTube video cover. Either select one of these templates, or pick ‘Blank Template’ to begin your own design.

How to Create a Banner for Free - Visme YouTube Templates

Again, I’ll choose the blank template. Whether you create a blank canvas or a a pre-made template, a video will pop up explaining how to use Visme to get your visual looking great.

Step 3

Now it’s time to design. Just like I did in Canva, I’ll go searching for an image to place as my background. This time I’m going to create a banner for Indian travel. I love travel, so just thought I’d use this as an example!

Firstly I’ll click on Graphics, then the Photos tab. Typing in ‘India’ in the search bar will give me a plethora of images to use for my Travel India banner. I’ve found a good one but need to dictate how I want it presented.

When I hover over the image, a ‘Cog’ icon appears in the left corner of the image. This will allow be to choose if I want the image set as a background, or or added to my canvas. Alternatively, I can have it saved to my library of images.

How to Create a Banner for Free - Visme India background

Step 4

By default, there’s some text added in the middle of the canvas which says ‘Blank Canvas’. You can edit this text and give it a font. Color, size etc.

How to Create a Banner for Free - Visme India text

It’s also possible to give your background image an opacity. Click on the image, then options will become available to filter your background. Give an overlay color and use the slider to change the opacity. Change the brightness if needs be.

How to Create a Banner for Free - Visme India filter

My final product is a banner that can be downloaded as a JPG file with the free version. Below is my final result that was created in under 5 minutes.

How to Create a Banner for Free - Visme India Final

I’ve really only touched the surface with these programs. There is so much more that can be accomplished visually with Visme and Canva.

Both have their place, but if you ask me for my preference, it would be Visme marginally. I just find the user interface nicer and easier to use. This is my preference but Canva is also a brilliant free option.

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Wrapping Up

Both Canva and Visme are great free tools that you can create wonderful visuals. Both also offer membership options should you require more out of the program than the free version offers.

I’d certainly give both a try and see which one suits your style.

You may find one easier to use than the other, and offer more of the type of graphics that apply to your blog. Not all programs are equal, although they are similar.

Don’t underestimate the power that visual graphics such as banners can have on your readers. Anything that catches the eye and keeps a visitor reading or browsing longer is worthwhile.

Visme and Canva can create amazing banners with their great use of tools, but that’s not their limitation. This free online presentation maker can also build infographics, with the help of hundreds of infographic templates.

I can only advise you to use either of these programs in your quest to become a super affiliate marketer.

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