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Creating a menu in WordPress couldn’t be any easier, yet new WordPress users still seek advice and clarification on how to achieve this.

It’s very straightforward, and I’m going to show you how to create a drop down menu in WordPress in a number of ways.

Although adding posts or pages is the easiest method, it’s also possible to add categories or custom links to your WordPress blog.

I will walk you through the following steps to help you get started with creating a drop down menu for your website.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-navigation

Providing great navigation to your readers will offer them a much better user experience

The first step is to hover over your dashboard where it says ‘Appearance’. A sub-menu will appear where you’ll click on the sub-menu, ‘Menus’.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-menu

Now, the great thing about WordPress, is that you can make multiple menus. They can then be added to various locations. For instance, can you see the ‘Free Training’ on my right hand sidebar? This is created from a menu.

Likewise, the items in my footer at the bottom of this page, is also a menu.

To create a menu, simply click the ‘create a new menu’ link.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-create

Next, enter a name for your menu. If this is going to be your main navigation menu, call it ‘Main’, ‘Primary’ or something that will resonate with you, that suggests its the main menu. Then select the ‘Create Menu’ button

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-name

You’ll now be presented with a blank canvas for this new menu.

If you look under the ‘Menu Structure’ section, you’ll see ‘Menu Settings’. If this is to be your main navigational menu, tick the ‘Primary’ menu box. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ once you’re done.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-sample1

Depending on the theme you’re using, there’s a good chance you’ll also have an option to allocate the desired location of your menus in the theme settings. Just be aware that not all theme’s will label the location’s in the same manner.

For instance, some theme’s may call the Primary menu the ‘Main’, ‘Header’, or ‘Top’ menu. As long as you understand where your menu is to be located, you’ll have to get used to the terms that your theme uses.

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Step 3 – Add Menu Items to Your Menu

There are a number of methods for adding menu items to your drop down menu. The most common being posts or pages. I’ll quickly show you how to add these, then we’ll move onto adding categories, and follow that up with custom links.

Adding a Page or Post to a Menu

This is a very straightforward process. Firstly, your page or post needs to be published for it to show up in the ‘Pages’ or ‘Posts’ section. If your page or post is in draft or scheduled mode, it will not appear in the list.

Simply tick the box adjacent to the page or post you’re wanting to add, then click ‘Add to Menu’. You’ll then see your pages or posts appear as modules under the menu structure.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-menu4

Once you click save, your menu will go live. The menu you’ve just created is a horizontal menu, with no drop down structure. To see how to modify the menu for a drop down menu, go down to ‘Configure Your Menu’.

Adding a Category to a Menu

This is not much different than adding a page or a post. The implementation is the same, it’s what appears on the front end, from clicking on your menu that is much different.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-menu3

When you add a category to your menu structure, every post that is included within that category will appear in a blog roll. This is a much more effective way of adding posted content to your website. It also gives your readers a more user friendly experience.

All you need to do is tick the category you’d like to include, then click ‘Add to Menu’.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-category

You may also notice the ‘Category’ label at the right of this module. This is so you can differentiate the type of module you’ve added.

Adding a Custom Link to a Menu

Now we come to custom links which are a little different. Here, you can direct a visitor anywhere you’d like. It could be an external website, a free guide you’ve created in PDF format or a page you want hidden from the rest of your website.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-menu5

A very common usage for custom links, is when you want a non-clickable menu item. For instance, if you view my ‘Site Info’ menu at the top-right of this page, I’ve used a non-clickable menu label.

Nothing happens (apart from taking you to the top of the page) when you click on ‘Site Info’, it’s just a directive of where my site information is located. So, you can setup a non-clickable link with a menu under this like I have.

To achieve this result, simply place a hashtag ‘#’ in the URL field. Then give your Link Text a name. Obviously, you’ll then click ‘Add to Menu’.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-site-info

To place a drop down menu under this menu label, read on to Step 4.

Step 4 – Configure Your Menu

Now I’ll now show you how to add drop down tiers to your menu.

It’s as simple as dragging and dropping your modules below, and slightly offset to the above module.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-move

This will result in a simple drop down menu.

You can go a third tier deep by doing the same again, but this time dragging your module below the second tiered modules.

Other modifications you can make are these. Open up each menu module by clicking on the down arrow. Here you can change the Navigation label name.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-open

It’s also possible to tick the box to allow the link to open in a new tab. If this box does not appear, open your ‘Screen Options’ at the top of the page, and tick the ‘Link Target’ box.

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress-options

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Wrapping Up

It’s possible to add multiple menus to your homepage, but your don’t want to make it too confusing. Some theme’s allow you to have a secondary menu in conjunction with the primary menu.

I’d advise against this if you’re just beginning your blog. You’d require a fair amount of different categories, or menu topics to need this extra menu anyway.

Displaying a well configured primary menu will help with your visitors navigation and give a good user friendly experience for them.

I hope I’ve helped you out with your menu issues.

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