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How to Create a Free Website With a Free Domain Name


What makes you think that it’s possible to get a free website with a free domain? Who on earth is going to offer that!

Well, I know of 2 places that can offer this and I’ll let you choose between the two. I’ll show you how to create a free website with a free domain name. Take note, this is a free ‘sub-domain’, you’ll only ever be offered a free ‘sub-domain’ when searching for a free website. It’s still a domain name address that can be used for any website.

I’ll give you an idea of what you can expect when signing up for these free options. You’ll want to read this before diving in and making the wrong decision. There are often limitations when free deals are offered, therefore do your due diligence so you know what you’re getting into.

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The Two Best Free Website Options

Here they are. In my opinion, your two best options to start a free website, with a free domain name. Well, free sub-domain name anyway!

  • Blogger
  • Wealthy Affiliate

So, let’s look at how they stack up.

Who Are These Entities


How to Create a Free Website with a Free Domain - bloggerlogo

Pyra Labs launched Blogger in 1999 but since then, they’ve changed hands. Since 2003, the largest of online companies, Google, have owned Blogger.

The main idea behind Blogger, as the name suggests, was to help individuals create a blog. A blog, being a page of blogging articles. Over the years that Google has owned Blogger, they’ve enhanced and progressed the platform to become much more than a standard blogging platform.

Blogger has an online interface that is fairly easy to navigate, similar to WordPress but with less features.

Wealthy Affiliate

How to Create a Free Website with a Free Domain - wealthyaffiliatelogo

Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim are the founders of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, which incidentally began as a Keyword Tool. The program has progressed into a fully operational education platform to help individuals become successful at affiliate marketing.

It’s now possible to create a website and have it hosted directly within WA, and it’s all integrated into WordPress.

Although there is a Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you can still set up and own a website for free.

Free Hosting Landscape

Of course if you take up these free options, you’re not going to get great hosting are you. Or is that wrong! Well I believe both these options have very good hosting.


Yep, you’ll get fairly reasonable hosting here which is on the Google servers. Google’s service is secure and generally robust, so your shouldn’t have the problems that many of the larger companies have when providing shared hosting.

As far a free hosting goes, it’s very good.

Wealthy Affiliate

Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is secure and reliable. The performance of this premium-level-host is consistent, and built to withstand DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. These are attempts to make online services no longer available by overwhelming the servers from multiple traffic sources.

The robust nature of the Wealthy Affiliate servers can cope much better than a lot of the major players in the hosting environment.

Domain Names


Blogger offer a free sub-domain which will have the suffix ‘.blogspot.com’.

Great news, you can now purchase domain names direct through the blogger dashboard. For $10, you’ll be able to purchase your own domain name should you not want to use a sub-domain.

Wealthy Affiliate

A free sub-domain is offered at Wealthy Affiliate with the suffix ‘.siterubix.com’.

To purchase a custom domain of your own, it will cost you $13.99.

Both the above options come with domain privacy included. This is to protect your credentials and prevent spam.

Hosting and Domain Support

This is where things get a little more lopsided.


As we all know, it can be difficult to contact Google at the best of times. So how will you contact them if something goes wrong with your website, which will happen from time to time.

You’ll basically be directed to the Blogger or Google forums to have your issue solved. This is not always the ideal solution, as newbies often don’t understand the technical terms used by others in these forums.

Depending on what requires fixing, you may not be able to do it yourself. There’s no facility to link an FTP program to your website files, Google has total control of this.

Having said this, the chances of major things going wrong are minimal, because of Google’s control. They actually own your website.

This brings me to another point about usability and features which I’ll touch on next.

Wealthy Affiliate

The support at Wealthy Affiliate is amazingly responsive and helpful. They have 24/7 support which usually has your issue fixed within minutes.

Having said that, free members will lose access to this support after 7 days. The best way to have your issue fixed in this scenario, is to search the topic and see if a member has blogged about it.

The Wealthy Affiliate community is huge, so there’s a good chance the issue may have presented itself before.

Website Builder Options


Setting up a website in Blogger couldn’t be any easier. In fact it’s not much different to Wealthy Affiliate.

All that’s required once you’re signed in with your Google credentials, is to click the ‘Start a New Blog’ button and fill out the Title and URL address you’d like to use. Select a template to use for your design and click on ‘Create Blog’.

How to Create a Free Website with a Free Domain - Blogger-create

It’s that simple.

Wealthy Affiliate

This process is basically just as simple at Wealthy Affiliate. They have a ‘Website Builder’ that you can access to build your WordPress website.

Instead of describing how it works, I have a video that you can play to watch how simple it is.



As you can see, setting up a website for WordPress is a simple process using the Wealthy Affiliate website builder.

Website Dashboard Features


Creating a free website with blogger will not give you access to as many features as what WordPress offers. This is one of the major downfalls of the Blogger platform which has been noted by many.

You’ll be limited to the basic blogging tools that are provided in the Blogger dashboard. This may be exactly what you’re after, and your needs may be met. However, it doesn’t really give opportunity for your website to grow substantially should the need arise.

How to Create a Free Website with a Free Domain - Blogger-dashboard

You’re given a few design templates to choose from and any third party templates are fairly low quality. WordPress allows for third party plugins, which are vast and allow you to enable so many features. This is not available via Blogger.

Wealthy Affiliate

WordPress is known as the most widely used Content Management System for building websites. That’s because, it’s very user friendly and allows for third party plugins that can benefit your website.

Many of these plugins can help you earn revenue or expand your social media reach. You can integrate autoresponder plugins so you can capture email addresses of your subscribers.

How to Create a Free Website with a Free Domain - WordPress-dashboard

Having access to all these extras, such as SEO plugins to help rank your website, is extremely beneficial. Especially if you intend to monetise your blog.

Wrapping Up

In an ideal world, there’d be one solution for new bloggers to choose from that would be the best platform on the best hosting all for free. But, it just ain’t going to happen is it?

In my opinion, if you’re just after a simple blog for yourself, or to show family about your holiday snaps, then Blogger maybe the way to go. The same goes for if you just want to experiment with the different platforms. Create a Blogger website and compare it to a WordPress website.

If you’re wanting to create a website that can evolve into a sustainable online business, then WordPress is your better alternative.

What stands out with the free website with free domain name at Wealthy Affiliate, is that you can also complete their first course on affiliate marketing to see if this is an option you’d like to pursue.

Both these platforms have their place, it’s up to you to decide which would be right for your circumstance.

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