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How to Download a Facebook Video


Why would you want to download a video from Facebook? There are multiple reasons why you’d want to do this, let me tell you of my scenario.

An old website of mine became dormant through my lack of motivation. I had set up a Facebook Fan page for this site, to give a social presence and create engagement. I uploaded a number of videos to this Fan page, and decided one of them was suitable for my new website.

I no longer had the video on my PC, laptop or hard drive. So, I had to find how to download a Facebook video from one Fan page, and transfer it to a new Fan page for my more recent project. So, how was I going to accomplish this task. It’s not possible to just ‘right click’ and save as video! I needed to find another way.

The following is the solution I found to download a video for any usage.

Step by Step Guide to Downloading Facebook Videos

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how you can download Facebook videos to use as you please.

Step 1

Firstly, find the video you want to download and ‘right click’ on the video. As usual, a menu will appear and you’ll choose ‘Show Video URL’. When you do this, a small dialogue box will appear with the URL video link inside.

How to Download a Facebook Video show url

Step 2

Step 2 is just a matter of copying the link. You know, highlight the link text, ‘right click’ and choose ‘copy’. I hope you’re following along okay, I’m trying to make this as simple as possible so that even my dad could accomplish this!

How to Download a Facebook Video copy url

Step 3

Now you’re going to open a new browser tab, and paste the link text. This link text is to be pasted into the field at the top, where you type a website address. At the beginning of the link text, you’ll see ‘www’ or ‘web’, depending on the operating system you use.

Replace this ‘www’ with ‘mbasic’ and press ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’. You’ll see the video appear on the page.

How to Download a Facebook Video mbasic

Step 4

Now if you click on the video image, the actual video will open up in a new browser tab. Here, you can either pause the video, or keep it playing while you ‘right click’ on the video and choose ‘Save Video As’ from the provided menu.

How to Download a Facebook Video save video

All you need to do now is browse to the location where the file is to be saved, and type in a name for the video file. That’s it, you’re done downloading a video file from Facebook and you will seem like an expert when you show your colleagues or friends.

And if you’re interested to know, yes, that’s me in the video with my son and daughter when we visited Santa Monica in Jan 2018.

Wrapping Up

The opportunity to download videos from Facebook for particular circumstances is available, but I’d suggest you don’t abuse the privilege. You don’t want to get caught downloading other people’s videos for unethical purposes, I’d advise against this.

Downloading videos from Facebook is a good skill to have, and can help you on the right occasion. The process is fairly straightforward but you still require the knowledge and know-how.

This 4 step process should help you achieve the results you’re after.

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