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Creating an online dropshipping store is more than just a conventional method to make some extra money online, it’s now a career choice by many. Lots of potential entrepreneurs have excelled at eCommerce, which is why it’s now a popular venture for those searching for an alternative to the everyday job.

For those that have looked at this from afar, you may be considering if this is a potential avenue for yourself. With so many options to sell multiple products online, I’m going to explain to you how to dropship jewelry online. This is an example that can work for many products, but jewelry is one of the most common products to sell that is a proven winner.

First, You Need a Jewelry Store

Yep, you’re going to require somewhere to sell your jewelry goods. First of all, let me start by saying that there are a lot of online dropshipping jewelry stores already online. For this reason, I’d suggest making your store more unique. Give yourself a point of difference.

For instance, narrow down your niche to blue jewelry, animal jewelry or silver jewelry. Maybe exotic or opal jewelry. There are many niches to dive down into but if you are too broad, you’ll be competing with many larger stores.

Online Store Hosting

You’ll find there are several places to set up an online store. It is possible to begin with a simple WordPress website (using a Woo-commerce plugin), but the better option is to use a dedicated online store host.

Popular online hosting alternatives include Shopify, Big Commerce or Ecwid, but for this example I’ll use Shopify. This is because I’ve used Shopify myself, so I’m familiar with their set up.

An online hosting provider that is dedicated towards the eCommerce market are better, because they have easier integration for shipping, payments, invoices, taxes and placing products on your website. These are all integral elements to your store setup and management.

Inside of the Shopify platform, you will find hundreds of different plugins that can help with the running automation of your online store. These can include invoicing and email management, vouchers and promo codes or countdown timers. Maybe a currency converter is what you require because you run a global store. These third party plugins can all be found in the Shopify App Store.

Jewelry Dropshipping Method

​To make a healthy profit, you’ll want to be purchasing products at the cheapest possible price to on-sell. This is how traditional stores have been working for years. Unlike in years past however, you no longer need to buy in bulk.

Times have changed, and it’s now possible to buy individually for a great price. Not only that, you can have the items delivered directly to the customer instead of storing inventory yourself. This is known as dropshipping.

It’s certainly become a common method for many entrepreneurs to make their living, and it’s achievable for anyone to accomplish.

Dropshipping Sources

You may well be wondering where to source these cheap products. This is no real secret because people have been buying here for many years now, but AliExpress is the place to find cheap jewelry.

South East Asia has long been the go-to location for cheap goods due to the much cheaper labour, and AliExpress is the No.1 place to source these trinkets. They’re not the only site to find a bargain, with other places such as Light in the Box, DH Gate and Banggood being other great alternatives.

Obviously you can also find manufacturers in other countries but we’re talking jewelry, and Asia is the top place for this type of item.

How to Dropship Jewelry Shopify Bracelet

The Dropshipping Process

So what to do once you’ve found a great product to sell? Simply grab the product images and add them to your online store. Often you’ll find variations of jewelry, such as color, shape or size. This is why a platform like Shopify is ideal, because it caters for variations like this.

Each item and variation will be given a price by you, preferably with a handy markup. Don’t forget you need to cover the item cost, shipping and administrative fees, so a 50% markup is not uncommon.

Once your jewelry items are online and available for someone to buy, you need to be prepared for when they do make that purchase. As soon as someone buys your item, the money is transferred to your chosen bank account. It’s now up to you to purchase this exact same item, including their chosen color, size etc. from AliExpress.

When making the purchase, alter the delivery address to the customers address. Ask that no paperwork be included so the customer doesn’t recognise it’s come from AliExpress. The bought item will then be sent directly to the customer.

Your automated setup will now take care of invoicing and any other purchase requirements.

Getting Your Products Seen

One of the most difficult elements of any online career is getting eyeballs on your promotions. Anyone can create a blog, website, store or other online piece of real estate, but getting people to view your site can be a major challenge. This is why the majority of people give up, because there’s not enough of an audience for all the hard work they are putting in.

So, how will you get your online store seen by your potential audience of billions around the world? The answer should be via various sources. Social media, paid advertising, SEO, solo ads, whatever works actually. This is where it’s helpful to get an education, because the better eCommerce courses will teach you how to get your website seen.

The preferred method by these course creators is to use paid advertising, which can be challenging. Using the methods learned in the courses I’ll mention below, should be mixed with a healthy dose of social media, and of course, SEO for free search results.

An eCom Education Will Help Enormously

I can tell you what to do until I’m blue in the face, but I can’t show you all the steps involved in an ecommerce store setup in a few articles. Some people have created specific courses that are dedicated to teaching you exactly this. I’ve reviewed several of these courses and can recommend the best ones.

Can you get by without getting educated via a course? Maybe. You can learn a lot on YouTube, but the problem is that it’s hard to get all the correct steps in the correct order. Much of what you’ll learn in an eCom course cannot be found on YouTube, such as expert tactics or specific product resources.

YouTube is more generic in terms of eCommerce training, without the intricate details required to quicken sales and automate productivity. So which course would I recommend? I have 2 courses that I recommend over all others. A more expensive course which is the ultimate, and a cheaper course which is the best value for money.

eCom Success Academy

The top of the pops in regards to an eCommerce education. Adrian Morrison is the creator of this course, which emcompasses over 160 videos that are easily consumable. The majority of this course is via 6-10 minute videos, the ideal length of time to not load you with too much information in one session.

Adrian covers everything in regards to setting up your Shopify store, and also goes into much detail with sourcing products, Facebook advertising, store management, team management for when you expand and all other areas that others tend to forget, like customer service and returned items etc.

You can read my full review of Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy here.

eCom Lifestyle University

The next best eCommerce course that is extremely good value for money. Ricky Hayes is the creator of eCom Lifestyle University which is the ideal eCom course for those outside of the US. Ricky Hayes is Australian and gives a great insight into setting up a store without the usual USA defaults in terms of currency, taxes, shipping etc.

This course covers almost as much as eCom Success Academy, and is fairly easy to follow along. Again, Ricky touches on Shopify store setup, Facebook and Google advertising, customer service and product sourcing.

For my full eCom Lifestyle University course by Ricky Hayes review, click here.

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Wrapping Up

Selling jewelry online is an extremely popular venture, so expect a lot of competition if you enter this niche. It’s this exact reason I suggested at the beginning to narrow down your niche into a specific type of jewelry.

The profits that can be made via selling online can be extremely good. I’ve seen people sell bracelets at 10x the AliExpress cost. To do this however, you need to be extremely good at what you’re doing, have an elite looking storefront, and have your dropshipped items gift boxed. All this can be achieved if you’re dedicated enough, so think about how far you want to scale this.

I really hope I’ve inspired you to learn about dropshipping jewelry, or any other items for that matter. Selling jewelry online via dropshipping can work really well, especially as the shipping weight is generally always low. So have a good think, and get educated before beginning.

If you were considering joining an MLM company to sell jewelry, I’d urge you to reconsider. Companies like Premier Design Jewelry and Stella & Dot are reputable companies, but their MLM programs will not make you much money. They are designed to make the company more profit, not the little guy doing all the work.

One last thing. Creating an online business takes a bit of time, and motivation. Having said that, the rewards are outstanding once you achieve success. Think about this. You’re reading this article because you want to create a new online career for yourself. Put the effort and time in now, including a paid education, and one year from now you will be in a much better position that you are currently. Just imagine where you will be one year from now. You can either take action, or take no action and be in this exact same position this time next year.

It’s up to you!

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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