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Many online at home jobs do not suit all people, and for some, the ideal opportunity is data entry work. There’s several things you may want to consider if this does appeal, and I’ll discuss this here.

I really like the fact that generally, only minimal skills are required to get a data entry online job. There’s also no formal qualifications required to get work, which allows just about anyone with a computer to apply.

The comfort of working from home is enticing for lots of people, and can also play a logistical part if you have a needy family. This type of work accommodates the needy family, but also just gives you flexibility.

So, let’s find out a bit more.

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No Skills or Experience Required Makes Data Entry Appealing

Just about everyone knows how to use a computer to some extent these days, unless you’re being brought up in a third world country. The lack of technology may limit your access in these countries.

You don’t really need to have too much more than basic computer skills to become a data entry assistant. Here’s a few pointers that may h.

  • Typing Experience – Data entry basically means typing. It will pay to be a more proficient typist than a preschooler. Depending on how many words per minute you can type, this can determine your chances of landing a better job. Ideally, you’ll want to be fairly accurate while still maintaining a fast speed.
  • Software Experience – The majority of data entry jobs will require a particular type of computer software. It may be much more beneficial if you can have some experience with common programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Begin using free programs such as Google Docs and Sheets if you don’t have access to the Microsoft suite of programs.
  • Good Organisation Skills – Receiving a data entry job does not always come with everything laid out the way you’d expect. If you can organize yourself, and the job in an orderly manner, this can be a big advantage.
  • Communication Skills – As with most jobs, communication is essential. You may not be the best communicator in person, but the ability to interact via online conferencing, email or Skype for business will be advantageous. These are programs that can be easily learned.

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What Equipment Will Be Necessary to Begin Data Entry

Obviously, as you’ll be doing your data entry job from home, you will need the correct equipment. Much of this list goes without saying, but they are necessary to consider.

  • Study – Basically a personal space to work in, is a good start. Working from home can also come with distractions, and you really don’t need the disturbance​. If you can find a study or quiet space, this will be ideal.
  • Computer – Don’t skimp here. A good PC or laptop is going to be your perfect working companion, and it wants to work well. You’ll be using this just about every day, so there’s no time for a slow response PC. Upgrade if you need to, it will be worth it. Don’t use a tablet, this will not suffice.
  • I sort of touched on this, but Microsoft products may be required. Word and Excel are the major platforms that data entry work will be completed on. These are your go to programs, but some companies may consider using others. If so, they should provide tutorage.
  • Make sure your internet connection is up to scratch. Companies will expect a reliable internet connection, and you don’t want to let them down. When your job is complete, you will be required to sync with their systems, or upload to their servers. A poor internet connection may struggle with this.
  • You may be sitting for long periods of time, so be sure to get a suitable chair that is kind to your back. The office chair is killing us (metaphorically speaking), so also consider a stand up desk. This, along with an ergonomic stool may be a better solution for some. This is up to you, only you know if sitting for long periods is right for your body.
  • One new idea lately is speech recognition software. This can allow you to speak what you want written down. For those that get RSI or other hand write complaints, speech software can be advantageous.

The Pay – It Ain’t The Best

I believe you need to understand the approximate hourly rate before deciding on a data entry position. Depending on which country you come from, the pay for data entry work can fluctuate. Although it’s certainly enough to get by on, I don’t believe you’ll be buying a yacht with your spare change.

The average hourly rates for data entry (as I write this) in the US, is $13.87.

Data Entry Job US Average Hourly Rate

In Australia you’ll be getting $24.15.

Data Entry Job Australia Average Hourly Rate

In Thailand however, the rate is drastically reduced, at ฿114 per hour. This is approximately $3.75 US. The United Kingdom average hourly rate for data entry is £9.

Clearly, these are not overwhelming figures, and are closer to the minimum average wage rather than the actual average wage as a whole. Still, for having the flexibility of working your own hours in the comfort of your own home, the pros may weigh out the cons.

Fields of Data Entry

Various industries will have different data entry jobs available, depending on their requirements. You may be wondering if there’s a specific data entry field that will suit you.

Well, here’s a list of varied data entry types:

  • General Word/Excel
  • Cleaning/Correcting of Database
  • Captcha Data Entry – Examples
  • Survey Filling Roles
  • Online Form Filling
  • Correction and Reformatting
  • Medical Imagery to text Translation
  • Audio to Text Translation
  • Email Processing
  • Database Updating
  • Payroll Data Entry
  • Copywriter
  • Content Writer (articles)

These are just some examples of data entry jobs, but there’s also custom jobs that employers will provide.

Getting Started With Data Entry

So, where do you turn in order to get that data entry job you’re after. There are many places that you can sign up to, which will be happy to have you on their books. Why not try any of these companies and see what they offer in terms of rates and fields or work.

Axion Data Services



AccuTran Global

The SmartCrowd

Amazon Mechanical Turk


Alternatives to Data Entry, But Still Work From Home

You still want the benefits of working from home but are unsure of your options. Yep, this is not as uncommon as you may think. Loads of people want the flexibility of working from home, but finding that perfect opportunity that suit yourself is not always forthcoming. As I stated at the beginning, everyone is different and it may be that data entry is not up your street.

I have a few options here, but some may take more time to earn money than others. For instance, blogging and eCommerce are not going to earn you a lot of money in the short term, but they are great long term options.

So check out these stay at home jobs and see what you think.

  • Freelancing – Freelancing is a great option to work from home if you have experience in a particular field. Set yourself up as an enterprise and market your existing skills. There’s loads of freelancing jobs available online these days, including writing, web development, photography, graphic design, SEO, CAD, web research and legal activities. Because you generally have experience in a specific field of work, the pay is generally much better than data entry. This gives you the benefits of flexibility and a good hourly rate.
  • Blogging – A great way to work from home and help people is to create your own blog. Choosing a niche to write about, you can help advise people about various things that can impact their lives, and purchasing decisions. Affiliate marketing gives you the potential to make money via your blog. As mentioned, this may not make money immediately, but is great long term.
  • Survey Filling – While you will not make too much money filling out surveys, you’ll be paid sooner rather than later. I consider survey filling as a desperate measure to earn money because they only pay $1-$4 in general, per survey. You could be spending 5 hours filling out surveys for $20, which is not a good hourly rate at all. Surveys can take anywhere up to an hour to fill out, I know, I’ve tried it. In my opinion, my time is worth more than that.
  • eCommerce – Running your own online store, does this sound appealing? It does for many, and there’s several ways to do this. If you have your own product, this can be an ideal way to promote it. If you don’t have your own product, you can purchase in bulk and brand as your own. Alternatively, there’s the ever popular dropshipping method, which is perfect for some people as you don’t need to store your own inventory. This model does require a larger outlay, but larger profits can be gained.

Wrapping Up

For those looking to make a side income, data entry work can be a good choice. As long as you’re aware that you won’t be on top of the pay scale, your expectations need to be in check.

Anyone with minimal computer skills should have the ability to get a data entry paying job. Most people understand Word and Excel (or their Google equivalents), which are the most common types of data input. Make sure you have a fairly good grasp of these programs.

Getting a data entry job from home that pays highly may be challenging, but there’s more to life than just the money. The work life balance of data entry at home can be ideal for the right person.

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