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People searching for products to buy online seems to be more savvy than ever. This basically comes down to the growth of the internet, with loads of information available at your fingertips.

Having the ability to search for product reviews, guides, features, tutorials and specifications has never been so easy. So, for us bloggers or store owners that are in the affiliate marketing or dropshipping business, we need to determine what a customer may be thinking and when they are in the mindset to make a purchase.

So, how do we go about this? First we need to determine who our ideal customer is for the niche we are in. I’ll run you through this, and then show you the life-cycle a customer goes through before they make an actual purchase.

Keywords are also important, and can be the difference in where your customer is in their decision making. I’ll explain which keywords are great to use for that customer on the edge of buying.

Who is Your Ideal Customer

Understanding your customers and knowing what they are interested in, is going to make your selling and promotional activities easier. You need to know why your customers are arriving at your site and which part of the buying cycle they are in.

Sure, you make make a few sales if you just promote what you think your customer wants, but you can make this more targeted and make more sales if you don’t just make assumptions.

So let’s get into how your customer gets into the purchasing phase.

How to Get People to Buy Your Product customer1

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The Mindset of a Customer

Once a customer gets a product in their mind, they generally start to research it before getting to the purchase phase. They may have seen this product on television or a billboard, maybe in a magazine. They’ve decided this product will improve their lives and decide to find out more about it.

Stage 1 – Customer Does Research

With so much information available on the internet, it’s easy to find specifications, reviews etc about product. This is the first phase a customer goes through before delving further. This is unless the product is so cheap that it becomes an impulse buy.

Many people will buy a product if it only costs $10 or less. With more expensive products however, customers will gravitate towards the information highway to gather their information.

This is where you may have the opportunity to engage with them, or get them onto your mailing list. Make sure you have a comments section below your product review. This way people can ask questions that you can answer. Do whatever you can to find the answer if you don’t know, even phone the manufacturer. Give your readers the answer in the comments section so other readers can see it.

If you have an autoresponder service setup to start building an email list, your potential customers can sign-up to receive your newsletter or other information you offer. They can also visit your social channels if you have your social platforms linked to your website.

Stage 2 – Customer is Deciding

So, the customer has made their mind up that they want a particular product. They now have a decision to make in regards to which brand and features would suit their purpose. This is your opportunity to convince them that the particular product you are reviewing, would do just that.

Decisions can often be persuaded by a review of a product, which is where the great internet marketers work their magic. By offering their personal opinion along with information they gathered from customer reviews, a customer can be convinced to make a purchasing decision.

Another avenue you can go down, is leveraging negative reviews which also get searched on Google. Not only do you offer an opinion on an average product, but follow up by recommending the great product which they can buy. If a customer is close to purchasing, they can easily be convinced from your review here.

Stage 3 – Customer is Ready to Purchase

So, the customer has done their research, made their decision and are ready to make that purchase. Their mind will be difficult to change by this time. It may have been you who have helped them get to this point through discussion, or maybe they’ve landed on your product page by accident, now is the time to get them to commit.

You’re product review should be all they require to get a sale across the line, as they’ve already made up their mind.

So, you can either funnel customers through the last 2 phases or all 3 stages. Of course there’s the option to just use the main product review page, but using a funnel could keep the customer from going elsewhere to make their decision or do their research.

How to Get People to Buy Your Product purchase

The Facts We Know About Customers

  1. If you were purchasing a product, would you do research first? Of course you would. You’d even shop around a few sites to find the cheapest product. Because customers do this, the average number of interactions or engagements with websites, promotions etc is roughly 7 times before a customer will purchase. A customer will very rarely buy on their first point of contact.
  2. How often would you buy from a website that you wouldn’t trust? You may do this, but the majority of people wouldn’t. So, gaining a bit of authority is going to really help you in this game.
  3. As previously mentioned, the information available to anyone on the internet is huge. Customers have more access than ever before to product reviews and information.
  4. Customers, like you I’d imagine, can see through scam-like promotions. Be honest about all your product reviews.
  5. If you promote a product that will help a person in some way, they are prepared to pay money for it.
  6. More and more people are purchasing via smartphones and tablets.

With these things in mind, there’s plenty to ponder, but also what a great opportunity this provides us all.

So what keywords are going to help customers find the article they’re after.

The Keyword to Use When the Customer is Ready to Purchase

Keywords are very important when it comes to attracting visitors to your product reviews. You’ll use different terms for different phases of the purchase life-cycle. When in the research or decision phase, you’ll want to use terms such as ‘comparison, scam, review, vs, verses, information’ etc, along with the name of the product.

The final phase, purchasing, will use alternative keywords such as ‘best price, order, buy, purchase, where to buy’ etc, also with the product name.

As an example of this, lets say you’ve got a customer to the stage where they are going to buy a ‘Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind Wedge’ golf club. They’ve read the reviews, done their research etc, now’s the time to go searching to buy.

There’s a great chance they will go to Google and type in any of the following terms:

  • Purchase Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind Wedge
  • Buy Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind Wedge
  • Where to buy Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind Wedge
  • Best deal on Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind Wedge
  • Cheapest Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind Wedge

Etc, etc.

So these are the kind of keyword terms you’ll want to target for your main product reviews. Creating posts with various golf clubs would be your decision phase, with a link from each club being directed to your main sales page for each club. This is obviously going to take a lot more work, but will attract more people and will make more sales.

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Wrapping Up

You may have thought that making a sale is simply a matter of writing a blog and adding a few affiliate links. Well, it basically is, but you can go further by thinking more about the cycle that a purchaser goes through.

This is not just for affiliate products either, you may have your own products to sell, so the same principles apply.

Product review keywords are going to play a major part in your marketing campaigns. You can find great keyword terms with Jaaxy or any other keyword tool. I find Jaaxy the top SEO keyword ranking checker tool for the best price. I don’t see the point in paying more for a product where I won’t use most of the functions.

I hope you now understand the life-cycle of a purchaser and can implement your marketing strategies with confidence.

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