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Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill that could transform your online career? Online marketing is not for everyone, neither is setting up an eCommerce store. Although these are my favorite forms of an online career, it’s also possible to become an online draftsperson.

I should know, because I used to be one. In fact I still am to some extent, I work part time as a civil draftsperson. I know what you will need in terms of expertise, and this applies to various forms of drafting.

The first thing you need to learn is the software program, AutoCAD. Apart from the civil field, how can you learn electrical AutoCAD, or structural for that matter. Although these disciplines vary greatly, the basics of AutoCAD remain the same.

The additional programs you’ll need to skill up on are ArchiCAD for architectural drafting, CivilCAD for civil drafting and the other specialized toolkits for electrical or mechanical drafting.

AutoCAD Electrical Toolkit FREE Trial

Firstly, it’s possible to get a free trial of the electrical toolset add on for AutoCAD. This will only last for a limited time, but maybe worth it to get some hands on experience. As a side note, you will be required to have a full version on AutoCAD already installed.

AutoCAD Electrical Free Trial

Here’s where you can access the free electrical toolset trial.

YouTube Tutorials

You can learn just about anything on YouTube, and AutoCAD is no different. There are loads of video tutorials that can teach you AutoCAD electrical for free, it’s a matter of finding a tutor that you are comfortable learning from.

I have found ‘PLC Tutorial’ is brilliant at teaching and explaining electrical AutoCAD, and you can check out one of his videos below.

You can see a full range of his videos here, which you’ll no doubt notice is very extensive.


If you’re just getting into AutoCAD and need to learn some of the basics, one of the better places to get some brilliant free tutorials is SourceCAD.

Although this article is aligned with electrical drafting, all drafting requires the basic skills. These are used everyday in all fields of the engineering industry. SouceCAD will get you up to speed with all the common commands you will require to become a proficient AutoCAD user.


Cad Notes

When it comes to mastering AutoCAD, it helps to learn the best tips. Cad Notes can provide you with their 100 AutoCAD Tips You Should Know. So when you’re done with learning the basics at SourceCad, I’d advise these expert tips to advance your skills.


My CAD Site

Another site you may want to visit is My CAD Site. This is a website created by Art Whitton in 1999, and is full of extremely good CAD tutorials. Art offers many free tutorials from the basics and intermediate, through to 3D drafting and advanced.

Obviously there’s a paid additional course but the free training provided is exceptional.



CADTutor is one of the most used sites for obtaining free drafting and CAD advice. What I like about CADTutor is the community forum, where you can ask questions or just search for your answers to particular issues.

For any electrical CAD issues you may face, simply type in the search field to see what others have to say. Many of the issues you may have, may well have been solved before. You can search this forum for free also, without having to become a subscriber.


Final Thoughts

Learning AutoCAD electrical, mechanical or civil for free is certainly achievable if you know what you’re looking for. There are dedicated sites set up to help you not only get started, but improve your skills to become an advanced user.

If you’re currently out of work and are looking to skill up so you are ready to jump into a career when the economy picks up again, you could do a lot worse that becoming an AutoCAD draftsperson.

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