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It sounds amazing doesn’t it, getting paid to play online games all day. Many would see this as their ideal future, dodging bullets or building cities with a pay-cheque at the end of the day.

But is this idea fantasy or a real possibility? Well, to be honest the chances are more slim than optimistic. Depending on the field of game play you choose, the income and work ethic will vary, but I guarantee you’ll have to work hard.

Keep in mind that the percentage of successful gamers that make a living doing this is minuscule. I’m one of these people that encourages everyone to follow their dreams in any field. So do this if you feel strongly about it, but be aware of the difficulties and challenges ahead.

The competition you’ll be up against is huge, you’re not the only gamer that would love to pursue this lifestyle. We all accept the popularity of PS4’s and Xbox’s and the evolution of the online gaming industry in recent times, so expect stiff competition.

One other thing to keep in the back of your mind, is that the fun of playing may become diluted with so much continuous play. When being paid to play games, there’s also more pressure to perform which can remove some of the enjoyment.

Now, let’s check out some of your options.

YouTube or Twitch Live Streaming

I’m sure you’ve come across this before if you’re a hardcore gamer, live stream gameplay in real-time from gaming gurus. You may also be wondering if you could do the same thing, and how money can be made from such an enterprise.

It IS possible to enter this industry, but there are some large challenges to overcome. The income source that most successful online gamers use, is advertising, subscriptions and donations. No doubt when you watch any of these live streams, you’ll have noticed pop-up boxes for adverts and subscribers.

Depending how various adverts are setup, online gamers are paid when these ads either get watched, or clicked on.

Alternatively, obtain money by setting up a subscription to watch your live streaming. Now, here come the challenges.

The Challenges of Becoming a Live Stream Sensation

You often don’t get to see the reality of most live streamers, because most don’t have the patience, character or persistence to gain a decent following. To be honest, it’s the same with most online entrepreneurs, as you have to be consistent an patient for a lengthy period of time.

The saturated online streaming industry is not going to help your cause. If viewers are already following streamers that they enjoy, what makes you think they’ll start following you! Here’s a tip, be extremely entertaining and maybe even comical. This will help big time.

Also look at what games are being played, and which are the most popular. Then avoid these to begin with because everyone else is doing them. Come from a different perspective and choose a unique game to live stream. This may get a few people interested in your brand.

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Tournament Play

Although the esports industry is very young in comparison to traditional sports, the audience is growing extremely fast due to the popularity of PvP (player versus player) games. Again, the chances of becoming one of the elite in the industry is slim, but there’s no harm in trying if this is your passion.

Prize pools can be very lucrative for the top level players with some events running into the millions of dollars on offer. That’s quite amazing for a ‘leisure activity’, (I’m reluctant to call it a sport!) that has only been around for a decade or so.

Now for the bad news! These tournaments are generally a knockout event, meaning you need to keep winning and beat everyone to win the grand prize. Getting knocked out early will set you back lots, as you won’t receive any income and you’ll still have bills to pay, such as accommodation, entry fee etc. This is assuming you’re travelling to get to these events.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the type of activity that can ruin your love of the game due to the financial pressures involved. You’ll also be required to practice for 6+ hours per day, just to keep up to the required level.

So, of course it can be done, but you may find other options are more suitable for your circumstance.

Your Own Video Channel

Once again, YouTube will be your main income source and social channel to spruce your skills and expertise. We all understand the exposure that YouTube can give you as a brand, so exploit it to the fullest by creating your own series of shows.

You, as an online gaming expert, can create endless videos targeted towards a particular game, or theme of games. You may be a Star Wars fan and decide to create a YouTube channel dedicated towards all games Star Wars related, such as Battlefront or Lego Star Wars.

In a similar vein to live streaming, you’ll need to be entertaining, intriguing and or comical. Provide delightful, insightful and enjoyment in your videos to gain the most followers and subscribers. The last thing you want are negative comments on your videos explaining how boring you are.

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Tutorial Expert

In my opinion this can be one of the better opportunities to create wealth through the online gaming industry. Although it’s possible to work for a larger network, such as an existing gaming dedicated website, you could start your own site and write reviews about various games.

You could even begin a store that sells gaming merchandise to enhance your income. There’s two models of website that can bring in an income for you. The store being the first where you’ll need to work with manufacturers or retailers to source retail costs. You’ll also write tutorials and guides as to how online games can be played.

The other option would be a blog website which uses affiliate marketing to bring in commissions. Whilst this may not bring in as large profits as your online store, the benefits are that you won’t have to worry about store issues such as shipping, taxes, returns etc.

This is a great option because it mainly allows you to just write content about awesome games, and create videos that can be embedded into your blog to give more broad explanations. Write reviews about games and send your visitors to make a purchase, this is how you’ll make commissions.

This website that you’re reading, is based on the same principle, so if you want to learn how to get started, I’ll show you at the end of this article.

Game Company Tester

And finally, I have one last option on my list here. If you can somehow get your foot in the door with a gaming company that requires a regular game tester, good luck to you. Many of these companies outsource this type of position, but not all.

It may be possible to work internally for a major game creator, but these positions are rare. So, working on a contract basis may be your only option, and the pay rate may not be the best. But hey, if this is your passion!

As a game tester, you’ll be required to test all the variations that the developer wants you to. This will include settings, syncing, gameplay or networking. You’ll have a checklist of things to work your way through, and you’ll need to be thorough and document your findings.

This could be a fairly cool job for the right candidate.

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Wrapping Up

The online gaming industry is extremely competitive, everyone wants a piece of it. Some channels are easier to get into than others, such as blogging which can be your own profitable online business if done correctly.

YouTube is an amazing source for live streaming or video tutorials, but gaining a following can be extremely hard as the competition is so fierce.

I don’t intend to put a dampener on your dreams, but all these options will take time to create an authority. You need many months until you gain traction, and a following of dedicated gremlins.

In saying this, I’m a firm believer that if you are dedicated enough, the majority of people can succeed at this type of entrepreneurial venture.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

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