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5iphon Reloaded Review


Have you come across this recently released product, and wondered to yourself, Is 5iphon Reloaded Legit or a great money making opportunity. Well, having had access to this product recently, I will give you a bit of an insight into whether I recommend it or not.

I applaud you for doing your due diligence before forking out the initial investment. So many products get released on a daily basis, some much better than others. Some I can recommend, others I certainly won’t. I’m not an affiliate for this product like many other marketers are, so my opinion here is unbiased.

Let’s get into this 5iphon Reloaded review, and see what it has to offer.

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How Does 5iphon Reloaded Work
Who Will Find Your Link
The Included Traffic Methods
How Do You Make Commissions
What is it You’re Actually Promoting/Purchasing
Is It Really That Easy
Sales Page & Huge Claims
Budgeting Concerns
My Verdict

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5iphon Reloaded Summary

Is 5iphon Reloaded Legit 500x200Product Name: 5iphon Reloaded

Founder/Owner: Tom E Mcting & Bryan Winters

Product Type: List Building

Price: $20 + Upsells

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is not the type of product that will make you the money claimed on the sales page. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners, as you’ll need some experience with solo ads.

Would I Recommend It: Maybe

Rating: 47/100

What is 5iphon Reloaded

Let me start by saying that 5iphon is a legitimate product. Tom Mcting & Bryan Winters have been creating products online for some time, with some success.

I’m more interested in how effective 5iphon Reloaded​ is, and how newbie friendly you may find it.

You’d be forgiven for believing that the 5iphon Reloaded system would be your golden ticket to a successful online career. The sales page indicates that you could replicate the work of ‘Charles’, their example figure that apparently has made $11,244.42 in 30 days.

Now I’m not going to speculate and say this didn’t happen, but I do know that this is not your typical income from using this product. So what is 5iphon Reloaded anyway, and how does it work?

Well, this is the second time this product has been released, only this time it’s apparently more powerful than ever.

Now first, we have to sit through the obligatory sob story that Bryan went through. Many marketers use this sales tactic to put themselves in a worse position that you’re in, to indicate that the product they’re selling got them out of a hole, so it’ll also work for you. I really wish marketers wouldn’t do this, it’s a big turn off. But it obviously works.

We’re advised in the 5iphon Reloaded sales video by Bryan, who insists this is ‘absolutely the easiest money I’d ever made online’.

Is 5iphon Reloaded Legit Claim1

Not only that, a skeptic of the 5iphon Reloaded called Charlie made $4,000 in profit in a few days. We’re then told he went on to make $11,244.42 within 30 days. Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it.

Now apparently 5iphon Reloaded is very easy to get setup. There’s just 3 simple steps to bring in loads of leads and up to $300 per day.

  1. Enter your ‘money link’
  2. Share your website link
  3. Sit back an watch it work

Is 5iphon Reloaded Legit 3 Simple Steps

So, this sounds like an amazing opportunity not to be missed, right! Well, I’m not so sure.

How Does 5iphon Reloaded Work

Okay, let’s now look at the reality of 5iphon Reloaded.

The 3 Step process is precisely what you will be doing. You’ll be given a link to a designated website, that will generate leads. By leads, this means you’ll obtain people’s email address should they decide to opt in, to also buy this product.

The link you will receive, is a link to the following landing page.

Is 5iphon Reloaded Legit Website link

Everyone will get their own unique link to the same landing page, which will identify you as the person that signs somebody up, should they decide to do so.

As a beginner, if you only pay the initial $20 fee for the 5iphon Reloaded, you won’t be making any commissions from this system. You will receive email leads as I explained earlier. So as a marketer, you want to get this link out to as many people as possible.

You’re initial target is to get 5 people to opt in, and these email leads will be shared with the referer that you signed up through.

What’s interesting here, is that when somebody does sign up through YOUR link, not only will you get their email lead, but you’ll also get the first 5 leads from the people THEY sign up.

So in a roundabout way, you’re accumulating email leads through the efforts of others. This is how they claim you’ll get leads on autopilot. In my opinion, this is not as easy as they make out.

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There’s many ways you can send a link out to people. The most obvious though, is through social media. However, this is also a good way to lose friends, family and acquaintances. Nobody likes being spammed a link that they’re not expecting.

Especially when this link is a little misleading. I say this because the link will take them to the above website, that alludes that anyone can make over $6k in 7 days with nothing but email. And you’ll get a free included website.

Your 5iphon Reloaded Link

Now, there’ll be a large portion of your social media contacts that will have no interest in this, or think it’s a scam, and therefore will not pay it any attention. The whole problem with distributing a link like this, is targeting the correct people.

Which brings me to my next point.

The Included Traffic Methods

Inside of 5iphon Reloaded, you’ll find training on how to get traffic via numerous methods, but they exclude the most sustainable method, SEO.

What they will show you is how to use solo ads to build your email list. This is the first step to gaining a large email list, which you can then blast with 5iphon Reloaded promotions in future and do Ad-swaps.

Solo ads are where you pay to send out your promotions, to somebody else’s email list. The example used is to use Udimi, a popular email list solo advert platform. 5iphon Reloaded will teach you how to order an email ad through Udimi.

The thing with solo adverts, is that it’s not free traffic. Remember the sales video, it said you’re going to use free traffic. Well, until you can build your own email list, you won’t be using free traffic, so this part is misleading.

Solo adverts will cost you anywhere between 30c-$1 per click. This means that when you send out promotions to somebody else’s email list, you’ll include your website link. For every click on this link, you’ll pay the email list owner a small fee (30c-$1). As you can probably imagine, this can add up quite significantly.

And remember, not everyone that clicks the link will sign up to 5iphon Reloaded, in fact a huge majority will not.

The internal training then show you how ad swaps work, which is more pertinent when you do have a larger email list.

What I also find interesting, is that nearly all the internal marketers that promote this product quite aggressively, don’t recommend solo ads or ad swaps. In fact, many have had a poor experience with these methods.

Instead, they offer their ‘exclusive bonuses’, with other traffic methods. Usually consisting of paid advertising such as Facebook or Google ads. Which obviously, is also not free traffic.

You also need to remember, with the 5iphon Reloaded basic product, you’re not making any commissions, so you will not cover these costs.

How Do You Make Commissions

This is how these product creators make higher margins on their products. They include upsells which allegedly improve your chances of higher income or more success. To make commissions, you need to purchase at least one of the upsells. In the instance of 5iphon Reloaded, these are upsells included:

  1. ($97) 5iphon OVERDRIVE: This enables the user to 10X the income power of their 5iphon Funnels by awarding them commissions deep into their referral base.
  2. ($47) 5iphon 10X: Receive a package of 10 additional 5iphon Reloaded websites
  3. ($197) 5iphon 10K Club: Unlock the ability to add instant high ticket backend, in the form of auto-webinars paying $500+ a pop in commissions.
  4. ($197) 5iphon Autopilot Traffic Co-op: For users who want their traffic delivered to them on a silver platter by adding your link into a rotator. This means your link will be exposed on behalf of the creators.

So in reality, you’re encouraged to purchase these upsells to make commissions on each sale.

What is it You’re Actually Promoting/Purchasing

Yes, so what are you actually promoting. Well, you’re promoting this exact system to others. The product that you are purchasing, is a website link that helps accumulate email leads. With the upsells, you can also earn commissions.

You’re promoting this same system to anyone else via your unique link. So it’s basically a circular system that you’ll all become involved in.

So what do you own at the end of this? You own a link to the product, and hopefully lots of email leads. While I do like the idea of capturing these email leads, you’re basically putting your trust in this system, and hope it keeps afloat.

If for any reason they disappeared one day, you’re entire partnership with them also goes up in smoke. That’s the problem with these done-for-you systems, you won’t have your own asset.

Is It Really That Easy

In my opinion, no. I’ve seen plenty of these systems attempt to lure you in, with much hype and fanfare. Some of them do provide some value, and 5iphon Reloaded may also offer some value to the right person.

I think you need to be aware of what your getting into, be experienced with solo ads, and have a particular purpose for accumulating these leads. For a beginner thinking that this will solve their money issues, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Getting traction in the beginning could be a major issue, as you need to target the correct people that want to opt into such a system. Using social media will be your best free traffic source to begin with, but it can still take a long time to get the right people to be interested.

Sales Page & Huge Claims

Don’t get me wrong here, this is a legitimate product and will work as described. However, the claims made on the sales page that this is something magical, and that email lists can grow by 500+ per day are unrealistic.

Is 5iphon Reloaded Legit Huge Claims

To state that ‘Only a few weeks back I made well over $6,000 with nothing but email in the span of 7 days’ is not going to be average. Although I’m skeptical about this, I’m not going to suggest it can’t happen. But it could only happen if you have already accumulated an email list of thousands.

Is 5iphon Reloaded Legit huge claim

Building an email list does take a lot of time, and this product can help that along a little, but not to the extent that you’ll have a list of thousands within no time.

I understand that marketers have got to push their own products and make them as appealing as possible. I don’t believe they should be misleading people into achieving unrealistic expectations, which in my opinion is happening here.

Oh, and I doubt very much you’ll be banking 11K in 30 days.

Budgeting Concerns

When you first come across 5iphon Reloaded, you’d be expecting to only pay the initial $20 for the product. But as I’ve shown you, you’ll be encouraged to purchase the upsells, which may tip you over your budget. If you were to buy all the upsells to have the best chance of success, you’d be paying a total of $558.

I’d image that’s a lot more than you expected to outlay right! So that’s also a lot of money you have to make back before making any profit, not taking into account the solo ads costs for your initial email promotions.

So, it’s something to think about.

My Verdict

I do believe there can be some value in this product for the right person. I don’t believe it will be of any benefit to newbies. Getting into solo ads and paid advertising should be done once you have experience in the marketing industry.

I am a little concerned about the targeted leads that you’ll be attracting. Will they benefit the niche that you’re in? How do you know that the leads you get from your referrals are going to be right for your situation?

I do have a few concerns with 5iphon Reloaded, so I’m going to sit on the fence with this one. I can see that there’s some value to the correct individual, but it’s certainly not for everyone.

Wrapping Up

I appreciate you reading my 5iphon Reloaded review, and hope you got a little more insight into the product. Capturing email leads is certainly one of the best things you can do as an affiliate marketer.

As they say, ‘the money is in the list’. But you don’t just want any list, you want an email list of people that are interested in your offers. This is where the money is.

If you’ve used 5iphon Reloaded, or the original 5iphon, then I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Please add to the discussion below.

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