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AffiliSites PRO Review


With affiliate marketing being one of the most common ways for people to make money online these days, or at least attempt this feat, it stands to reason that more products will be released that claim they can help you.

AffiliSites PRO is just another such product, with big claims that you’ll be making large commissions easily. So, is AffiliSites PRO a scam or a genuinely good product? In my opinion it’s neither.

AffiliSites PRO is not a scam because you’ll be receiving a product that could possibly bring in a few dollars. However, I struggle to see how you’ll be making the money the sales page claims you will.

This AffiliSites PRO review will explain my reasoning for why I can’t see how this product will make you much money at all.

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AffiliSites PRO Summary

Product Name: AffiliSites PROIs AffiliSites PRO a Scam 500x200

Founder/Owner: Glynn Kosky

Product Type: Done-For-You Affiliate Site

Price: $21.97 + Upsells

Program Summary: In my opinion, while AffiliSites is not a scam, I believe you’ll have a very hard time making sales, and therefore commissions.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 34/100

What is AffiliSites PRO

AffiliSites PRO is another digital product from Glynn Kosky which claims you can make effortless daily commissions. The sales page suggests you’ll be making 4+ Figure daily commissions, and the images placed on the sales page suggests you could well be earning this.

Apparently this can all be achieved with very minimal work on your behalf, because for the small asking price that AffiliSites PRO is asking, this program will give you a done-for-you product. This includes a website, review content, website hosting, training strategies and push button website traffic.

To say the least, I’m sceptical. I don’t know of any other done-for-you products that can bring in 4 figure daily commissions with very little work.

AffiliSites PRO is a product that is being sold through Warrior+Plus, which is known for promoting and selling these types of products. While some products at Warrior+Plus can help in minor ways, you are still required to but in a lot of effort to become a successful affiliate marketer.

In all honesty, I don’t believe that AffiliSites PRO is one of the better products out there.

How Does AffiliSites PRO Work

Inside of the AffiliSites PRO membership area, you’ll have the ability to customise your own basic website. This website will not be owned by you, as it’s a subdomain website, but you do have the ability to utilise it within reason.

You can give it your own name and promote the product offers that are preloaded. You don’t need to promote them all, just choose the product reviews that you find suitable.

AffiliSites PRO Membership Area

There is content already written for these product reviews, but there is one major problem here. If everyone uses the same content, you will not get ranked in the search engines. This is known as duplicate content, and it can get your site penalised.

AffiliSites PRO does provide a ‘content spinner’. This is where the content gets modified into different wording, often making little or no sense. These content spinners are supposed to get better but I’ve never seen output that doesn’t need to be revised. So you may as well write your own content, which is not the purpose of buying AffiliSites PRO.

I’d like to make you aware of the products that have been selected to promote on AffiliSites PRO. It seems that some of the products are also Glynn Kosky’s previous products. Some are not his, but he has an affiliation by being part of the upsells.

Which means, he’s offering you this opportunity to sell HIS products. Cunning hey!

If you do make sales though, you WILL earn commissions. There’s nothing illegitimate here, just sneaky.

So once you have this website setup with several products to promote, what then. Well, you just wait for the sales to come in.

But what if they don’t!

We’re told there’s push button free traffic. First you’ll press the ‘Share’ button on your social channels, this is the push-button version of traffic. There’s also SEO in the product review articles, but these are going to go through a content spinner, so the keywords will all get modified.

Something just tells me that AffiliSites PRO is not going to be the product to make you money.

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Will You See Results With AffiliSites PRO Basic

Possibly, but I’d be extremely surprised. One of the claims on the AffiliSites PRO sales page says that there’s ‘no expense required’.

No Expense Required

Well, this isn’t exactly true. Firstly, you’ll be paying for the base AffiliSites PRO product. Once you’ve created a replica website and have placed your own affiliate links in, it’s up to you to promote the products. As it’s already been suggested, this will be done by sharing via social media.

You’ll realise that obtaining sales will be much more difficult than you thought, and will be encouraged to purchase the AffiliSites upsells. This is where the product creator really make his money. You didn’t really think you’d get away with only $20 bucks did you!

Here’s a list of the AffiliSites PRO upsells, otherwise known as OTO’s (one time offers).

  • Upsell #1 – Unlimited Version – $97 (with a downsell to $47)
  • Upsell #2 – Done-For-You – $97 (with a downsell to $67)
  • Upsell #3 – Automated Traffic Flow – $97 (with a downsell to $67)
  • Upsell #4 – Conversion Boosting Tools – $67 (with a downsell to $47)
  • Upsell #5 – Bonus Page Creator – $67 (with a downsell to $47)
  • Upsell #6 – License Rights – $197 (with a downsell to $97)

I really don’t like it when you’re charged an upsell for a specific price, only to find out that if you had attempted to leave without purchasing, you’d be offered a downsell price. How pissed off would you be if you found this out. It’s a common tactic that these guys use.

Anyway, if you purchase these upsells, which claim they will help you make money because the base product won’t, you’ll end up paying $643.97!

That’s a heck of a lot to pay for a website that you won’t officially own. Oh, did I not mention that! That’s right, the website they claim to give you is a subdomain. It’s an offshoot of their own main domain, so Glynn owns all the sub-domains.

I’ll come to this shortly, but you’d be better off purchasing a yearly membership at Wealthy Affiliate for nearly half the price, and you’ll learn so much more and a full website is included in the cost.

About That Traffic

Website traffic is always the most difficult element to any successful affiliate marketing business. Without eyeballs on your offers, you have no chance of making any commissions from sales.

With AffiliSites PRO, you’re expected to share your new website on social media. This is the preferred method they suggest to get your website traffic. However, unless you already have a large social following, only your friends and family will see your shared content.

AffiliSites PRO Free Traffic

Apparently, the website is SEO ready. This means that search engine optimisation elements are already placed into the website. This is how websites get ranked in the search engines such as Google.

While this may sound great, because your created website is cloned from within the product, with the same content others will be displaying, your website will not rank. There’s no reason your website will appear above the other replica websites, and you may even get penalised for duplicate content.

So in my opinion, you will not get any website traffic coming to this AffiliSite PRO clone.

But The Sales Video Says It’s Easy

Ah, yeah. Of course it does. Which product creators are not going to spruke their own digital products.

You’re going to hear how this is not guesswork, and that there’s proven affiliate commissions with AffiliSites PRO. You’ll hear about the push-button free traffic. Which is basically Y pushing the share button on your social channels, so your followers can decide if they want to purchase one of your product reviews.

You’ll hear about proven offers and content that search engines love. Unfortunately, the search engines will not show as much love as you’d be hoping for.

Yes, the sales page is lovely and professional to look at, most Warrior+Plus products do display the same nice looking attributes. This is what they do really well, shame many of their products don’t live up to expectations.

Is AffiliSites PRO a Scam

No, AffiliSites PRO is not a scam. This is a working product that will give you some sort of website, and has a limited opportunity to earn commissions. Much of what’s claimed on the sales page is actually tied up in upsells, so you’ll be strongly encouraged to purchase these to have a better chance of making money.

While I’m loath to call AffiliSites PRO a scam, I do think you’ll have a very hard time getting sales and earning commissions. If you knew how long it really takes to get SEO rankings, you’d understand that these sites just won’t rank.

At a stretch, you may make a sale or two, even with purchasing the upsells. In my opinion, you’d be best investing your money elsewhere.

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Which Affiliate Product Is Better

Do you remember I said you’d be better investing in Wealthy Affiliate. Well, this is the No.1 affiliate marketing platform on the internet, and you can become a yearly member for only $359. That’s much cheaper than purchasing AffiliSites PRO and the added OTO’s.

And, you’ll be provided your own website! In fact as a premium member, you can get up to 50 hosted websites which you can build with their website builder.

The main product at WA though, is the training. The Online Entrepreneur Certification course is their main training, and will teach you how to become a successful affiliate marker using SEO correctly.

To find out more about WA, you can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here. You’ll be astounded at what’s included. Oh, and you can try it out for FREE and take the first full 10 lesson course without spending a cent.

My Verdict

While I wouldn’t particularly recommend AffiliSites PRO, it is a genuine product, but has little potential. I’m disturbed with all the monetary proofs on the sales video, which seem to suggest that you’ll be making the same figures.

Rember, Glynn says he’s been doing this for over 7 years, so his earnings are going to be way more than yours. If you think you’ll be getting your hands on this base product and earning the same figures he claims on the sales page, think again.

There are better products out there and if you want to get into the affiliate marketing space, may I suggest a training platform before anything else.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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