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Automated Profit Formula Review


Every now and again I come across a product that just seems too good to be true, and my next review here is a product that fits this category. But, is Automated Profit Formula a scam, or can you really make $616.80 per day that easily.

It’s not surprising that product creators make exaggerations, they all bend the truth to make you believe anything is possible. They’ll make huge claims of monetary returns, and tell you it can be done in a few easy steps.

So, I’m going into detail to show you what you can expect with Automated Profit Formula, and see if it’s really as easy to profit from this system as they claim. I hope to clear up any lingering questions you may have about this product.

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What Concerns Me About Automated Profit Formula
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Automated Profit Formula Summary

Is Automated Profit Formula a Scam logoProduct Name: Automated Profit Formula

Founder/Owner: Vick Carty

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Price: $19.95 per month + Upsells

Program Summary: In my opinion, this product is misleading, in that the insinuations of large wealth will not be achieved quickly. This is a training platform only, and you’re being drip fed the information to keep you signed up for longer.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 25/100

What is Automated Profit Formula

What you’re going to find here, is a product that claims you can make lots of money online, on autopilot. The sales video also states you can do this, even if you’re a complete newbie. Having reviewed so many of this type of product before, I can see that this is not going to be as straightforward as he claims.

Apparently, Vick has come up with a ‘money producing system that can be scaled up as large as you want‘. In fact Vick wants you to sign up to his product so much, that he says in his sales video “if you like the idea of quickly making money online and scaling up to $10,000 per month, without any hard work or effort on your part”. This is a joke right!

So, after Vick has attempted to convince you that this product is absolutely what you need, you’ll get some testimonials. I’m very sceptical about these testimonials, because they look exactly like the same spokespeople that are used for many of the scams I’ve used. 

Anyway, let’s see what Automated Profit Formula really consists of.

How Does Automated Profit Formula Work

So, is Automated Profit Formula really an automated system that will allow you to rake in the big bucks? No, it’s not. This product is nothing more than a basic affiliate marketing training course.

The course is split into levels, with the first two levels (Pro & Gold), being 30 days each, and the third level (Platinum) containing another 40 days of training. These are all part of the $19.95 per month product, but here’s what I don’t like.

The content is drip fed to you, with only one or two videos per day being accessible. As you can see in the below image of Level 1, the days are labelled individually. Simply click on each day to open up that days video. You also get action steps to take after watching the video. I actually like this part.

Is Automated Profit Formula a Scam Module 1

What I prefer to see through, is a label of what is in each days training. If you want to go back and find something in particular that you watched days ago, it will be extremely hard to find. Especially when you get up to day 90.

In my opinion, I believe that this is being drip fed because Vick wants the monthly payments to last as long as possible. He’ll tell you that it’s because you could get overwhelmed, which is a legitimate concern. But everyone is different, and those that can cope with more information should have this access.

So what you’re getting for the $19.95 monthly fee, is basic affiliate marketing training that is unlocked day by day. What this is NOT, is a DFY Copy-Paste System That Makes Money On Autopilot.

Is Automated Profit Formula a Scam Claim1

As the basic product without any upsells, this is a false claim.

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So, What Are The Upsells

You bet there are upsells. this is how product creators make most of their money. So, here they are.

Upsell #1 – Copy-Paste Templates ($47)
This is a series of done-for-you templates that will apparently make you look like an authority marketer.

Upsell #2 – IM Traffic Academy ($147)
This is wher you’ll learn all about gaining website traffic through Vick’s IM Traffic Academy. In my opinion, you should be learning this as part of the initial course.

Upsell #3 – VIP Bootcamp ($197)
Here, you’ll get access to the VIP Bootcamp and attend monthly live calls, along with access to previously recorded calls. Hmm, I though Live calls was part of the initial product.

Upsell #4 – MMO Bundle (27)
This is a bundle of some previously released best selling products.

So, how will all these upsells help you? Well, I believe much of this information should be included in the front end product. As far as the first upsell goes, I don’t like copy and pasts done for you systems. Many of these create duplicate content, which Google will penalise you for.

Now, if you’re going to look at costs, I’d like to compare it to my top recommendation, which costs $359 annually or $49 per month. This includes all training, tools and website hosting.

So, what will Automated Profit Formula cost you. If you add up one year of recurring monthly costs and all the upsells, you’d be paying $657.40. On top of that, you’ll also be paying for your own hosted website, which will be at least another $100.

In my opinion, this is a no-brainer. My top recommendation is much better value for money, and has been helping thousands of people become successful affiliate marketers since 2005.

What Concerns Me About Automated Profit Formula

Huge Claims

When I see huge claims made of a product, I’m immediately sceptical. Unless I can see a working product, or have access to a free trial, I can’t just take them for their word.

This image below insinuates that you can quickly scale up to $10,000 per month. This is such a bold claim that it should be taken with a grain of salt. The product is a training program, designed to teach you how to become an affiliate marketer.

Is Automated Profit Formula a Scam Claim2

This means learning SEO techniques to rank your work in Google, using Social media to get traffic, and spending money on paid ads. All these take time to learn, implement and get traction. Earning $10k per month in achievable as an affiliate marketer, but certainly not quickly. It can take a couple of years to get to this level.

Another thing I don’t like, is the claim that this is a Done-For-You-System. This suggests you won’t have to do much, and that you just need to plug it in and the system will do it all for you.

Is Automated Profit Formula a Scam Done-For-You

I think what he’s suggesting here, is that the training is done-for-you, that’s it. The training is laid out as a day-by-day course. Other than that, there is no ‘system’.

Legal Links

All legitimate programs should have legal pages setup for their online business. Even I am required to do this for my website here, which you can find in the footer menu. While Automated Profit Formula does have labels with links in them, they don’t have any of these pages setup.

I clicked on all these links, Privacy Policy – Terms of Service – Support – Disclaimer – Cookies Policy – DMCA. The majority of these links gave me this page. Nothing more.

Is Automated Profit Formula a Privacy Policy

The only one that didn’t, was the Support link. This gave me a ‘Time Out’ error, which means the page could not load correctly in the allocated time. This could mean several things, but most likely, there is no support setup.

Will You See Results With Automated Profit Formula

Depending on what you expect to get out of Automated Profit Formula, you may see minor results. That means a few dollars here and there. However, these results will not be immediate or as large as Vick claims.

The training that Vick goes through here is correct in terms of learning how affiliate marketing can be done, but there are no additional tools to help you along the way. I’m not sure the upsells are going to be of any benefit either.

Affiliate marketing is a long term method of making money online. It’s the exact model that I use, and works extremely well if setup and done correctly. I believe this is such a second rate product compared to the platform that taught me how affiliate marketing should be done. Here’s a brief description of my number one recommendation.

A Much Better Platform

Since 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has been teaching online entrepreneurs to excel at affiliate marketing. Not only are they a training course, they also have state of the art hosting for your website.

Also included in the membership, are multiple tools to help you rank highly in the search engines. Help is also not very far away, as there’s a community of thousands that are all willing to help each other.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are always active inside, and constantly improving the platform to give you every chance of success.

As far as cost goes, everything is included in the one fee. Either pay annually, 6 monthly or monthly, it’s your choice. And there’s no nasty upsells to surprise you, the price is the price.

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better alternative to Automated Profit Formula. I’ve been a member at WA since 2014, and still continue to this day. So if you want to join, I can help you along the way.

My Verdict

As you can probably guess, I’m more than a little sceptical about Automated Profit Formula. There’s a few red flags that indicate not all is comparable between the claims of wealth, and reality.

Becoming an affiliate marketer is a very popular and often profitable venture. Having said that, you will require the correct education. I’ve stated my views on which educational platform is my preferred choice, and I’d urge you to think about what’s included in the various memberships.

Oh, and the great thing about WA, you can try it out for a week to see if it’s something you want to persist with. Something you cannot do with Automated Profit Formula.

Wrapping Up

I’d urge you to be careful when signing up with any product. Programs that offer an insight for free are usually the best, because they allow their product to do the talking.

I hope I’ve provided some answers to any questions you may have had with Automated Profit Formula. Sure, you’ll get some affiliate marketing training here, but there are much better options out there.

If you’ve used this product, or any others release by Vick Carty, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment in the discussion section below.

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