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Is Autopilot Profits a Scam


I applaud you for doing your research and finding out a little more about Autopilot Profits before making a commitment. This is another product released by Ewen Chia, which claims you can be making $3460.25 in a 24 hour period, again and again. This is all supposed to happen by purchasing his Autopilot Profits Income Machine.

I’m going to look a little deeper into this product, and give you the answers you may be seeking in terms of legitimacy. It all sounds a bit too far fetched for me, so let’s get a reality check in this Autopilot Profits review.

Is Autopilot Profits a scam, or a legit opportunity to make money online.

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What Upsells Will Be Offered
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Autopilot Profits Summary

Product Name: Autopilot ProfitsIs Autopilot Profits a Scam package

Founder/Owner: Ewen Chia

Product Type: Money Making Machine

Price: $37

Program Summary: In my opinion, you will not get any traction from this product, and you will not see lift off. Ewen promotes his other products as upsells, which seems to be his main priority. The basic training will not make you much money, if any at all.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 5/100

What is Autopilot Profits

I don’t enjoy downplaying some of these products that get released onto the digital market, but many of them are just so misleading and give unrealistic expectations. Autopilot Profits is exactly one of these programs, that have very little substance behind it.

The only thing I will give credit for, is the owner putting his name and face behind the product. Apart from this, there’s not much else to get excited about.

If you’ve come across Ewen’s sales page, you may be mistaken for thinking this is the product of your dreams. If you were to purchase this Autopilot Profits machine gimmick, all your financial issues would be a thing of the past. But you’d be wrong.

The sales page, including video will make bold claims, like this one displayed above the video:

Is Autopilot Profits a Scam Big Claim

Here’s an honesty session for you. The only people that can make this sort of money online, in such a short time frame, are those that have been online for years and know what they are doing.

Do you really think that someone who has put in all the hard work over many years, put lots of money into testing different formulas, and built up reputation and credibility online, is going to give out a secret product that will do it all for you? It takes time to create an online presence where you can be making over $3K per day online.

If some dude was offering this system to anyone online, we’d all be doing it, and the world economy would die in the arse. First off, nobody is going to give you a product that can make $3K per day, for $37. Get realistic here. Secondly, there’s a load of upsells, which means $37 is not all you’ll end up paying.

How Does Autopilot Profits Work

Inside of the main Autopilot Profits members area, are a series of videos and PDF documents. While I like the idea of this, the training is about how you can setup your own affiliate marketing business.

Now, you may be pretty pissed off by the time you see this, because you we’re expecting a product that spits out cash on demand. You’ve been told in the sales video, and throughout the sales page, that you will get a system that takes NO set-up, and can have it running in 5 minutes flat.

Is Autopilot Profits a Scam 5 minute setup

So how does he get away with this? It’s all in the wording. There’s ‘NO setup to watch the training’, and you can have ‘the training running in 5 minutes flat’. See how misleading this product is. Everything can be twisted to make you believe something else is happening.

Now what kind of training will you be receiving? It’ll be basic tutorials that explain the affiliate marketing process, which you can read about in my beginners step by step guide to affiliate marketing. Much of this training is so elementary, it can be found on YouTube or via a quick Google search.

When it comes to correct affiliate marketing training, you want to learn from a legitimate training platform like Wealthy Affiliate. The few short videos that Ewen provides here will not have you making money, certainly in the short term.

So in short, what you’ll be getting if you sign up to Autopilot Profits, without any of the upsells, is the most basic affiliate marketing training which will tell you WHAT to do, without advising HOW to do it.

What Upsells Will Be Offered

Ewen has many other products that he promotes inside of Autopilot Profits. Some of these are his own, some are affiliate offers he’s promoting. In fact, when I attempted to join Autopilot Profits, I was provided with a list of recommended upsells that included the following:

  • Money on Demand System – Make Money Anytime ($54.16)
  • Cash Sites LIFETIME Software – Push Button Affiliate Cash Sites ($288.35)
  • Super Affiliate Millionaire Lifetime Membership ($434.72)
  • Complete Business Set Up – Your Own Squeeze Page + Blog + Fan page ($434.72)

You’ll notice that these costings are in AUD (Australian dollars), because that’s where I live. In US dollars, the bottom 2 upsells are approximately $300 US.

Is Autopilot Profits a Scam Order Summary

So, if I was to purchase all these upsells along with Autopilot Profits, I’d be paying $1,269.75AUD. That’s $873 US. A little bit more than the initial $37 you thought you’d be up for isn’t it.

Not only this, there’s also other upsells within the members area. How’s this for added extras.

  • Autopilot Profits – ($37)
  • Mega Traffic Package – ($67)
  • Autopilot Social Profits – ($147)
  • Instant Websites – ($197)
  • Ultimate Free Traffic Software – ($297)
  • Traffic Millionaire – ($19.97 p/m)
  • Shortcut to $10K – ($9.97)
  • Super Affiliate Millionaire Online Workshop training – ($297)
  • Cash Biz – ($29.97)
  • Traffic Avalanche – ($37)
  • Copy Paste Income – ($37)
  • Complete Business Setup – ($297)
  • My Top Tier Business (MTTB) – ($49) + $19/month + $1997
  • Pure Leverage – $24.95/month + $19.95/month

Something I’d like to address here is that one of these upsells is MTTB, My Top Tier Business. This is the largest of the upsells, and one I’d keep well clear of.

You see, MTTB is owned by Matt Lloyd, the owner and founder of MOBE (My Online Business Empire). MOBE was shut down in 2018 because of what the FTC called a ‘fraudulent business education program’. So in my opinion, you probably don’t want to sign up to MTTB either.

Anyway, add all these upsells to the initial total, and you’d be paying loads more than expected, and still wouldn’t get the money making machine you’re after. This is because no such thing exists. There are no ‘money making machines’ on the internet, just people willing to put in effort to make money. If you can’t deal with that, then you’ll be blowing bad money after bad money.

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Will You See Results With Autopilot Profits

I’m loath to call this a complete scam, because there is some training included. However, it’s very misleading, and with the information that is provided in Autopilot Profits, I can confidently say that you will be lucky to see any positive results.

This doesn’t really surprise me, because it’s become harder to make money online due to the competition out there. Think about it. What makes you think that a simple system (or autopilot cash machine) can beat all the genuine people doing affiliate marketing the correct way?

The training provided is only going to give you affiliate marketing guidance anyway, so if affiliate marketing is the way you want to go, do as I did and learn from the best.

Sales Page & Huge Claims

Where do we start then? What about some of these beauties.

Is Autopilot Profits a Scam big claim

What on earth are they talking about. There is no ‘Turn on the traffic’ button that will allow you to be the owner of an online money making empire. Money making empires come from years in the industry, working hard at your online business.

I’ll talk a little about how website traffic works soon, and you’ll understand why it doesn’t work like this claim.

What about this gem, that claims they just ‘spit out cash’.

Is Autopilot Profits a Scam spit out cash

It all sounds very nice, and we’d all love a machine that just spits out cash on demand. But in reality, nope. There is no such machine that can do this, and no internet system that can promise these type of claims.

And the sales video which is cartoon drawn, it claims you’ll be making thousands of dollars per day while eating dinner or playing golf.

Is Autopilot Profits a Scam money while relaxing

Take a look at the figures earned per day, they are extortionate and well in excess of $15K per day. This truly is misleading and there’s no way possible you can make that type of money with Autopilot Profits.

Although I would like to point out, it is possible to make money while your sleeping, or playing golf. In fact I make money at times like this via affiliate marketing, but I had to work reasonably hard to achieve this. I’ll talk more about this soon.

How Websites Get Web Traffic

Now I mentioned about website traffic, and how it actually works. There’s 2 main types of website traffic, paid and organic. Paid traffic is when you advertise through a platform such as Google or facebook, to attract visitors to your website offers. This obviously costs you money.

Organic traffic on the other hand, is totally free. The drawback is, that it takes time to rank your offers or articles in search engines such as Google. For this to happen also, you need to learn how to rank, which is done by learning SEO (search engine optimization).

Without traffic, you will have no visitors to purchase any of your offers. Does this make sense? I hope so, because purchasing a product like Autopilot Profits does not explain any of this. The sales video suggests you’ll be earning money from day one, which is false.

Even if you attempted to use paid web traffic, there’s a period of time after you create an advert campaign, that the platform needs to work out who to target in your campaign. This can take at least a few days, and still may target the wrong people. It’s a risky strategy, especially when starting out.

Tired of seeing Scams or endless fraud sites?

Learn how to build a sustainable profitable online website 

My Verdict

Like I said earlier in the Autopilot Profits review, Ewen Chia is a legitimate person who at least stands behind his products. He’s the face of all his campaigns, and has even rubbed shoulders with some famous people, including internet marketers. He’s been photoed with Donald Trump and Grant Cardone, amongst many others.

It’s odd that his products are so bland and unethical. He’s an internet marketer, without the best interests of his audience in mind. It seems he’s more interested in making loads of money with crappy products and sales videos, than earning the same money selling good ethical programs.

Anyway, each to their own. I won’t be recommending any of Ewen’s products to my readers, and would advise more legitimate options that are out there.

Wrapping Up

I did mention earlier that I’d talk about how I make money via affiliate marketing. It took me a while to work this out, but eventually I came to the realization that I’d have to work for my success, and none of these huge claimed products was going to get me there.

I can save you the time of finding the right program if you like. I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate, and haven’t looked back. Yes, I pay a monthly membership fee, but it’s worth every cent.

You can even try it out for free if you wish. You’ll get a week to see what’s in the members area, and if you think this is the right platform for you. There’s no credit card required to see what’s involved, just create an account with your email address.

In my opinion, it’s the best affiliate marketing training platform in the industry. In all honesty, if you put in the effort and follow the training provided here, you will earn profits while sleeping like I do. If you want to call this ‘earning money on autopilot’, by all means, knock yourself out. I just don’t like the term, because I’ve actually earned my overnight profits.

I hope I’ve helped with your decision making via my Autopilot Profits review.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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