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Have you been searching for that next opportunity to make a little side cash? Maybe even a little more than that, and enjoy yourself at the same time!

Every now and again a nice little idea comes along that can help companies and consumers out, this is one of them. It’s a high tech app called BeMyEye, and will allow you to become an undercover mystery shopper!

I’m going to give you an idea as to how this new income source can help you earn some coin, and how much they’ll pay you.

How to Get Started With BeMyEye

This opportunity does require you to be 18 years or over, which is really your only qualification. This is because some of the products that you may be evaluating could be alcohol related.

So, if you pass this requirement, go ahead and download the app which can be accessed via the iTunes Store or Google Play store. It’s totally free to get started. Here’s a brief video to show you how to begin.


BeMyEye – Earn money in your spare time! from BeMyEye on Vimeo.

What Will You Be Required to Complete

As a BeMyEye representative, your job is to complete specific tasks within a mission, and each mission has a monetary value assigned to it. The more tasks you complete, the more experience points are added to your profile.

Here’s a brief description of some common tasks you’ll have to undertake:

  • When in store, you’ll be verifying whether the items you’re surveying are in stock, and placed on well displayed shelves.
  • The items could have different prices in various stores, verifying this could be a task of yours.
  • You’ll be required to ask a salesperson for assistance to gain their knowledge and check the quality of service they are offering.
  • A small questionnaire and survey about the product and experience will be required at completion.

To complete the mission successfully, make certain that the tasks are finished, and you’ve read the instructions correctly. There’s a possibility that you may be required to take photos, so be discreet. This is made a little more simple these days, as many people take photos of products on their smartphones to compare.

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How Do You Find These Missions

Is BeMyEye Better Than a Survey - missionsOnce you’re logged into the app on your smartphone, you’ll find missions appropriate for your location. This is made possible because the app uses GPS technology to locate your position, and the available missions close by.

So each user basically finds customised missions, based on their geographical position.

Each mission will have a description of what tasks are involved. Be sure to read this thoroughly to confirm you’ll be able to achieve the mission satisfactorily.

If you’re satisfied that you are the person for the job, simply book the mission and proceed to the designated store to complete the required tasks.

How Do You Get Paid

When you search for missions, you’ll see what each is job worth. Generally, these missions will pay between $5 – $25. That’s not bad when you compare this to completing online surveys. It’s also possible to complete several missions per day, there are no limitations.

Once you’ve completed the mission you’ve accepted, upload your findings, including any forms that may be required to be submitted.

As soon as your mission has been approved by BeMyEye, you’ll be paid directly into your PayPal account.

You can set your own cashout threshold and unlike other similar programs, you can set this as low as $5. This is brilliant, as you may require the cash immediately.

The income potential in larger geographical regions is much better than in outlying areas, and certainly worth it for some people.

Is There Anything You Should Be Aware Of

Of course. Like anything, you need to be aware of what you are getting into. Firstly, as I’ve previously mentioned, you will need to be 18 years of age or older.

Now, as far as geographical location goes, those in larger cities are going to benefit more. Availability of missions can be an issue for those in smaller towns, due to the reduced number of shops.

The more missions that you complete, the more ‘experience points’ you accumulate. This is beneficial as the more points you’ve earned, the more missions become available to you, before others are offered these positions.

Accumulate more points through accepting more jobs, and your potential for earning more becomes larger.

Currently, you may find that the app is only available in selected countries. It was created in the UK, where it’s become very popular. Some European countries are now accepting use of this app.

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Wrapping Up

With various opportunities to make money online cropping up like this one, I believe there will be new app developers thinking of how else they can offer new challenges.

Although it’s not going to make you wealthy, or even pay you anywhere near a normal salary, for the right people this is a great little side income. Especially for those that enjoy browsing the shops anyway.

I believe it’s a better opportunity that filling out online surveys, that pay you a few cents (or points) per survey. Although you can be the judge of that.

It you’re looking for an online opportunity that CAN replace your current salary, affiliate marketing could be what you’re after. You can find out more about that below.

If you think that this app could be an enjoyable way to earn a few extra dollars, there’s no harm in signing up to check it out.

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