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To save you the hassle of reading this whole review, and then finding out at the end whether I recommend it or not, Here’s your answer. I believe after investigating this program that you will not make any money from Best Cash Job. So, is Best Cash Job a scam? In my opinion, YES it is an utter scam, and not only will you not make any money from your efforts, the owners will make money from YOUR efforts!

Read on to find out more about this illegitimate program.

Is Best Cash Job a Scam logoName: Best Cash Job
Website URL: http://bestcashjob.com/
Owner: Unknown
Cost: Free to sign up
Recommended: No

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What is Best Cash Job From The Outside

Looking at ‘Best Cash Job’ from the outside, it’s easy to see how some people would fall for such a program. Firstly, they make it seems realistic by not promoting huge sums of money on their homepage.

By advertising a sum of $50-$100 USD daily, you’d imagine this is a reasonable amount of money that anyone can earn without being scammed. How looks can be deceptive.

They also mention that you’ll earn a bonus just for joining up, this will net you $25. And then there’s the $10 you’ll earn for every task you’ll complete which apparently only takes 30 seconds. Yeah, nice one.

And at an attempt to show proof of how popular this program is, they display a figure of the total number of members which as I write this, stands at 137,928. Aha! Oh, and they’ve paid out a total of $786,469 to their members. Hmm.

So as you can see, this company, (or individual who is making this look like a larger company) makes this seem like a job that anyone can do from the comfort of their own home. I’d imagine it’s targeted towards single mums or stay at home parents.

So, Where’s The Information

There is a complete lack of information from the homepage which should flag an alert in your mind. Where is the contact page? There isn’t one. Where is the privacy policy, there isn’t one!

In fact they have a line of text at the bottom of their homepage, part of it says this ‘The Payment to users are subjected to terms and conditions and users will be paid who perform their job and tasks and fulfill the terms / conditions’.

Usually this will have a link to their Term & Conditions, but hey, no link. They don’t have any T & C and they have no disclaimer either. Are these guys for real!

What’s even more unusual is the fact they have a menu with ‘FAQ’ that links back to their homepage. This must be so effective they also have a ‘Support’ link on this menu that also links back to their homepage! So, they have no Support and no Frequently Asked Questions.

Who Are The Best Cash Job Profiles

Firstly, who is the man in the testimonial? Well the testimonial says he is the head of Session Electronics Philippines. Well I did a Google search and not only couldn’t find this company, I couldn’t find Joshia Frauhmin.

Is Best Cash Job a Scam man testimonial

Although I did find an image of him. The man in the testimonial has nothing to do with Session Electronics Philippines or Best Cash Jobs. He’s a model who has multiple images on stock image websites. This is how Best Cash Jobs made up their testimonial.

They downloaded the image of this man and made up a profile for him. I doubt this man has any idea his image is being used in this way. Here’s proof that this guy can be found on stock image site on the internet.

Is Best Cash Job a Scam man

These are all the same gentleman. The 3rd image from the left must have been taken in the same photo shoot of the image in the testimonial. And here’s the actual photo that can be picked up at Shutterstock.

Is Best Cash Job a Scam

Here’s the exact link if you want to check it out for yourself.

And look who else we found. The model on the homepage, that I’d image has no idea she is being exploited in this way.

Is Best Cash Job a Scam girl

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Best Cash Job Payments

Is Best Cash Job a Scam payments allOn the homepage of this website, they claim to offer multiple payment types including PayPal, Payza, Money Gram and Cheque. Upon closer inspection, there is no option for the first 3 types, they just want you to use cheque as a payment choice, and they’ll never send you one!

Placing these other payment options on their homepage is an attempt to give them authenticity, that’s all.

As you can see below, their registration page doesn’t even offer you these other payment types, there’s only the Cheque option.

Is Best Cash Job a Scam register

And once registered and you’re on the inside, there is still no option to change this to a different payment method.

Is Best Cash Job a Scam payments

What else do you notice here? Yep, there’s a minimum withdrawal amount, which when reached will make you jump through hoops, to think you’re going to get paid. You’ll be presented with a captcha test button, which is not what it seems. It’s really an endless loop of surveys that you’re required to fill out.

This is not exactly what you signed up for. But you see, without you knowing, you’ll be filling these surveys out on behalf of Best Cash Job. So whose getting paid to fill out these surveys? It’s NOT YOU? Best Cash Job are using you as their guinea pig to fill out surveys while their bank account gets filled with survey revenue.

The Best Cash Job Simple Tasks

Really, these guys are about getting you to earn money for them, and not pay you a cent in return.

Now before you can try to cashout at the $300 limit, you’ve got to get there. You need to earn $300 by completing their ‘simple tasks’ as they say. So what are the simple tasks they expect you to do?

The only task you’re expected to do, is promote their affiliate link. That’s it, just send out the affiliate link that you’ve been given by them, to as many people as possible. In return, you’ll be given $10 for each person you send it to. Yeah right!

As an affiliate marketer myself, I know how affiliate marketing works. Unless you get a verified sale, no company will give you a commission. It just doesn’t work like that. If it did, that company would go broke.

Do You Think This Layout Looks Familiar

Maybe you think you’ve come across this website somewhere before, and you could well be right. They’ve got several domain names using the same formula. Here’s one for example, it’s called PayingJob.Club

Best Cash Job Payingjobclub

The same scam pops up at payingjob.club

And here’s another, Greatjob.online.

Best Cash Job Payingjobonline

And again at greatjob.online

They didn’t stop there though, here’s a few more of their websites with different homepages.

Best Cash Job others

Please, be aware that if you come across any of these websites, do not fall for the BS they’re spinning.

Wrapping Up

The worst thing you could do is join up to this program and send the affiliate link to all your friends. You will not get paid the $10 that they promote, and you’ll lose your friends for joining them up to this scam. Can you imagine how awful you’d feel, should a friend of yours join up and get scammed along with you.

Not only this, you’ll be giving your personal details to these people. Not just your name and email address, but your physical home address also. I assume they ask for this, so that you think they will actually send you a cheque. In reality, they are so unethical that your information could be used for a multitude of purposes. This is such an unscrupulous way to make money online.

Do you remember me saying they have no privacy policy? This is because it’s common for corrupt websites like this to sell on information to spammers. Obviously they’ll profit from this usage which benefits everyone involved but you. So with no privacy policy to confirm your information is safe, they believe it’s fair game to sell it.

So my advice is to steer well clear of Best Cash Job, or whatever else they call themselves. They are not a legitimate company and have no intention of paying out any earned money to signed up members, no matter how much you promote the affiliate link or fill out the surveys.

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